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Author has written 17 stories for Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun, and Naruto.


Updates (Updated somewhat frequently)

News: 9/19/17 Thank you to all of you who encourage me to finish my stories. It's your thoughtful words and excitement that keeps bringing me back.

Story: 9/19/17 How Heroes Are Made chapter 6 has been posted.

Profile: 9/19/17 Updated a few things.

Story Progress(In order I wish to complete them)

How Heroes Are Made Chapter 7 - 23%
Garet's Crack Stories 6 - 8%
MLP Story(New Story) - 2%
Shades of Conspiracy Chapter 2 - 55%
This Weird Team of Ours Chapter 3 - 40%
EBE(New Story) - 3%
LUNIT(New Story) - 30%
Resident Evale Chapter 4 - 0%

About Me

Gender: Male.

Age: 31.

Random Fanfic Related Info: I think it goes without saying that my favorite section to write for is Golden Sun. It will always remain my primary fandom to write for. My favorite character is Garet, and I have a blast writing him into my stories. I feel he's the most flexible of all characters and that I can throw him in any situation and write him comfortably. My favorite female is Feizhi. I dig purple hair. In the Naruto section I favor Shino and Hinata as my favorite male and female. I'm naturally a fan of Team 8 due to it, and Kiba, Akamaru, and Kurenai are also very awesome in my opinion.

I don't like to restrict myself to any genre, but you'll almost always find I write primarily humor. If anybody is looking for a specific pairing in my stories, let me tell you now that I don't restrict myself to any specific pairings either. I like to keep my options open. If I feel it's something that the characters (as I write them) would do, then I won't mind writing it. Otherwise, don't get your hopes up.

I'm a lazy perfectionist. I almost never complete a story. Browsing my multi-chapter stories, you'll see that ALL of them are unfinished. I hope to finish them someday.

I do read and appreciate every review, and take them to heart if they come with constructive criticism. I feel that without those words of advice, I can't become a better author.

(If you wish to contact me, just send me a PM and I'll be sure to reply.)

Story Information

On Hold: Years Away, Insert Generic Romance Title Here

Discontinued: 2004 Golden Sun Awards Version 2

New Stories Coming Soon: Working on finishing existing stories first.

Alchemy Man - With Dracobolt.

Breakers: The majority of breakers in my stories from this point on will have some hidden meaning or joke that will usually be relevant to the story. USUALLY. Some will be easy to figure out, others may be simple inside jokes that most will not understand.

My Story Thoughts: Just a few thoughts on my own stories that I've written so far, in order of date published. (Bolded stories are complete, or I'm done writing them for one reason or another.)

-Years Away: This is the second story I've ever published (I removed the first story), and quite frankly, reading over it, it shows. I have several original characters with unoriginal names, the writing desperately needs work, and there are many more things I could have done better. I may go back to it one day, but as of now it's hard when I'm not as fond of the story as I used to be. Fans shouldn't worry, though--the ending wouldn't have been anything special.

-2004 Golden Sun Awards Version 2: It was an interesting concept to me back then, but I could have pulled it off much better, I think. It's "Version 2" because my original got pulled off for being in list-format. This is my only current discontinued story because I think it went on for far too long. I should have just condensed it into two or three chapters max, or changed how the "story" was told. In the end, I just started hating it. I would remove it, but there seems to be a few people who enjoy it, so it'll stay here, eternally unfinished.

-Golden Sun Trading Cards: This is what happens when you get an idea and just write it without fleshing it out first. This would work better as a chapter for "Garet's Crack Stories" than a stand-alone story, and even then it drastically needs a face-lift. Not much else to became one of those early stories that authors tend to hate when they improve.

-I Am The Moon: A silly little concept. I almost feel ashamed for posting it. Basically the entire thing relies on a punchline at the end. Ah well... It was a funny thought at the time.

-Insert Generic Romance Title Here: This story completely surprised me with how quickly people came to it. I think it was the title that did it. Anyway...when writing this, I really did not have a single idea as to what I would write. I sat down and just wrote with no plan, and this is the product. It's unfinished right now, and I probably won't finish the version that's there, but I think it would be fun to rewrite. Now that I'm in the habit of making outlines, I could make it flow better. Maybe I could make it a not-so-generic romance story.

-See That Girl?: Pairings are a big thing in the GS fandom. How do you parody that fact? One of my two more famous stories, but only for the idea. Pairing Garet with the Wise One is sure to catch attention. Thankfully I didn't rely on advertising that, and tried hard to make it feel believable and well-written. This was originally for a contest which I unfortunately did not win. Reading through it now, there are a few things I would have liked to change, but all in all it would remain untouched. Go Magmashipping!

-To Kill a Fly: Another contest entry. Around this point I was becoming fascinated with Feizhi, and I wanted to use her for a story. The idea...I'm not sure where it came from, but it was fun to write. I think several people got a chuckle out of it, but to me it's fairly average. Still, Feizhi is awesome, and she has become my favorite female. I think the theme of the contest was to write a story that teaches a lesson? I can't remember, but that was pretty much the last thing on my mind when writing this. That's probably why I didn't win.

