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Author has written 11 stories for Hobbit, Robin Hood BBC, MI-5/Spooks, Strike Back, Miss Marple Stories, and Captain America.

Note: My penname on here used to be Viktoria7, but I changed it because I wanted this to link to my Tumblr and AO3.

About Me

I'm a 27-year-old girl with a Master's degree in bioarchaeology I teach undergraduate anthropology classes I conduct stable isotope research on human bones and teeth (medieval Hungarian teeth, at the moment) I speak Hungarian, English (obviously), German, and Spanish I'm a feminist, and my stories reflect that I fancy handsome men with accents Richard Armitage is the king of my heart, so naturally my stories revolve around his characters I've recently fallen headfirst into SebastianStanLand, so expect stories featuring his characters

Find me on Tumblr here!

Find me on AO3 here! All my current stories are posted there, including a few Richard Armitage RPF one-shots.

Current Stories:

1. Soul Healing: The Hobbit, movie and mostly book-verse, Thorin/OFC. COMPLETE, in the process of being overhauled

2. The Ballad of Thorin and Talaitha: A series of one-shots based on and set after Soul Healing, Thorin/OFC (Talaitha). COMPLETE

3. Chimaera: A Spooks/MI5 story, Lucas North/OFC. IN PROGRESS

4. The Taming: A BBC Robin Hood story, Guy of Gisborne/OFC. IN PROGRESS

5. Winter's Persuasion: A Bucky Barnes/OFC story. IN PROGRESS

Definitions and Pronunciations for Stories

Since I use a lot of foreign names and words--mostly Hungarian--, I've decided to put up a pronunciation guide for each story. I don't know the linguistic symbols--and even if I did, I don't know if most people would--, so these are the best I can do to phonetically describe to English-speakers how to pronounce them.

For Hungarian names and words, the stress is always on the first syllable--italics indicate the stress. And the r's are always rolled.

Soul Healing (Thorin/OFC)

1. Talaitha Borvirág: Tull-eye-tha Bor-viraahg

Meaning: Talaitha is a Romani (Gypsy) name that means "damsel, maiden." Borvirág is Hungarian for "borage," which is an herb used by some cultures to heal gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory ailments. It has pretty star-shaped blue, purple, and white flowers.

2. Nemere: Pronounced like it's spelled--the e's are like in "bell."

Meaning: Ancient Hungarian for "meadow's of the sun." A god of Hungarian mythology.

3. Szelemér: Sell-e-mare. Both e's are like in "sell."

Meaning: Ancient Hungarian name meaning "progeny, descendent."

4. Kund Földes: Koond. The last name is more difficult. The "ö" sounds like the "ea" in "early" or the "e" in the French "le." So think of the French "e". Fel-desh.

Meaning: Kund was an ancient lord. The name was used by both the Hungarians and Turkish. In Hungarian it meant "leader, lord." In Turkish it meant "respected." Földes is Hungarian for "of the earth."

5. Aeronwen: Ayer-on-wen

Meaning: Welsh for "white, fair, blessed."

6. Tarsoly: Tar-shoy

A folk Hungarian pouch that hangs from a belt.

7. Szélvész: Sail-vaise

Meaning: Archaic Hungarian word for "tempest, storm."

8. Szürkevándorló: The "ü" sounds closest to the French "eu" in "dieu." So, seurke-vaahndor-low.

Meaning: Hungarian translation of Gandalf and Mithrandir. Literally means "gray wanderer."

Note: I've uploaded a link to an audio recording of the pronunciations of 1-8.

9. Thamina: Arabic for "healthy."

10. Emese Selyem: Em-eshe Shey-em. The e's are pronounced like in Emily.

Meaning: Emese is an ancient Hungarian name that means "mother," and selyem is Hungarian for "silk."

11. Tardos Acél: Tar-dosh Ats-ail.

Meaning: Tardos is an ancient Hungarian name that means "to stop" or "to stay." Acél is Hungarian for "steel."

12. Szila: Sil-uh. Like "sill."

Meaning: None. But I did take it from "Szilamér," which is the name of a fort in Hungarian mythology, because it sounds like it could've been derived from "szelemér" as the language of the fairies.

13. Ezüstlélek: Listen to the audio below because I'm too lazy to figure out the English pronunciation.

Meaning: Hungarian for "silver soul."

Order of words in audio: Emese Selyem, Tardos Acél, Nemere, szelemér, Ezüstlélek. Audio of pronunciations for chapter 8.

14. Song in chapter 13: Not a pronunciation, but here's the link to the song Talaitha sings in chapter 13. It's a Hungarian folk song called "Szivárvány havasán" that's been covered by Holdviola. I've translated it roughly (and managed to keep the rhythm of the verses!) in the chapter until the 2 minute mark, because that's where the original folk song ends.

15. Einar: Scandinavian male name meaning "lone warrior."

16. Vidar: Old Norse/Scandinavian male name meaning "forest warrior."

Chimaera (Lucas North/OFC)

1. Varinia Erdélyi: Varinia means "versatile" in Ancient Roman and Spanish. Erdélyi is a Hungarian surname meaning "of Transylvania" or "related to Transylvania."

Varinia is 5'2'' (157 cm).

Story Images

Soul Healing (Thorin/OFC)

Talaitha Borvirág (Borage)

Soul Healing Cover

WETA's height chart

Talaitha's hobbit outfit

Talaitha's outfit during the dwarf meeting in Hobbiton


Talaitha's outfit in chapter 5

Talaitha's travel clothes

Talaitha's gear

Talaitha's green dress in Rivendell

Talaitha's outfit in chapter 7

Talaitha's dress in chapter 8

Talaitha's sword

Talaitha's daggers (chapter 10)

Talaitha's bow and quiver (chapter 14)

Talaitha's forest green Mirkwood dress (chapters 16 & 17)

Talaitha's white dress and corset, Mirkwood (chapter 17)

Talaitha's bronze overcoat, Mirkwood (chapter 17)

Talaitha's Jasmine Banquet Dress, Mirkwood (chapter 18)

Talaitha's red dress in Lake Town (chapter 23)

Talaitha's braid, minus the silver circlet (chapter 35)

Talaitha's outfit for chapter 47

The Ballad of Thorin and Talaitha: One-Shot series based on Soul Healing (Thorin/Talaitha)

Lelle's roof tiles (story 1)

Talaitha's outfit in story 1

Wedding necklace Thorin makes for Talaitha in story 2 (gold and lapis lazuli)

Talaitha's wedding outfit and location in story 2

Talaitha's dwarvish wedding outfit from part 6

Ara as a toddler

Aranyka (part 18)

Chimaera (Lucas North/OFC)

Varinia Erdélyi

Strawberry blonde (Varinia's hair color)

The Taming (Guy/OFC)


Season 2 Guy

Winter's Persuasion (Bucky Barnes/OFC)

Ilona Farkas

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