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Update 1/24/13: Hey guys and gals of the fanfiction world! I'm not dead. I've been busy lately-work, school, social life, manga and anime, other fanfictions and fan related things-but I'm letting you know that the only thing I'm gonna work on now is the OldRival story. It's a lot longer than I had originally planned, and should probably go up in parts, but I think I'll keep it a one-shot. Expect to see it up someone around February 1st! (That is unless I get my hands on another Professor Layton or Ace Attorney game!)

Name: Explotaro

Age: Between 1 and 100

Gender: Male

Okay, so I see now that apparently writing and posting lemons is supposed to be against the rules of the Fanfiction site, but how often do they really ban people because of it? I mean there are thousands of stories up there like that and if they do start banning accounts, they're going to lose half of their users at least because (while I hate to admit it) half of those users are yaoi-crazed fangirls that love the whole explicit thing. So, if any of you readers ever find that you cant access my stories or profile, it is because I actually did get banned. Don't worry, if that does happen I will take out the lemon scenes and rewrite them so you still get the emotional connection from the lemon, but just not in that hot, steamy fun way. They'll go up onto my second profile, where I have all of my other stories.


I'm not going really post a lot of stuff about myself, just the Pokemon Adventures Shipping I like.

Never will you catch me writing a Pokemon fanfiction for the Anime or Gamevese. The Anime died after Misty left the team and Ash started going on a little girl hunt, and I'm not really sure how to write anything that directly comes from the games. Since the Manga is based off of the games I guess that counts, sort of? Idk. Anyways I'm only gonna be posting Pokemon Adventures stuff.


Pokemon Shipping I like:

SpecialShiping - Red and Yellow

OldRivalShipping - Green and Blue. (BTW, to me Green is the guy and Blue is the gal)

MangaQuestShipping - Gold and Crystal

SoulSilverShipping - Silver and Lyra. Yes I know she's not in the manga but after reading fanfics about them I can't help but love them.

FranticShipping - Ruby and Sapphire

HaughtyShipping - Pearl and Platina

DualRivalShipping - Cheren and Bianca

AgencyShipping - Black and White


PokePlush Diaries: Like I stated in my first fic, Picture Perfect, I'm gonna be writing a lemon for every Pokemon Adventures shipping that I like so here's a little preview of all my upcoming stories. If there's a X in front of the story that means I'm seriously considering changing the entire story.

International Affairs (OldRival)

Summary: He’s fought in the war, he cheated death his fair share of times, and he’s one of the best agents the CIA has ever seen. Green’s toughest mission yet is a choice. Choose between his country or Blue.

Pages finished: 17. Plot is rewritten, complete, and then some. Sorry for the wait!

Caught in the Rain (Special)

Summary: Yellow’s life hasn’t exactly been great. She’s stressing out about her job and schoolwork, her landlord is threatening to kick her out, and the boy she thought she loved betrayed her. Weighed down by the pressures of life, Blue takes Yellow out on a night that will change her life for the better.

Pages finished: 3. Plot has been rewritten and completed.

Hate Love Summer (Haughty)

Summary: Surprisingly as it may seem, Diamond and Pearl went back to their old summer camp as camp counselors. They're ready to share all the dreams and adventures they created while at camp. However, the camp is under new management by the Berlitz family. (Sucky summary is sucky. Will change)

Pages finished: 0. Plot is half written.

(X) My Life (Agency/Chess)

Summary: Black’s two best friends have hooked up, and now he’s decided the only love he’ll ever find is his right hand and the internet. Then one day, he finds his devil of a boss working a webcam site. Is it possible to lust after your boss and not get discovered?

Alone (Frantic)

Summary: Ruby's looking for a fresh start in college, his music his only friend. His past is dead to him and he doesn't want to think about it ever again. He's made his point that he doesn't need any friends, so why does that barbarian keep talking to him? (If anyone saw the previous idea for this couple, All I want for Christmas yeah that idea is dead. That stupid movie The Vow blew that old story to Timbuktu.)

Pages finished: 2. Plot finished but thinking of rewriting it.

Burning Rubber (DualRival)

Summary: Bianca, the new girl on the block. Her neighbor Cheren has caught her attention and she notices him sneaking out every single night. One night she decides to follow him and inadvertently get caught up in the world of street racing. (This will most likely be my last Pokeplush Diary. Just so I can give some more time for the BW chapters to give Cheren and Bianca some more character.)

Pages finished: 0. Plot half written.

(X) Dojo Love (SoulSilver)

Summary: Silver has never been defeated in all his years of Kendo, not once. Now he's lost interest and doesn't want to every hear about the sport again. However, after some nagging by his best friend, Silver finds himself facing his toughest opponent yet. Her name, is Lyra.


Note: Now I'm not going to be writing them in the order they're listed, just the order that they come easiest or that I get the urge to write the fastest. Also, the above stories are subjected to change so just because I have it listed doesn't mean I'm gonna write that story for that particular couple! In particular, the DualRival Story is probably going to change the most, mainly because I'm not all that familiar with their manga version's personalities...and that I'm starting to not like the idea. I'm most likely gonna write more than these stories, but let's get going one step at a time. =D

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