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where do i begin? well i love reading, writing and drawing! i also love playing the piano with whole my heart, when i play i just completely lose myself in the feeling of the present!

what more? love horses! and i take showjumping lessons once a week. i' really picky about food, as an example, if i'm going to eat fish, i only accept red fish. (like salmon and trout). however, me being picky have made me underweigth, and thats part of the reason why a period of my life were extremely difficult to me, and i even began cutting myself, there were of course a lot of other reasons as well, but i have put most of it behind me, and i'm definitely getting better now, so no worries! :3

It's probably 3 years ago now that i began wathcing naruto as the first and definitely not the last anime i would watch. i really love naruto, and i still wait for new episodes every week. i'm not even going to bother listing all the other animes i have watched, because i have lost count, but there is definitely a lot of them. I also began reading manga and fanfictins about a year ago, and every once in a while a sudden inspiration strikes me, and i feel kinda forced to write, and so i decided to post some stories here!

idk, this was a retarded profile i must say, but oh well... also i wrote "definitely" a little to many times, but thats because i recently learned how to spell it after spelling it "definetly" for years... what can i say? i'm from norway x3

Ok, when i started porting fics here, (in the beginning of the summer 2012 or something?) i updated like every other day, and then it slowed down... listen, i have NOT abandoned ANY of my fics, I just dont have the same enthusiasm as i have when all of this was new, but i still love writing and i will work har to finish all three of my fics, and most likely i will begin on a new one as soon as one of the three is done, so yeah. Idk, this got kinda weird, but i just want you all to know, my fics are not abandoned. now then, you havent read all of them yet? what are you waiting for, go ahead, read!

go on, dont mind me, seriously, its cool, i'll just stare at you until you are done, nothing creepy going on here. O_O

Ahahah, what the hell, i'm creepy x3

Anyways if you read this then maybe you have noticed the poll on top of the page? no? then check it out. Anyway i'm almost done writing silent whispers for help, though i' far from done publihing it, so relax, there's still lot's left, and yeah, i'm feeling a little sad because silent whispers for help is a fic that is very close to my heart... Anyway, when i'm done i'll begin writing on whatever fic you choose for me to prioritize next, and then i'll edit silent whispers for help and reupload all the chapters and stuff.

So yeah, just tought i'd tell you how things are going and what my current status is. also i'll have a shitload of tests and exams after christmas, so it is possible that my updating becomfe less frequent... but let's all hope that wont happen. :3

Guys... you wont believe what I've done... I was on a sleepover with some buddies, we drank a little and played videogames all night. It was really cool and stuff, BUT... One of my friends used to be ranked 2. best in europe in a shooting game called Blacklight: retribution, which i btw really love, and he is ALWAYS on the opposite team. So, he killed me over, and over and over, and after a few hours i was like; nope! fuck this shit! And i decided to try to run a game called Dead space 2, and i suddenly realized that i had 24 viruses or something. Now the thing is, I am a freaking nerd when it comes to computers, so I was like; chill, I can fix this. So I did, kind of... I finally rage-quited and deleted Mozilla firefox alltogether... That wouldn't have been a problem either, if it wasn't for the fact that I deleted Internet explorer months ago... So i sat there with steam as my only internet browser, and it's impossible to download shit from steam, and yeah. steam is not supposed to be used that way... so... I reset my entire laptop and thus deleted everything on it... sooo... I've lost all the chapters and stuff...

Hey!! It's been so long! SORRY! really sorry!! :/

So for a very short explanation, you see, I initially stopped writing because i had some technical problems, (read above here the reason), but then I ended up having som esocial issues in real life and my time didn't allow me to write anymore. Now everything is on it's way to gettin gbetter, and once again all sucidal thoughts are gone, so all stories will be continued and completed sooner rather than later. :D

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Revenge is sweet reviews
Naruto, the prince of the fire country loves to pull pranks on his tutors. One day Minato decides to send his son to Konoha high, a private school for normal people. Naruto is enrolled in his new school under a false last name, so that no-one will know who he is. How will life as a "normal" teenager turn out for Naruto? Will he be able to restrain himself from his pranks? NaruxSasu
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Light has finally regained his memories and been released from the handcuffs, but how will he react to the sudden return of all the terrible memories? and how will L react to the sudden change in Light? LxLight
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I Won't say goodbye reviews
One-shot about Sasuke. People have always envied Sasuke, and so the call him things when they think he doesn't hear them. The things he's been called has affected him deeply, and he ended up struggling with depression. Finally one day he snaps...
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Near finds a wierd white notebook, and decides to test it out, what will happen when he writes the names of the former geniuses and rivals Light Yagami and L Lawliet? LightxL
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