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Author has written 2 stories for Stargate: SG-1, and Grey's Anatomy.

Let's see... bio... biography... bio... where to start, where to start... ??

Umm.. okay... here:

I am a 22 year old college girl living in beautiful Central California... Santa Barbara to be exact. It's very pretty and nice here, but I miss my big city-- Los Angeles, Baby! Born and raised (and yes, when I say Los Angeles, I mean a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Los Angeles, but still the Greater Los Angeles Area, so it's all the same)!

I love reading Fan Fiction... it's my prime distractor/ procrastinating tool... which is not surprising since I like to read and I like to watch TV, so coming here is... well, sooner or later it was going to be a given that I whined up here. Anyways, I've been coming here to read for a while now, and I am just now starting to add some of my own work to the bunch. Yay! Well... only two stories, for now... I've been writing for a while, but I always hesitate to add my work here... I tend to freak out at the idea of my work being "out there"... to many leering eyes. In any case, I'm slowly starting to post, so watch out for them stories!

I love to write and I love to be imaginatively creative ... again, it was only a matter of time before I would end up here sooner or later... I'm always writing, whether it be for school, for fun, on paper, on computer or even just in my mind... sometimes I'll just 'write' a story in my head, repeated in there a few times, under the guise that I'll get around to writing it down... and then I either forget the story or forget to write it down... or a combination of the two... hehe. In short, I have more stories than I write down, and I have more stories that I write down than I actually post up... so, yeah.

When I started posting here my ideas were centered around "Stargate SG-1" and "Grey's Anatomy," hence why up top it says: "Author has written 2 stories for Stargate: SG-1, and Grey's Anatomy." Funny how things work... But now... I'm leaning more towards "Stargate: Atlantis" in the idea department... Hmm... Anyways, at the time those where my favorite television shows... but, these favorites tend to fluctuate very easily! Which is why, right now, only one of those three shows is a favorite show...

Other Favorites:

The man who will always be on top for me: Marc Anthony!
Papi Chulo! Yumm! More than just JLo's husband. He's just awesome! If you haven't heard his music, I strongly recommend it, especially if you like dancing.

Songs I Like:
-First off.. any Marc Anthony song! That- again- is just a given!
-Also, LOVE 80s music! One hit wonders, catchy hits, and cliche stereotypically 80s songs are timeless, brilliant classics!
-Hotel California Eagles, Faithfully Journey, Holding out For a Hero Bonnie Tyler, The Search is Over Survivor, Big Yellow Taxi, Major Tom Peter Schilling, Trying to Find Atlantis Jaime O'Neal, Making Love our of Nothing at All Air Supply, How to Save a Life The Fray, Chasing Cars Snow Patrol, What Hurts the Most Rascal Flats, A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door Bill Riccini, Street Corner Symphony Rob Thomas, Let Love In Goo Goo Dolls, Should I Stay? Gabrielle, CobraStyle Teddybears, Spaceman Killers, Human Killers, Satellite Guster, All the Way/4U Poets of the Fall, ... and loads and loads of others that I can't remember off the top of my head... my iTunes is filled with random songs...

Television Shows:

Just starting to get sucked into...

House: Don't know why I hadn't given it a chance before... got into it this (2008) summer by watching DVDs and reruns... haven't see it all, but I like what I see. I was totally into House/Cameron at the beginning of my watching stint... but now, House/Cuddy all the way!! Awesome show! Got to love this snarky, ruggedly handsome bastard! Oh, and Wilson rocks, too!

The Big Bang Theory: Only seen a handful of episodes, but I love a good laugh.. and this show delivers!

Sucked in once, escaped it's hold, now, sucking in again...

Desperate Housewives: Can't say much, I just like it. Just starting to get back into the rhythm of things... I call it my "soap opera" LOL.

Sucked in and lovin' it...

Doctor Who: Soooo glad I discovered his BBC classic! I could say a lot about it, but lets just say it is BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC! Two descriptive words, that, if you know the show, you'll totally get! Technically speaking, Christopher Eccleston in my Doctor, seeing as how he's the first I ever saw... but Tennant is my Doctor! Which is funny, cuz I hated him when Nine regenerated into Ten... now, I can't see anyone else in the role... wonder who will be Eleven... Ten/Rose fan always!

Stargate: Atlantis: Greatest spin- off ever! I love it! They've had horrible casting mistakes over the years from which they will never recover from, but just bloody good show! I love Sheppard... and McKay, hehe. John/Elizabeth fan always!

Bones: How can you not love this show! So funny and sweet and awesome and smart! Got to love it! Got to love Booth and Bones! (Tuesday, November 27, 2007- Kiss!!) -- hehe, I add that bit a year ago, now! LOL!

I got sucked into once upon a long time ago...

The X Files: The first show that I ever really got into! Mulder/Scully fan always!

