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Wow, okay, so I have to write a gramatically-correct about page now.

Anyways, um, I'm Marina and I'm not really sure when I last used this site, but trust me, I was a huge dumb shit back then and I may or may not cringe at stuff I wrote or reviewed before.

I really like Fallout and I tend to write fanfics for that, as well as have a couple OCs and roleplay for, so expect that to have a fic or two up.

Also, I don't really care for this site (moreso the community and slightly-outdated layout), so you might find my fanfics on AO3 under ghostlySeeker.

I can be found at my Tumblrs, including lusomnia (Fallout "OC", really moreso of a self insert), scriptorian (Dangan Ronpa OC), and bennygeckos (a personal I don't use a whole lot). I'm also on skype as skaianawakening, so hit me up there for whatever reason.