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Author has written 16 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

Yes, I am one of those freaks who puts Yaoi and Non-Yaoi in the same story. Yes, I am a dragon ball z and gt freak. Yes, I do not write Yuri. Yes, I am far to young to write rape and Mpreg. stories. Yes, for Kami's sake I write with OC.

Favorite DBZ Parings Yaoi:

Vegeta x Goku

King Vegeta x Bardock

Turles x Kakarot

Exseptable DBZ Parings Yaoi:

M.Trunks (M. Twunksie?) x Gohan

Broly (mine) x Turles (But Broly's mine *Whining*)

Geta (Vegeta yumm...Prince)x Go-chan (Gohan)

Favorite Parings Non-Yaoi

Pan x Trunks

Broly jr. x Kasai

Reads: Rape, Mpreg, Lemon, other asorted naughty things, poems, songfics, Orgy, love stories

Writes: Rape, Mpreg (I refuse to write Orgy...Well maybe one), Lemons (Crappy in my opinion, but you might like them), other asorted naughty stuff, Ki Bonds (Gotta love Ki resrained Geta purr... OH YEAH BROLY IS MINE B*ES MINE! *Growls* AND SO IS SUPER 17! Sorry I'm overly protective of my (HOT) Legend and my (Yummy atificial) Android. Oh yeah and I have changed my muses! Vegeta, Turles, Broly, and King Vegeta. Yeah um they blackmailed me so... kinda had too... I hate and love them at the same time.

Music: Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, The F-ups, Bloodhound gang, Eminem, and Adam Lambert.

Favorite songs: Scared, Break, Bully, Overrated By Three Days Grace. Americian Capitalist, Under and Over it, The Pride, Bad Company, If I fall by Five Finger Death Punch. Screw you by the F-ups. I hope you die by Bloodhound Gang. Slim Shady, Love the way you lie by Eminem. For your entertainment, Master Plan, What do ya what from me, If I had you, Strut by Adam Lambert. Feel the mambo by Elena Paparizou. And I think Real Sugar Baby is cute.

If you think that people who say DBZ is gay even though they haven't even seen an episode of it should go lick a cock, copy and paste this into your profile.

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Warning: Most of my stories are considered 'Non-con' or 'Perverted' and I have a couple involving pedophile atrabutes. Don't like, don't read, no more flames please. I want constructive critism not some 'If this is literature the world is fucked' nonsence. I really try to write these annd I'll admit not all of them are considered 'Nice' or 'Mildly good'. I write alot of bad things, but that's what I'm good at. Please before commenting think about if you'll really upset the author and how you would feel if it was you. Please just think of others. That's all I ask.

Sorry to you guys who like my stories, no I don't have writer's block! I wish I did though... damn muses. I have decided that I will NOT post any new chapters till I finish a story, which basically discontinues every story but if I break till further notice. Sorry, not my fault, between school, my insane muses, their ukes, and... My mind I really have trouble writing stuff and *Gasp* I'm on the run from B-chan, who has desided I taste good... well my blood anyway... HELP!

B-chan: She's nutz I don't drink her...mmmm...blood...okay fine I drink her blood! Damn fairy blood tastes sooooo goooddd.

Me: My uncle is a fairy, I am not. Shut up.

B-chan: *Bite*

Me: OWWWWWWWWWW! I will uncreate you!

B-chan: My dad has blackmail amunition, you can't do anything.

Me: I hate you all.

Vegeta: She will continue the other, (Dumber) stories later after she writes about a MHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAH! 100 for us!

Me: Being a slave sucks. Can I at least finish my Secret Story?

Vegeta: No.


Vegeta: No. Now get back to work, I don't give a damn if you fail school, write my damn stories.


Vegeta: Contract.

Me: Ohhhh... right... DAMN YOU OUJI-SAMA!

Vegeta: *Smirk*

Hey, sorrys all around I can't post ANYTHING! And I just wrote a cool DBZ SEMEUKE quiz results thing and the damn DOX uploader won't work, I even had a damn one shot! Won't let me upload. Oh well try again tomorrow. See you guys later!

If you enjoy little brother torture I'm writing a cute 17 year old Vegeta tortures his 14 year old brother Tarble. It's called Lil' bro gonna suffer. Chapter 1 is named Don't kick Vegeta in the balls. Naughty Tarble XD!

I WILL finish these stories laters BUT the damn semes and that damn renegade sub are making me write them a 101 stories before I can go back to my other stories! Meannies!

Vegeta: Get back to work.


Vegeta: *Raises eyebrow* You did NOT just call me a baka.

Me: *Blanches, british accent* Sneaky coniving bastard. I hate you.

Vegeta: Good for you. Now get to work.

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Broly Jr. sees Kasai in a club and falls head over heels for the dancing beauty. But her father won't let him get with in talking distance. How does he get his forbidden love? Read to find out.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,426 - Published: 2/14/2012 - Brolly
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