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Welcome TRON: ANU and TRON: Struggles Readers! It's been awhile hasn't it? Due to fluctuations in writing patterns I'm not going to start off by promising any type of system for updates on chapters. :P I don't wanna let your hopes get up. BUT, we are slowly expanding our other fandom knowledge into the Fanfiction.net world, starting off primarily as oneshots.

And if for some reason anyone should look on this profile and not the latest (Chapter 3) chapter of TRON: Struggles; WE ARE ACCEPTING WRITING REQUESTS. X3 It doesn't even REALLY have to be all TRON either. But it's specifically hard to guess what fandoms we are into so i'll just make a quick list.

Death Note
Peter Panzerfaust (Does not yet have a section. :/)
Attack on Titan (Questionable)
Black Butler (Also questionable. XD)
The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff (No section. :/)
The Lorax

And that's pretty much it. O3o So feel free to bug us with requests. We'll be waiting! And it might also keep us posting so... X3

Until then, bye bye and happy reading. X3

Kayla N. Kephart&Isabel A. Gerber

UPDATE 2/17/14: A recent change may or may not be happening. Due to an accidental lack of inspiration for TRON, I(K), had talked with (I) about why I had lost inspiration and blah blah blah boring epiphany talk blah blah blah restart fanfic . O3o So we kind of...sort of...restarted our TRON fanfic. XDXD;;;; Which now has the title of TRON: The Uprising Has Begun. We needed a new beginning, a fresh start to the fanfic. Becasue half the stuff we wrote in the first book didn't even make sense, or have anything to do with the revolution or our original plot. :/

So whether or not we post it up soon, like today or next week or whenever, I just thought you as readers should know what we will probably end up doing. :) Thanks guys for being such AWESOME READERS!


A Little Bit About Us :)

Kayla Nicole Kephart;

Age: 15

Birthday: 11/24/98

Gender: Female

Heritage Jazz (lol): Roughly 1/2 Polish, 1/6 (or so) German, and the rest is AMERICANO! :D

"Structure": Pale as pale can get, typically blue-grey eyes (I have mood eyes :P), dirty blonde long curly/wavy/frizzy hair. XP And I'm fairly tall. Well, compared to Isabel anyway. XD I'm 5 foot 4 or so.

Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, texting Isabel (writing mainly), reading occasionally, playing the clarinet, marching, and stressing over school work. XD

Isabel Adora Gerber;

Age: 16

Birthday: 9/25/98 (Premature by two weeks I think! XD lol)

Race: O e Uhhh...it's so complicated...I have like Black(from mom) in me but also white(from dad) and then there's Pensilvanian(pardon if spelled wrong XDXD) (K Edit; Pennsylvanian) Dutch(Dad) and then Italian(Dad) and there's some ancient trip The Sun something Idk...(mom) *shrug* XD IM A WONDERFUL MELTING POT! Oh yeah, and American. XDXD

Description: Well i've got light brown skin, dark brown curly hair that usually gets frizzy(like Kayla XDXD) and I am SHORT. Bl;;;; I might as well be a HOBBIT. And Levi(AoT) is actually like around my height or a bit TALLER sooo...

Hobbies: Writing(DER. X3 With Kayla), Listening to music(soundtracks,Japanese music, anything that is GOOD and doesn't curse like a sailor. -_- So stupid.), Drawing(Anime,semi-realistic,cartoon,a style I've created thats a mix of Anime and Cartoon I'm gonna call "Animoon"(Kinda looks like the adventure time style),writing songs(If we make a "The Lorax" fanfic It may be a musical. X3), voice acting(gonna make audiobooks for the fanfics in the future and post it on youtube), watching plays/musicals, thinking over serious thoughts, picture taking of landscapes, telling Kayla to STOP stressing over school so much over the little things XDXD,the list goes on so I'll stop there. XDXD

I had a discussion with several fellow Authors and Tron Fans on Fanfiction.net and agreed on an organized fashion to keep track of time on the Grid. If you like this way to keep track of time, copy and paste it on your profile page. TRON LIVES!!

Cycle = 24 hours

NanoCycle = 1 second

MicroCycle = 1 minute

PectroCycle = 1 hour

MilliCycle = 8 hours

MylaCycle = 1 week

HiloCycle = 1 month

XilaCycle = 1 year

DecaCycle = 1 decade

HectoCycle = 1 Century

KiloCycle = 1 millennium

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