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Author has written 11 stories for Sherlock, Transformers, Supernatural, Dexter, V for Vendetta, Ben 10, Harry Potter, Silent Hill, Generator Rex, Web Shows, and Elder Scroll series.

In my lovely list of stories you will find Sherlock, Doctor Who, Dexter, and ofc Supernatural related stories, and many other one's I'm currently working on.
I also have a deviantart, of which I don't go on much these days, it pretty much has the same things that are on here.

I'm aware that there is a character called Sarah in Marble Hornets, I couldn't really think of a name at the time, my best friend will be taking the position of Hoodie in the story. The story won't be following any Supernatural or Marble Hornets, this is my imagination. All my O/C's I own, so would you kindly not take them please.

The only characters I don't own, are those who my O/C's go with of course, however I do own my o/c's which are Sarah, Helena Morgan, Alexis, Lilly and Alexandra.

Character Descriptions.

Sarah (Supernatural):
Sarah is your average 20 year old woman, she has chestnut brown hair, which reaches just past her shoulders, hazel eyes match her hair perfectly. Due to hardly sleeping and eating, she is rather pale and skinny. One of the cars she owns, being the Mark 2 Ford Fiesta, is the car that I actually own, so I thought Sarah should have the honors of owning the best.

Helena Morgan:
Helena is roughly around the age of 18 and 20, I haven't decided her actual age just yet (Choose whatever age you would like though. I know I have put her as 18 in the story, but it doesn't seem to fit). She has light brown, almost auburn hair which ends just under her shoulder blades. Green eyes are usually made to stand out with black eyeliner and black mascara, causing them to glow slightly.

That's right, Alexis is a Time Lord/Lady, she has to be my favorite character so far, as she is much like myself in a strange way. Before you guess, Yes she is a female version of the Tenth Doctor, with a twist, she has the Blacklight Virus. Yea the same virus which Alex Mercer has from Prototype (For some reason I thought it would go nicely with Alexis). If the Tenth Doctor was a female, I believe he would have shoulder length mousey brown hair, and hazel eyes which reflect all his emotions, and the pain of his past. Which is exactly what Alexis is like.

Alexis MacGrath:
She's the orphaned daughter of Cole MacGrath. Alexis has the same powers that Cole MacGrath has. She's 16 years old, brave and courageous, Alexis is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends. Alexis enjoys playing video games, and has a gaming computer, I like to think she's a little like myself. Alexis has electric blue eyes, brown hair, with the ends dip dyed blonde.

Lilly, she's based on my oldest sister, although I have changed her name from Kelly to Lilly. My sister is a spitting image of what I would like Lilly to look like (I would prefer it if she wore less make-up). Like most of my characters, Lilly has mousey brown hair, unlike the others, it is curly, I have a strong feeling that a woman as sweet as Lilly should have blue eyes. If you read my story, you will see that Lilly has two daughters, Courtney and Kimberley, these will always be based on my two nieces, their appearances are exact,along with their personality.

Alexandra Auditore:
Alexandra is a descendant of the great Assassin Ezio Auditore, I believe the name gives it away slightly. Much like Ezio, she is a highly trained Assassin, although she takes on the ways that Ezio was taught in his time. Alexandra will always be wearing her white robes, much like the ones Ezio and Altair wore back in their times, she will also be using the same weapons. Much like Ezio, Alexandra is a bit of a flirt, and has the same scar across her lip which she does, hazel eyes always seemed to reflect her emotions and true intentions.

She's The Day Rape Queen...Thats Kunt!

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Started playing through all the Silent Hill's, suddenly got the urge to return. So I thought why not do a fanfic. I don't own Pyramid Head. But this little Masky character I created I do. I would like to say I have borrowed the design of Masky from Marble Hornets. My Masky is female, and you will find out more about her as the story goes on. May become some sort of romance.
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A random idea popped up into my head one day whilst watching Ben 10 Omniverse. What if Rook found himself a girlfriend? And what if just so happened to be my Time Lady O/C Alexis. This is just a random idea of how I thought it would happen,I know it's not very good, but oh well I tried :). I'm sorry if Rook seems out of character, it took quite a while to write this though.
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