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Hi, I be Lara, pretty much the unknown author here because I can't seem to get over my laziness and write something of my own. These other wonderful girls kindly adopted me when they lost one of the other writers, so I hope I do these stories justice. Hopefully, one day I'll be linking some of my own stories here, if I can manage to find some inspiration that does not lie in the CoinxButtercup ship.


Hey, it's Taryn. FunnyAndEnduringRemarkHere You may.. no just kidding, you don't know me. But here's a story you could know me by Crossing The Bridge or more recently, Mother Nature. I'm the middle of the group at a boring 16 years of age living it up in the good old state of Oregon. It's about as entertaining as a rock, if you're tempted to stalk me, take that into consideration. I may or may have not have writtten this out of fear Ryder would string me up by my toes if I didn't, (Between you and me, the odds are definitely leaning towards the affirmative.

The Girl Who Was On Fire

Ahoy! I'm Ashlee and I am totally awesome. I would link you to my stories but I dont know how to so I am going to leave that up to someone else. . . Walking Corpses The 20th Hunger Games and this: The Worlds Shortest Hunger Games. (Isn't Ryder nice?) Anyway, I am the little girl of the family despite Ryder being younger then me. My place of dwelling is Australia and I am 15. I guess I am the oddest out of the five. I am known to have the occassional night terror that leaves me running down the street screaming and I have frequent dreams where I find myself in the Hunger Games where I am forced to kill many people in my life, including my best friend. But I can also be really sweet. The others love me... they say I'm the innocent one. And I am. When they start talking about their favourite porn movies, I run and hide.

Maddie Rose

I'm Maddie. You'd probably know if you read my stuff, because it generally involves a lot of violence. And blood. I am the old lady in the group, nearly 18 actually. You may know me from my SYOTs - Blood Games, Cruel Games and Death Games - or even my Haymitch story, Get Out Alive. Or if you don't know me for any of that, well, you do now.


Hi, I'm Ryder. You may remember me from such stories as... well no you probably don't but I'm here anyway. This is my first collab story ever so hopefully it turns out well and I don't wake up to find all the readers chasing me down the street with torches and pitchforks. Unfortunately I live in a cul-de-sac so it wouldn't be a very long chase. Not that you'd know it if you talked to me but I'm the baby of the group having just turned 15, at least 6 months younger than everyone else here. If you want me to be able to do an actual Troy McLure next time I do one of these, have some links: Not Just A Piece In Their Games and Left For Dead.

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From the moment he heard her sing Peeta knew he was a goner so how is it that in 11 years, Peeta never once managed to talk to her? A few words made the difference: "Best friends forever, right?"
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