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A Note From the Glass

I remember when I first started to post fan fictions of this web site. I enjoyed the ability to be able to have other people critic my original creations, only with beable to share in the works of fellow writers like myself. But recently I'm being to notice that the 'crowd' of writers I started with are becoming overcasted by a 'generation' of writers who really don't now what it means to have the freedom to write here. This is a shared site in which the owners of allow us to use this place in order to grow our imaginations, broaden our thoughts and ways of taking situations.

I've seen some reviews listed on some of my favorite authers' stories, like TakaShira, screaming at them as if they are some sort of heretics crying 'mary sues' and such. Flamers as many of us have come to call these sort of reviews. Not to say I myself have not dealt with such things. One of the flamers I've had called me a horrible writer, no grammer ability what so ever and so on, telling me I should just quit where I am take down my stories and never try to write again. When did fanfiction become such a place? What happen to the days when you got reviewers who just said 'i like this story but I noticed you have a spelling error in such a such sentences here.. the correct why to spell it is this just incase you didn't know or you missed it'? Or when you didn't like the story you just clicked back and went on to look for something you did instead of ripping the writer apart? When I recieved such a flamer telling my i was a horrible writer, a disgrace to FanFiction and I should never write again, it made me fell horrible and down for weeks. I still continued the story.. I'm in fact still writing it, 33 chapters a counting. I write the story for those who loved its ideas for those who enjoyed it and for me, my co-writer does the same because its our ideas that we have planned that make it interesting to us. We wanted to share it, to have others critic it so we could improve our skills.

But, why do people still continue to down others in such a manner here? Was there something I missed? Is this world of FanFiction a place were only 'professionals' can write? If so why are any of us without a P.H.D in an English major writing here? Or those of you who have yet to graduated from High School for that matter? Its because then would have disappeared into the lost void of the internate a long time ago. This is a place were we can write freely, the ideas we have.

So who is to quote what a 'Mary Sue' is? In fact if you wish to be realistic all the good things are in some way "Mary Sues'. Look at any Diseny story book or movie and you will have the calm plot all of them have. Every princesses has some sort of problem falls in love with the handsome prince yet cant be with him for some reason. In the end however they end up together. Take any story and you will find that exact problem. Everything has repeating facts, repeating actions. But its HOW YOU GET THERE, that makes the story its own. How does Snow White find her Prince? How's that differ from Sleeping Beaty or even Bell in Beaty of the Beast?

It's how things Differ, if you want to go around calling everything a "Mary Sue" because it shows some familairy to another story then why are you here at FanFiction? Just becaus ethe first chapter seems like a reply don't judge it that quick. like: DOn't judge a book by its cover, the first chapter of any story is its cover

I'm not downing anyone, or saying F&# you all or whatever. But I will make this clear to all of you who may review my stories now or in the near future. Or review stories of authors I know, when you signed up for you agreed to the user terms, in these user terms (if any of you cared to actually read it like I did) it clear states under point 5. Auther/ Posters Conduct that you have agreed not to use this site to stalk or harass other users.

Reviewing someones story and stating in anywords 'That you are a horrible write and should stop writing any story or writing all together' is harassment.

From this day forth 4/23/2007 I will report you for such a violation of your contract with

Reviewing is for constructive critisism only.

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Current writings

Last One Standing

An ending action always has to have started somewhere. But can anyone really pin point the moment the rock begins to roll so out of control? Folken is faced with this question as he waits the monring after the end of the Destiny Wars. He reflects through past events in his life as he tries to answer that question. An Alternate Universe.

Rating: M

Estamited Chapters: ruff 30

pre-written: 1 1/2

catagory: action/adventure/romance

Writting Status: in the works

Sequal: None


Co-writer: Spirit Dancer

Story Statues: Trilogy

There and Back Again

Not just an ordinary retelling of Escaflowne. Two girl’s wish away their lives of family abuse, only to find their wish answered. Destiny plays its hands hard as these two friends find themselves caught up in a war of a world they barely know, only to be torn apart along the way. Will they be able to overcome their trouble pasts, and save this new world for its own destruction? Or will their pasts become its means of destruction?

Rating: T

Estimated Chapter count when finished: er? 30-35 maybe 40...

Chapter Statues: 23

Writing Statues: In progress

Sequel statues: 2

Forsaken Sin

Two years after the Geostigma outbreak, AVALACHE now hunts across the planet looking for all of Hojo’s skeletons that were left uncovered. A hunt that leaves Vincent facing a ghost he thought long gone, but more over a whisper of the Planet which once thought lost by Chaos has come reborn. Time is now a race in the Planet’s last stand against the depths of Geostigma’s final out come.

Rating: M

Estimated CHapters: unknown

Chapter Statues: 10 pre-written

Writing Statues: Not a Priorty

Sequel: maybe 1

Future Works(may or maynot be done)


Summary unavaible at time.Seguel to There and Back Again second book in trilogy (time jump 6 years from first book)

Rating: T

Estimated Chapter count when finished: ruffly 20-25

Chapter Statues: 0

Writing Statues:Not started

The Race for Atlantis

Summary unavaible at time. Last book in Trilogy. (time jump15 years)

Rating: T-M (pending)

EstimatedChapter count when finished: ruffly 30

Chapter Statues:0

Writing Statues: Not started


To Tame a Beast

Dilandau was created to be the perfect soldier, but became a complete failure due to his mental state. But, what if he wasn’t the only project the Zaibach scientists were working on? What if Dilandau wasn’t the only weapon made?

Rating: T

Estimated Chapter count when finished: 20

Chapter Statues: 18

Writing Statues: Still in progress/haitus or may be discontinued if i can't get myself out of this writters block...-.-

Seguel Statues: will not be one

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Two years after the Geostigma outbreak, AVALACHE now hunts across the planet looking for all of Hojo’s skeletons that were left uncovered. A hunt that leaves Vincent facing a ghost he thought long gone, but more over a whisper of the Planet which once tho
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