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so, you chose to read the most dangerous bio on this, it's not screams bio. It's the second most dangerous, Sozuki, Katia and a friend who has yet to think of a pen name's bio. We are three people who wanted to write joined stories, so we created a three person author's name.

I'm Katia, just a little bout me...multi colored hair...normal colors, blue eyes, average hight and extremely insane...that about sums it up.

and by the way, if you're wondering about the aol screne names, unnamed is kittena12, i'm water spirit and Sozuki, well, you can guess.

We will post mostly Yu-gi-oh fics, a few hary potter, a few sailor moon, but mostly Yugioh! Yami! cute guys! and we do write some Yaoi, just for warning. (we do???) one more thing from me, some stories here will be only by unnamed, some by two of us and some by all of us, Sozuki and i each have our own author's account, and you don't have to guess the names...well, if you're feeling slow, my author's account is Katia and Sozuki's is...Sozuki. Well, that's about all i have to say.

I'm Sozuki!!! Im annoying, Crazy, and my friends say I act like a Cat! (you do????)
I have shoulder blade length light brown hair, and blue-green eyes.
I always ask my friends if I really do act like a cat, and they always say YES!
How IM guessing I act like a Cat:
Reason 1:
I strech like a cat
Reason 2:
I growl like a Cat
Reason 3:
I eat my ice cream (when I don't have a spoon) I eat it like a cat...
Is that enough reasons?
Anyways, parings I like:

Inuyahsa is one of the BEST Anime's along with Yu-Gi-Oh! Mwahahahaha!!!!!
Oh, I think I took up enough space in this bio...

no you didn't you for got about me ummm i really don't have a name just yet but any ways
hi i'm the other friend. for now my name can be barky by the way that is just some random thing that just appered. i have brown little past shoulder lenght hair but i dyed it so it's auburn brown. i have brown eyes. well thats me in a nut shell. i have a question does any
one who is reading this like doing yoga?????
gtg bye

there now we have taken up enough space.

The Start of It All reviews
[Writen by Hells Little Princess] A Story of Lilly + James, about their Wedding and Honeymoon and how Harry got his Name
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,063 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/5/2003 - James P., Lily Evans P.