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Heeeello! :)

My name is Tina. 20 years old. Born in beautiful Bulgaria, but currently studying & residing in the UK (Scotland), & hope to work in London (which I most utterly admire).

I’m studying Law - a dream of mine since I was 7 years old. And, although I’ve already experienced a maaaajor nervous & emotional breakdown for being away from my most beloved ones in a foreign country, and for studying an awfully arduous subject, I still want to do Law. :) Probably, I shall mention that my parents died 13 years ago in a car accident, & my Mom was an experienced lawyer & barrister, so I’m also trying to follow her steps in some way. :)

One of my greatest dreams connected to career (if I can put it this way), is acting. Yes, I know, most of the boys/girls dream of being famous actors/actresses when they’re pretty young. I didn’t. When I was a child, I dreamt of being an astronomer. Seriously. But then I started developing this urge to be at the theatre, to play something on stage. This is what makes me truly be myself (except another thing, which you’ll read later about ]). Of course, I’m only 20 & I still have time ahead, but… I think that the acting will only remain a hobby of mine. I’ve played (& am still playing) in several Shakespearean productions, Molière’s ones, and so on & so forth… Not only at school, but some are professional. But still not enough. Oh, well…

Another major fact about me - I’m a writer. I’ve had a published book back in the year of 2008. It was a big poetry book, though in Bulgarian. I am currently writing a novel (again in Bulgarian), which I intend to publish once finished. Writing is my greatest drug & my biggest relief in any hard situation. I’ve written several fanfics, but not quite long, & it was more like for pastime, but now I’ve started a Sherlock fanfic & I hope (I’ll do my best) to reach a higher point with it.

Mentioned Sherlock, yes. A remarkbly astonishing show it is, indeed. I cannot honestly remember better TV series in my entire life. Everything about it - from the perfect canon idea of the unbelievable Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; through the screenplay-writers Moffat & Gatiss (& Thomson, I should say); through the fabulous music; through the magnificent set & wardrobe of the characters; to the monstrously perfect cast. (I hope I’ve not forgotten anything else…) Speaking of cast, I am a huuuge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (though, I refuse calling myself a Cumberbitch - I quite dislike the epithet(?), I shall say): he is the perfect-est-est British actor - well, at least, in my opinion. And he has all the necessary virtues to have much more awards for his superb acting. (I shall skip the part about his ‘oh-so-incredible’ cheekbones & his magnificent blue-green-greyish eyes (though, I certainly a-d-o-r-e them), for I do not want to embarrass myself.) Also, I really do like Martin Freeman as well - a terrific actor & human being; punctual in every sense of the word; and a celebrity so down on Earth.

Another thing about me… Well, yes. Another mania of mine are the foreign languages. Besides my native Bulgarian, I also do speak English (well, obviously), Russian, French, Greek, Turkish, and Spanish. Currently, slowly learning Arabic (but, unfortunately, no time for it at all, with my tough law timetable). :)

I adore music - listening to everything (except, heavy metal, maybe… & except some electro/techno/house tracks). I cannot do anything properly (mostly, when I am only by myself), without listening to music. (Right now, listening to one of my favourite bands - Maroon 5, and with one of my favourite songs of theirs (in fact, my Sherlock fanfic’s title is taken from it) - ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.)

Also, I like sports alot. I’ve played tennis on court for 10 years; volleyball for 4 years; and football for 2 years. An enormous football fan since the age of yes, 3. :) (Specifically, Manchester United; Real Madrid; and, if someone is from Bulgaria & knows them, Levski Sofia.) An enormous tennis on court fan - especially, of Rafael Nadal.

Since I like writing, I most obviously (though, not taken for granted, of course) like reading. ‘Like’ is incorrect - I adore reading. I can read absolutely anything, doesn’t really matter - as long as it engages all my senses, & as long as I can feel & see the story with every part of me. :)

I think… that’s pretty much everything about me in short(?) description. :)

I would be inconceivably delighted if you start reading my fics here and drop by to make a review. And I will be incredibly happy if you write me a PM about anything you want - I like having conversations with thoughtful & nice people (&, since you're here, you most certainly are such a person). :) Also, you can always drop by at my tumblr:

Hugs & kisses! xxxx

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