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Hey guys! So, welcome to my page! :) My name is Emily.

Interests: Disney, theatre, reading, shopping, acting, and hanging out :)

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Under that gypsy disguise

This is a prologue of my TLK stories. This is the story of Amira, the wife of Zazu (who doesn't come in until later). When she abandons her royal duties to escape from an arrange marriage to a cruel prince, she tries to pursue a better life. But, first, let's see what leads to that and what her gypsy life was like. ZazuxOC (Rated T for later).

1) Enchanted Fan fiction-Coming soon!

2) Tangled Fan Ficition: Meet the Parents/Homecoming (Working Titles)-This takes place right after Rapunzel comes home. While the King and the Queen are overthrilled that their long-lost daughter has finally return, the King is not so thrilled about a stealing thief as a possible son-in-law. Will he warm up to Eugene? Meanwhile, a jealous Captain goes after a promoted Maximums (spelling) and the Stabbington Brothers plan out their revenge.

3) Another Princess and the Frog Fan fiction-After a spunky agent discovers Louis, he not only finds a big break, but possible love. But, is the agent everything she says she is?

4) Lilo & Stitch/Phineas and Ferb Crossover-Coming soon!

5) Another Lion King fan fiction-Top secret ;)

6) Another Princess and the Frog Fan fiction-At the end of the movie Ray dies and reunites with his love of his life, a "firefly" named Evangeline. But, what happens when he dies and how will he get to his beloved? Find out in this funny story. (Short story, 1 page)


my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/dottiedots221?feature=mhee

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