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Hello, this is Silentdramaqueen01 (Previously whovianpotterhead01) !!!!

Well here's a bit about myself...

-I am a young female.

- I have an obsession with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. For those of you who don't know what Doctor Who is, it's this British programme that is about a crazy 900 year old time-traveler, who goes around in a T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and relative dimension in space :D) which is a police box that is bigger on the inside. If you want to know more about it search it on you-tube. And if you don't know what Harry Potter is, where have you been for the last 10 years??!!??

-I have other intrests like drama, singing, writing, talking, reading ect.

-The character Elizabeth in my fanfiction "Unknown Love" is kinda based on me, except I am a Slytherin and I have friends.

-I am a MASSIVE Starkid fan.

-I litrally have no life and spend my evenings here, on tumblr, on pottermore and youtube!

My Favourite Books

-Harry Potter
-The Hunger Games
-The Princess Bride
-The Outsiders
-The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas
- The Way I See It
-Talk to the Hand
-Beautiful Dead

Favourite Bands/Singers

-One Direction
-Ed Sheeran
-Jessie J
-The Beatles
-Ministry of Magic
-Chameleon Circuit
-Florence and the Machine
-The Vaccines

Favourite Films

-Harry Potter
-The Hunger Games
-Water Horse
-The Polar Express
-Indiana Jones
-Final Destination
-The Sixth Sense
-Finding Nemo

If more than 8 of these apply to you, put this somewhere for all to see, like your profile maybe

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I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch.
I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell.
I'm a CHRISTAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell.
I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.
I'm ATHEIST so I MUST hate the world.
I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals.
I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people.
I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible.
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I Am The Girl

- I am the girl who falls in love with book characters, 'cause the guys in my life just don't understand me.

- I am the girl who loves the dark, 'cause the light is just too bright for my liking.

- I am the girl who imagines she was someone else, 'cause her own life is too plain.

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- I am the girl who is in the background of everything, 'cause who would consider putting me up front?

- I am the girl who can sit in an empty room for hours and not get bored, 'cause my mind is my only retreat from life. And a pretty darn good retreat it is.

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-I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

But I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn't care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with magic, who can express herself better with words than without words, and knows the importance of the little things.

Copy and Paste this onto your account if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest times that they are unique, but not alone.

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Thanks Silentdramaqueen01


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