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Fly me to the moon
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There is nothing interesting or worthwile to be said about the Mouette's personality. The Mouette's writing is largely humour (or her idea of it anyway) that has been lovingly decorated with violence, drama and thinly veiled pornography. The Mouette always appreciates constructive criticism, by which she means comments that actually give her tips on how to improve as opposed to just insult or vaguely nag about her stories. The Mouette also accepts thoroughly positive comments and large amounts of money. The Mouette usually greatly enjoys her work and hopes that perhaps you will too.

Prisoner's Diary

02/12/10 Oh look, here's another one! 'Don't tell the others', yet more L4D-related sexiness.
12/09/09 Nope, still not dead yet. 'Give it a shot' for the Left 4 Dead fandom is up.
Can you believe it? I actually revised 'Cheap', 'Ante Mortem' and 'A minor drawback'. Nothing huge, mind, but I hopefully got most language errors fixed in the process. Also there's a new link leading to my writing journal @ LJ in case you're in desperate need for more Mouette. THA!
05/10/08 That one Wesker/glasses request is FINALLY done in the form of 'Now go out and get yourself some big black frames'

Secret tunnel to other cells (Sssh!)

DeviantArt Because the Mouette-ism needs to be spread! Some of my stories plus a few graphics-related goodies.
MediaMiner Memories of the good old days in script. Featuring TTQFS and more. A rare bit of original work every decade or so.
Lovely Muni Muni More worrying writings, now with added LJ flavour!

Criminal Record

Don't tell the others (complete) It was an idea I had for a drabble, except that 100 words just couldn't possibly contain all of the wonderful struggle for teamwhore!Nick, romantic ending included.
Give it a shot (complete) Nick, adrenaline and wait, is that supposed to happen? Give it a shot gives nownotreally!anonymous semi-pr0n writing a shot and was originally written as a kink meme prompt.
Now go out and get yourself some big black frames (complete) A small piece written for Chaed. It features shades and yet another AMAZING sequence in the lives of Albert Wesker and William Birkin.
(complete) Is pretty much what it says on the tin and was written to a.) poke my nose into the Naruto ficdom and b.) prevent going insane from the lack of writing anything other than poetry analysisisisis- ohehmgeejustgetmeoutofhereARGH!! Ahem. Yes.
About leeches and lust (complete) More drama, more leeches and more ambiguous perversion. There goes another epic piece of 'OR IS IT?!' which features all the Birkin/Marcus your UC-obsessed brain needs. And there's a song, too!
Nothing left to lose (complete) Pure and simple boredom made me translate this piece of Billy Coen one-shot which I wrote as a part of my songfiction saga that was conceived in the spirit of being entirely silly and misleading. I like the words. They are pretty.
Mal Au Cœur : Chronicles of the Revolution (work in progress) My patience for 'Tavington softens up for the tough rebel chick from the future' fiction has finally snapped and is now on full 'I'll show ye buggers!' mode. You fancy being unreasonable? Fine! Let's get it on then! Translation: Random piece of 'the voices told me so' art. Written largely for my own entertainment.
A minor drawback (complete) I found the idea in a dark corner of my mind where it’s been lurking for quite some time now, having settled down there after discovering a couple of worrying similarities between a certain series and RE4. A DA contest finally dragged it out into the light to be read and judged by you, dearest reader.
The Worst Scenario Ever (on hold) And indeed it might be just that. A slightly mad Spider-Man adventure involving murals, insanity, chocolate, a mysterious cult and the joy of decoding. This is currently nothing but a cloud of worrying ideas in my mind but I hope that I will manage to trace something of a storyline sometime.
Because we found the rubber band (complete) When browsing the Spider-Man section for inspiration concerning my tribute to the series I was surprised at the quantity of Ock-angst. And knowing how annoying the voices in your head can get I drew my own conclusion and gave the subject a slightly different try.
Resident Gameshow (work in progress) Your semi-typical gameshow including the average self-insert, a jellyfish, Barry Burton's band and more stupidity than you can count on your nine fingers. Has its good moments and keeps me entertained well enough. Updating every once in a while.
Albert Wesker: Owner's Guide & Maintenance Manual (complete) I blame Theresa Green and the tequila for this one, but I just had to get something like that written. Now it's there and I'm still waiting for the fangirls to either worship me or rip my skin off and cover my bleeding body in salt. Both forms of critique are of course most welcome.
Ante Mortem (complete) Believe it or not, but it's Silent Hill and it's non-humor. A short take on what has to be the perfect start for a perfect romance between Eddie and Angela. Oh dear.
Mountains of Joyous Syrup (complete) Wesker plus Birkin plus syrup minus language skills equals Z0MG!11! Some of you might know my 'inspiration' for this piece of breakfast insanity. Those of you who don't: Just think of it as another temporary loss of brain activity!
House Elf Upgrade & The Chamber of Worse Secrets (complete) Adding 4 Harry Potter books to sleep deprivation and hereditary madness certainly isn't the best idea. The result presents itself in the form of those two short stories which are far from being a masterpiece but kept me entertained when writing them so I suppose there could be worse. They've been completed, more HP short stories are not to be expected anytime soon or anytime at all.
Midnight Invasion Y9 (complete) The original piece was written for a contest, task was to include a couple of phrases into a humorous piece of Zelda fanfiction. Script style, deleted, you know the deal. When I started writing again a few months later I abused this piece to practice prose by re-writing it and calling it MI Y9. It's still quite okay, quite random and quite complete.
Sharpe's Randomness (complete) If ever you should write a lengthy thesis about my literature which is of course as likely as the green alien on my couch getting laid, and trust me, he's not a ladies' extraterrestrial, really then this little piece of randomness will be of major significance. Not only does it switch to a entirely new genre but it also represents my change from prose to script. Other than that it's just a so-so one-shot which has been completed.
The Chronicles of Condo (on hold) Ganondorf, Zelda, Link and a flat. Your average disaster ensues in this piece of Hyrulian humor. Won't be updated until I get myself to appreciate my old number one fandom again.

Visiting hour's up. Please insert another cup of coffee or go home.

La Mouette Lunaire

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