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Hello. I'm not quite so new to the site any more, and I think I've got a pretty good grasp on things.

I count myself as a creative person, but I'm also a horrid procrastinator. However, now that school's started up again I'm writing a lot more. I've found I'm at my most creative while at school, and there pretty much isn't anything I can do in my spare time at school except read a book or write a story, so yeah.

I've got a few stories going on at the same time as of now. The main focus is on Centilingued, and not just because I need to get it done: Centilingued is basically a giant prologue. While its original purpose was to get some ideas out of my brain so they could stop driving me crazy, it has turned into something more. The thing about Centilingued is that its chapters can take place at any point in time, and everything in there is canon to the overarching world I have created from Dragonfable. Every story I write during and after this one will most likely have little tidbits of information linking back to it. Some may not, but a lot will, since everything in my world is connected.

Just a quick warning, in a fantasy setting, if a character is not openly stated to be a human, I'll assume they aren't. Having too many humans is boring, and even though thinking something is human is completely natural considering our world is populated only by humans, I still think that kinda attitude is a bit racist.

Another warning, I do not to yaoi. Unless it's canon—and explicitly stated to be canon—I will just not do it. I don't care about your OTP, I don't care about the tension between two characters, I don't care if it's heavily implied. Implications can be wrong, and frankly it's a bit awkward for me. The same applies for yuri, incest of any kind, and any kind of pedo/ephebophillic relations. Seriously. Stop it.

NOTE : I have a tumblr account, on which there may sometimes be story-related art/omakes/stuff in general. Find it at



  • I am now modding a bad art blog.
  • I have a fuck ton of school stuff I need to do.
  • I have two separate askblogs to run.
  • I don't have a lot of inspiration to write anymore.
  • I have also started a new Dragonfable related project—a Dragonfable Kink Meme. Find it at

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    Centilingued reviews
    Inspired by Sweetslyvia's A through Z thingy. A bunch of snapshots of the world of Lore as mandated by the 100 theme challenge. The snapshots are out of order and are not linear unless otherwise noted. Updates sporadically.
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