Stargate: SG-1: Only started watching it after 'The X Files' went off the air, because the reruns were in the same time slot... but I got hooked FAST! Awesome show... got canceled way to prematurely... stupid people over at Sci-Fi/NBC Universal, yes, by stupid people I mean Mark Steern! LOL

Mysterious Ways: This needs, I repeat, NEEDS to be released on DVD SOON!! Way too awesome of a show! To bad it got shifted around Networks... NBC should have just kept it instead of pawning it off to on of its subsidiaries... sigh... Declan was awesome... and cute!

The Inside: Again... why, oh why is this show not out on DVD! Cancelled way to prematurely, stupid FOX Network... that network has no patience what so ever, and no brains or guts when it comes to new shows... Brilliant crime drama! Gory, yes, but still good. Webb freaked me out like no other! That man was secretly evil, I just know it, to bad we'll never know for sure... Paul and Rebecca where cute, even if Paul was married... (Wow, I remember their names!!)

Grey's Anatomy: How can you not like this show, I mean, seriously! Get it?? Quick note-- this is listed under got sucked into once upon a long time ago... and not under Sucked in and lovin' it... because it got demoted. It was great a while ago, and while I still sit and watch on Thursday nights... but its lost some of its luster... It's hardly about Grey anymore and she's the title character... and I want more McDreamy!

Pushing Daisies: Too cute! Too awesome! Too brilliant! ABC should have given it a better chance. A cancellation that was not fair on any level. =(

Classics... and/or I liked you when...

Friends: Classic. Good for a laugh.

The Simpsons: Classic. First show I ever remember watching as a kid of about 3 or 4 years of age. LOL.. good times!

Once a Thief: It was all right while it lasted.

Prison Break: I blame my roommate for getting me hooked on this show... this would be under Sucked in once, escaped it's hold, now, sucking in again... since I got back into it at the beginning of this (2008) season... but only for about three or four episodes... haven't seen any since...

Heroes: Only watched the first episode because of Adrian Pasdar (he was Declan on 'Mysterious Ways') now, the show is freakin' awesome! Well... we'll see, this season is way too confusing!

Also, the BBC rocks!! Mock the Week! and all it's other game shows are fun to watch! Graham Norton, A Bit of Fry and Laurie and The Friday Night Project are cool and funny too. And of course, we can't forget the BBC dramas!

About FanFiction:

I enjoy the stories that stay true to the shows, the characters and have deep meaning and are not just written for the sake of writing something to put up on, sorry, that's just how I feel. That being said, the occasional fluff story is acceptable, and, in fact, loved by me! I also tend to read mostly the Angsty stuff, or hurt/comfort... they're fun! When done right, of course. They're usually the ones that tug at your heart strings, and I'm a total romantic, so yeah =)

I mostly read FFs for Grey's Anatomy, Stargate: Atlantis, Doctor Who and Bones, with the occasional The X Files or House thrown in for fun.

Hate slash stories- will not read 'em, sorry if that's your thing, its just not mine.

Nor do I don't like extreme AUs or song fics... sorry.. some are OK, just depends how they're done.

From the stories I've read I really, really enjoy one called "Of Coloring Books and Lt. Colonel's" the title alone is awesome, but its a really good and well thought out story for 'Stargate Atlantis'. There are other's that I really like, but I can't remember off the top of my head. Check out my Favorites, if it was REALLY good/cool for me, it will be in there... and if I find a story to be EXTREMELY REALLY good, then you'll get a review from me! =)

Let's see, what else? ...

The two stories that I have up here right now ("All in Due Time" & "Feeding the Fire") are not completed-- as in they are completed in my head, but not on paper, so hence not online, hehe. I'm hoping to get back to "All in Due Time" soon, I really like that one... not to sure about "Feeding the Fire," only because it's been to long since I wrote anything for it, so lets call that one as being on a semi-quasi-permanent hiatus...

I'm working up a few more ideas that just wont get out of my head... So I want to hopefully get these to the writing stage one day (work and life permitting):

2 are for "Grey's Anatomy" (one a completely General story and "The Promise"- a complete MerDer with a plot twist I don't think anyone has ever done before)

2 (maybe 3) for "Stargate: Atlantis" (one is centered around John Sheppard and his past, the other is an Elizabeth returns story, and the maybe is... oh, great, I've forgotten... oh, no! Wait.. I just remembered... LOL, it's a tag to an episode whose title escapes me at the moment)...

Oh, and just recently one for "Bones" (it's totally cliche though).

Hopefully I can get to those soon, I'm really looking forward to what people will have to say about them. Anyways, thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing, if you've done so!

PS: Check out my blog if you get a chance! It's all about TV, so please, drop by there and say "Hi!" if you get the chance:

Profile Updated: December 10th, 2008

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

All in Due Time reviews
After sleeping together at the prom both Meredith and Derek must deal with the ramifications of what it all means, not only for themselves, but each other and the people around them. They must now face each other and deal with the consequences.
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