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Hi there,

Thanks for clicking onto my profile page and finally I decide to just say something here. I am just a 24-year-old simple girl from Singapore (it's somewhere in South East Asia) living an ordinary life. Loves fairytales and fantasy and living life as if it's a wonderful dream. This story has all the ideas and imaginations I thought of and lived in the past 20 (or less?) years.

Nearly all the characters in my story are based on real people in my life. The actual schoolmates, the actual colleagues that I have had. Stefanie is the only combination of the positive traits of two girls. One is my best friend and the other one is a close girlfriend.

The pranks that happen are all the things I would have love to do if only I could do it. And the boxers idea came from my bro when he always throw his dirty clothes at me last time when we were younger. It's disgusting, I know. And some others that I forgot.

Some actions and events had been part of my life too, I just dramatise it and made it magical when I use them in my story. You go figure out which are real happenings coz I am not going to say anything. My life is nowhere near this exciting, I just hope some of the advertures would happen, that's all.

Heaps of drama and quotations have been adapted from TV drama series and movies. Personally the chapter 'A Sacrifice of Love Defeats an Evil Mind' was inspired from many shows, Hong Kong drama, Korean dramas, etc. The Asian Taiwanese characters were taken from the original Japanese Manga Hana Yori Dango. These are just some examples.

Right now I am studying in a university in New Zealand. Sometimes it gets so busy that I have no time to update my story. Fret not, I still love my story and my own #1 fan. No intention of abandoning this story and have every intention of finishing it. So do not worry about wasting your time reading and not knowing the ending because it will have an ending. A truly happy ending.

Any other questions? Drop me a review, and I will try to answer you at my next author's note. Don't like to interrupt my story with other contents. A bit too hard to handle. Once again, thanks for reading! I truly appreciate that!


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Moving towards an AU direction but I am keeping it as canon as possible yet injecting my original ideas. Story of Lily and James, from the beginning till the very end. Enjoy the one of its kind story, spanning from Godric Gryffindor to Harry Potter era.
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