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Author has written 2 stories for Inuyasha, and Slayers.
I'm not really sure what to write in here... What to say, what to say... I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE! (cries hysterically, suddenly stops and coughs like nothing ever happened).
Okay lets start with the basics, I am a twenty-one (I FEEL SO OLD!) year old overworked, now underpaid (I HAVE A JOB!), senior (not citizen) college student at the moment. I love writing, reading, and anime, which made stumbling upon Fanfiction.net very convenient. Fanfiction gives me a much needed opportunity to practice my writing skills, so feel free to give as much constructive criticism as you like... (suddenly imagines herself getting charred by flames, winces). But lets not be cruel people.

Projects as of June 13th 2006:
The Ball and Chain: IT'S NOT DEAD... It's just been in a coma for a long while. Okay, so it was a little dead.I am a horrible, horrible person who abandoned this story in the hopes of getting straight As and getting to go to graduate school for free (I am cheap, and poor). I really am sorry. I thought that people kind of lost interest in the story.Then I kept getting emails, and I kept getting reviews, and people kept putting this story on their favorites list, and I realized that I was really horrible for not even returning to tell everyone I am on hiatus. Consider me duly shamed and humbled by everyone's persistent prodding. I amback to work on this story.

However, after re-reading it, there are still a few things that I want to change about the first few chapters. Like the horrible amount of spelling errors. I also want to add a prologue.And flesh out a few that might take awhile. But I do plan to continue this story. And I will have chapter 11 out as quickly asI can. Because you guys rock, andIam feeling major Catholic guilt right now.

That in mind, please be patientwith me. I am studying for GREs,doing a research project, andapplying to Graduate school scholarships that aremaking my head hurt.I am verybusy, and very stressed, but I will do mybest.

Soul Affair: I am temporarily stopping this fic. I had to give the VCD's I was using as a guide to do it back to their original owner, so until I can get my hands on the first Slayers series I am going to put this one on hold and concentrate on my Inu-Yasha fics.
Future projects:
1st: From Among the Shadows: After the death of her sister, Kaede was angry, well okay, very angry. She wants all youkai to pay for the suffering she and her sister endured. But will fate get in the way of her plans? I am totally changing the order of my upcoming fics. After much brainstorming, I have decided that the Kaede fic must come before "Swept Under the Rug", because the latter would have to many spoilers for the former. So this one will becoming out sometime after the 10th chapter of "Ball and Chain".
2nd: Tentively titled "Swept Under the Rug". Kagome gets an offer too good to pass up from a woman from Kaede's past. The chance to rectify the source of all of the Inu-yasha-gumi's trouble and change the past so that the Shikon no tama was never broken. Once she finally decides to take this opportunity, how will it change everyones fates?
3rd: A kinda sorta maybe AU based on a cliche that has been done by tv shows everywhere. The "what if this really was just a psychotic episode of the main character?" plotline. The times I have seen it done however, the reality where the character was in a mental institution was just an illusion created by a demon or antagonist. Mine isn't. I am going to mess with all of your heads MUCH more than that.
I am really jazzed about writing this one, but I am putting it off until I finish, or am at least halfway through "Swept Under the Rug". I need to do some serious research before even attempting it.

Rurouni Kenshin:
Fortune cookie quote of the month: "Ignore previous cookie." (Seriously, I got this fortune. It made my YEAR).

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