-Abstract: This story went through several evolutions in my head before the final product was posted. Originally I was looking at how some authors use bold to express more than shouting, and I began devising ways to use it in my story. My natural pick for a character was Garet, and this story was intended to be humorous. Then I thought...I could really do some screwed up mental images. Isaac unravelling with his scarf was the first one I thought of, and it just clicked from there. I started writing it and soon the entire dream became nothing but dialogue, which is the hook, I think. There are plenty of errors and things I would change now, but this was quickly accepted as a great one-shot by the fandom. It really shocked me.

-Worst Halloween Ever: I just wanted to write a fun Halloween fic. It's nothing special, but it set out to be what I intended. I wanted to go for a sweet ending, because my last story had ended on a pretty grim note. Possibly fun for a quick read, but nothing amazing. I had fun coming up with their costume ideas. Makeshift-ninja-Isaac, rawr!

-Garet's Crack Stories: Let's face it. I come up with some pretty screwed up ideas, and there wouldn't be a way to tell them all realistically. Some, maybe, but definitely not the more effed up ones. This is my answer to that. Garet telling kids stories. Simple, right? I have a huge list of ideas, and I plan on using most of them. This is simple, pure fun. It's not going to ever be meant for anything more than that.

-Resident Evale: People close to me know I'm a huge fan of Resident Evil 4. This is the result of that. It's not a crossover where Felix meets Leon or anything. It's simply a meshing of the two worlds into something completely new, featuring Golden Sun characters. I'm having a lot of fun with the writing style. I put a huge focus on action scenes, making them as intense as I can. Not only that, but there is a deep, intricate plot planned. Plenty in this story will be over-the-top, but it's such a blast to write, I can't help it. My only regret is not completing it yet.

-Daddy's Little Girl: I had the idea for this story ages ago. Shortly after completing Abstract, in fact, so it naturally fit in as an "Abstract 2". This story is probably the one I hate the most, but not because it's necessarily bad. I hate it because it kicked my butt. I had such difficulty writing it. As much as I love Feizhi, her way of speaking isn't exactly easy to figure out. Add that on top of the first-person present tense, AND the slow decline into insanity, and yeah...hard stuff. The idea sat dead in my notes for years and years until I finally decided it was enough. I told my friend to delete my account if I didn't finish it within two days. It worked wonders. This story features one of my favorite endings so far, despite the tragedy of it.

-This Weird Team of Ours: I actually started this a year or so before I posted it. I found it again in my notes and had the desire to start it up again. So far so good. It's going to be a multi-arc fic with quite a lot to it. I'm planning on a lot of development and a close look at the inner workings of Team Kurenai and the characters they come across on their missions. So far I'm enjoying it, and I've actually got quite a bit of it outlined, which is a first for me. I never used outlines before this story.

-Celestial Fiction: This was a contest entry for Jake Delfeir's first fanfiction contest, with the theme being one character revealing a secret to the other. The idea came simply enough--it started with one character revealing a new power, then that power became an illusion. Then I started thinking of illusions and what it might mean if the entire games were illusions, and from there the story took form. I wrote it a bit too quickly for my liking, but at least it got published, unlike half of my other stuff. I'm happy with the reception as well.

-How Heroes Are Made: A contest entry for rounin's fanfiction contest, with the theme being Bouldershipping. It's still in progress, but I'm enjoying it immensely so far. The characters are really fun to write and create, and it's interesting writing during the years leading up to the game and what's different or what Kyle and Dora might have affected in the game. It's a little difficult writing a story where it's basically just these two characters back and forth, and how they change throughout, but I think I'm doing a decent job. The end result will be obvious, but the path there is fun to create.

-Shades of Conspiracy: This is a story I posted ages ago. Around completing chapter 13, the story was removed by, and my computer had a virus on it that wiped everything out a week before. I lost all of my content for the story, so I couldn't post it again. For years I wanted to rewrite it, and now that I've got the desire to more than ever, I finally decided to get it over with. This story is my absolute favorite of all of my writings. The complex plot took a lot of work and planning, and I can't wait for readers to see it all.

-This Is Snow Life For Me: This is the coolest story you'll ever read. Puns aside, I'm very happy with how this story turned out. It's similar to my Magmashipping story in that it introduces a new bizarre pairing (that I call Gonetohailshipping, another pun, yay) that hasn't been done before, and writes it realistically. I also mixed a little bit of my interest in the insane in here (like Abstract or Daddy's Little Girl) where the character gradually becomes mentally unhealthy. In this case, it's Mia's relationship that causes it. My original idea called for about 10K words or so, but in the end I came up with so much content the end result hit around 25K words. It probably nabbed me less readers than if it were shorter or broken up into chapters. However, I felt it was best read from beginning to end with no chapter breaks. At its heart it IS a one-shot, so I left it that way.

Removed Stories: Stories that have been removed by myself or I may not remember them all. This is merely a reference for anybody who might be looking for them. They are not posted anywhere else.
The Hero of Time - Zelda - Removed by me
Sleep Overs! - Golden Sun - Removed by
Nightgames! - Golden Sun - Removed by
THE BEST GS FIC EVER! - Golden Sun - Removed by
2004 Golden Sun Awards - Golden Sun - Removed by
Bonds of Friendship - Golden Sun - Removed by me
Staring at the Sun - Golden Sun - Removed by me
Shades of Conspiracy - Golden Sun - Removed by

There are several others that stayed up for a day, including a Wizard of Oz parody, but I removed them myself. I may go back to that one... Hm.

Fear the Random

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Team 8 by S'TarKan reviews
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