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Out from the Shadows! Into the Light! Oh the drama!

Ok, so basically I haven't updated any of my previous writings in a really, really, long time. I think my last update was in 2004. Yeah, I suck =P. So anyway, I've purged my old pen name, Akida1, for a new guise, a new style and hopefully with less commitment issues. Recent events for my return happen to be school, starting my Senior year (w00t!), deciding that a few people can kiss my ass and I'd move on with my life, and also the fact that I'm blessed with the coolest collection of friends...who all roleplay! So with all this Rping going on, my brain juices finally have an outlet, along with all the artwork that I've been churning out for use in my portfolio.

I think my first stories didn't go too well because I hadn't dabbled in enough anime to really find a plot that I favored enough to write about, but that's just a random thought that I doubt you care about.

A few good anime/manga titles that I've stuck to:

Gungrave:A mafia-like organization, revenge, betrayal and zombies all in one. What more could you ask for?
Hellsing: Mere words can't describe the immense coolness of this series...and their FINALLY making an OAV! I'm so flippin' happy!
Trigun: I believe any anime that has a spiky haired, donut loving, angsty goof ball of a protagonist has to be something special. XD
Yami no Matsuei: Descendents of Darkness. Yaoi. Angst. Sadistic stalker doctors. Yaoi. Shinigami. Yaoi.
Gravitation: I'm now a firm believer that any guy with pink hair and entirely too much energy is to be avoided at all costs.
Cowboy Bebop: I just love Jazz and Sci-fi action mixed into a soup. Good stuff always comes out of that somehow.
The Count of Monte Cristo: Not the movie you chickens! There's an anime version of this classic, and its one of the best I've seen yet. I got my copy ahead of time, which means dealing with shitty subtitles, but its well worth it. Go out and find it!

Old News: (Because I'm sentimental like that)

9/4/03: Alrighty then! Akida is back now! My keyboard is now working and not breaking apart, and doing weird things, and restricting me from writing or updating because I know you've been wondering when I'll update. :Throws confetti: Ok, now that I am back I will restart the updating routine. I won't leave you hanging any longer!

6/16/04: Ah, summer is a wonderful thing! Bless the person who allowed summer to release me from the bondage that we call educational facilities. But this also means I have time to write more! Yes, that's exactly why I've been updating so slowly. School has been kicking my ass up down and sideways, but I've survived yet another year of it. Also, I've been tinkering with another story...but I think I'll hold off on it so I can not leave my readers hanging anymore. Eheh gomen ne..

1/14/05: Lately I've had no time to update most of my work due to school getting in the way, and the massive amounts of writers block I've suffered. I'll probably end up starting things up when I'm not being weighed down by academic shit. I'm really sorry about this, but don't think I've stopped writing angst inducing stuff!

My Dearest Miroku ( Sango/Miroku ): Chapter 13 is now up!

Lifeline ( Sessh/Rin Inu/Kag ): Wah! New story! Read it! Review it! Drink more orange juice! Chapter 4 is finally up! Be happee!


Bad cop, no donut...

The New Stuff: (Shakin it up like frosted flakes)

9/20/05: So yeah, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that Inuyasha is bothering me in so many unimaginable ways, that continuing on with my two fic's would be a little pointless. Sorry to those of you who read it.I'm starting up a Hellsing fic though, which I'm fairly confident in, but I'm wondering where I should go with this, that and will I butcher the plot that's already been set down. For some reason Hellsing fic's are really hard to do.

12/19/05: I should have at least the prologue and the first chapter of this Hellsing fic up this weekend. School's into the ground so I haven't had the time to transfer it from writting to text to here. I hate having a life. v.v

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