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Hello, My name is Matthew Dixon. I live in England and have had no part in the 2011 riots AT ALL. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, playing Call of Duty Zombies and writing. I often try to hard to make other people happy and then find it incredibly annoying when they do nothing nice back, even if it's just a gesture, a thank you even. I love animals, I used to like lions, then I liked normal cats, then after reading Silverwing I began liking bats. I am a nice person and enjoy experimenting with different personalities when writing stories. If you are taking part in the Paquita bat forum RP than you could probably tell that my character is a bit sarcastic and has very little skill in planning, often meaning he'll say things that upset others or do things without thinking. I would like to say that whoever is reading this is a very nice person for visiting and should be proud of that. Animals are awesome so I would appreciate it if someone would tell me the names of any other books that involve animals of any kind, thank you. (forgotten Update: I also compose music, If anyone here is also privileged enough to own a PS3 and Little Big Planet 2 then check out my planet at matata-_-123, I can only compose music so my levels are really bad, but the music is all that matters and it really is enjoyable, I've even written a song for swift). Silverwing Forever!

I Think Everyone should try to draw their FanFic/ RP Character in paint or any other art program you may have, when it looks satisfactory I would like to see it uploaded onto you're profile. I will burn down your favourite Shopping Mall if you don't. NO JOKE! I also love squirrels. If you have one of those scanner things that re-print the . . . A photocopier! Yeah, if you have a photocopier then draw something really cool and upload it. NOW!

I love books, zombies, my big brother (TBC) and my best friends, I can take every bit of ridicule they throw at me and still walk to school beaming till the sun don't shine. I am better than all my friends at zombies because I aim for the head (I am not a psychopath), get loads more points, and save tons of ammunition. PaP is within buying after the first ten minutes. LBP2, now that's a story.

INFORMATION: RP participation will be temporarily postponed due to inconvenience with my school coursework and a major Writing project following on from windwing. If you are taking part in Paquita bat forum, I would appreciate it if you either Took control of him for a moment or kill him off, I really don't care either way. 21st October 2012.

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