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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, and Shaman King.

My Information

name: Ashuri Kansandora Tsuyoi (Ashley)
gender: female.
age; 27.
hobbies; reading, writing, drawing, collecting manga, travelling
lovelife; single.
future career: author,
fave games; ico, kingdom hearts, kh2, Valkyrie profile, star ocean: till the end of time, shadow of the colossus, dragon age, dragon age II, assassins creed II, assassins creed brotherhood, god of war, fable, fable II, shenmue 2, mass effect trilogy, the witcher 3.
fave moives; harry potter, LOTR, space balls, robin hood men in tights, kill bill, labyrinth, legand, willow, lilo and stich, all anime movies listed below, the grudge, the village, the phantom of the opera, the dark crystal, pans labyrinth, get smart, role models, the producers, i love you man.
fave books; harry potter 1-7, percy jackson and the olympians, heros of olympus, magnus chase and the gods of asgard, game of thrones.
Fave anime/manga:Yugioh, Shaman king, legal drug, tusbasa, xxxholic, cardcaptor sakura, vampire game, DN Angel, eerie queerie, naruto, full metal alchimist, kuroshitsuji.
fave anime/ manga characters: yami yugi,yoh, hao, ren, guru clef, yue, fai, duzell, sessohmaru, dark, satoshi, sasuke, itachi, naruto. sebastion, ceil.
least fave anime/manga characters: marik, anzu, mai, shizuka, riku and risa, kaiba, rishid, dartz, bakura, anna, prika, sakura(naruto), kagome, kikyo, haku alois.
favorite genre
: general/ humor.
fave colors; purple, black, silver, blood red.
places i want to visit; england, japan, egypt.

What I have to say about my fics.

Object of Affection:
It is finished. hurra!. anyway, i have just come to the conclusion that i was on drugs when i wrote this fic cause i have absolutly no idea where i came up with the stuff i used. i like it but its super weird, and just now i asked my friend what she would do if she had a dream where she was in a hallway opening doors and a giant rabbit appeared saying it loved her and she said she would run away. i probably would too.

It was you
i have absolutely no idea where i'm going with this. sooner or later i'm bond to come up with something, but right now my mind is drawing a total blank. first off i'm amazed that they seem to act like their supposed too. i have a feeling that this might be a short story.

Love me.
oh man what can i say. its been so long since i even bothered to write this. i havent even read it in a long time. people say its good but it was writin like 3 years ago and i think it sucks. but thats just my opinion. sooner or later i might take it off, cause its not going to be updated, unless someone would like to finish it for me.

Nijuushin Kossori ou.
i like this fic cause it's interesting. glad people liked it. hao and of my fave pairings, cause i dont know why. idea for fic came in a dream, like everything else. um...its going good.

Desire's Chains.
i'm working on it i sware. its coming along, very slowly. i like it, it has it moments it might not live up to OOA but it would place a good second. i like it more then the other ones lol.

The News.

(april 9/16) will i ever write fanfiction again? we shall see.

current projects;
Desire's Chains.

future projects;

other things:
1. Ashuri's Deviant Art Page

2. Ashuri's Tumblr

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