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Hello all

So, I'm kind of self conscience about my writing... But I'm working on getting better about that through roleplaying on Facebook and Tumblr. Um, if you want to contact or roleplay (so you know, I'll roleplay Naruto, Hetalia, DRRR!!, and a bunch of other fandoms!) PM me asking for my Tumblr or Facebook account


Eh For all intensive purposes you can call me Key!


Well, I'm a teenager in high school! You can try and guess my age if you'd like! But there is no prize!


Eh... Female yaoi fangirl, though I promise to not shove my yaoi OTP's down anyone's throats


The Rust Belt of the U.S. So Eastern Standard Timezone if you want to know when I'm most likely to post an update! Updates will most likely be in between 3:00PM EST and 12:00AM EST, I'll do my best to update once a week, though that may vary with my schooling and other things that can prevent me from updating!


My OC's:

Name: Key Taiven

Gender: male

Height: 5'9

Age: 22 (may vary!)

Birthday: June 10th

Blood Type: O

Other: Black hair with a pony tail, amber eyes, Mediterranean tan, eye patch over right eye. Five piercings in each ear, he also wears a necklace resembling a dog collar with four small rubies hanging from it.

Name: Miki Anzai

Gender: male

Height: 5'7.5

Age: 23 (may vary!)

Birthday: February 18th

Blood Type: A-

Other: Purple eyes and choppy purple hair that sticks out on the sides with longer hair in the back, he has two piercings in he left ear. He prefers to dress up in fancier clothes (tuxedos anyone?), but when he's "casual" his clothes are usually more intricate things, never just a plain tee and pants. He loves showing off, but is a total goof.

Name: Sei Kouno

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5

Age: 17

Birthday: December 1st

Blood Type: O-

Other: Black hair, he dyes his bangs turquoise, muddy brown eyes with a hint of red to them. He has a flamboyant personality but often hints to a darker side. He always wears arm warmers (is that what they're called? I don't even know, the name won't come to mind ene).


A Phone Call Away

Of course there was only one logical answer... That perfect little angel wasn't really much of an angel. He probably slept around as much, if not more that the red head. Though that minute detail did nothing to his apparent want of the blond.

Not want, he corrected himself, Need. I need him...

When a certain blond and red head meet in a local bar, they hit it off rather quickly. But what they're drug into afterwards will test the boundries of "love at first sight"

Fluxa Iuvenis(Fleeting Youth)

A smirk danced along the corners of the red head's mouth, "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you for touching my books. They're my possessions, same as you. Anyway, I have decided, you must never leave my side. Where I am, you will also be. You will become like my shadow in a way. You will keep watch while I sleep, and when you do sleep it will be over there," Sasori gestured to the floor next to his own bed. "Is that understood?"

In ancient Rome, having a slave wasn't uncommon, neither was sleeping with your slave. Gender also had no effect on whether or not it was "accepted", as long as you can keep your relations in check everything could remain fine. But when lines start to blur and social barriers are crossed, that's when things start to go bad...


Favorite pairings:


SasoriXDeidara (OTP!!)


Uchihacest (ItachiXSasuke)



Hetalia: Axis Powers:





DenNor (OTP)






Assassin's Creed:



Death Note:

MattXMello/MelloXMatt OTP)



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