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Author has written 7 stories for Artemis Fowl, Mysterious Benedict Society series, and Harry Potter.

A Short Introduction

I'm a South Korean Potterhead that loves to read various fanfictions and books. I am on Pottermore, so PM if you want to add me as a friend! I am a Lupinite, which means that I love Remus Lupin.

I'm more of a reader than a writer, and I try to review very helpfully, but I'm a total hypocrite. You know how you can spot all the mistakes in someone else's work but you can't see your own? That's me! I'm trying to improve, though. So I'd really appreciate it if you told me what I should do to make my fanfics much better.

The point of FFn is to keep writing, improving, & helping others improve. If you're looking for stories worthy of the New York Times Bestseller list then you're (obviously) in the wrong place. So please stop being rude, and give CCs instead of flames when you can, and for Merlin's sake at least try to be polite.

Copy & Pastes That Are Not a Laughing Matter

A girl named Diane, had gone to visit some friends and had to walk home alone. She reached a shortcut. Down the alley she saw a man standing as if waiting for her. She asked God for protection, and a feeling of security wrapped round her, as though someone was walking with her. She went home safely. The next day, she read that a girl had been raped after she left. She began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help the young woman, she went to the police station. The police asked her if she would look to see if she could identify him. She agreed and pointed out the man she had seen in the alley. When the man was identified, he confessed. The officer thanked Diane and asked if there was anything they could do. She asked why she hadn't been attacked. The man said, "She wasn't alone, she had two men walking with her."

I believe in Jesus Christ the Lord as my savior and redeemer, and could not live without him in my life. If you do too, copy and paste this into your profile, and add your name. Kakashis-First-Kiss, jedigal125, iloveJacobandJasper, Vampirewithasecret, Lacey-The-Invisible-Ninja, James018, AdorableElephant, MelRose520, I am an Anonymous Person, WingedPurpleBookWorm4Life, Cheese Lover1234, bkaddictjk

Just saying... I'm not going to put all the copy and pastes about Christianity onto my profile... I believe in God, and I believe that he'll love me even if I don't click my mouse a few thousand times a day.

Favorite Authors

I've been exploring FFn, and looking at random people's profiles, and I realized that the "Favorite Authors" thing was next to useless, since no one knows what fandom the author in question writes in. The logical thing to do is to click the link, but if all the stories are written in a fandom you have no interest in, it annoys you a lot. So, I decided to list my favorite authors and what they write, just for you people. If you like the idea, you can use it too. (Please give me credit, I hate it when people just copy ideas...)

1. Avery-Lou
Fandom(s): Harry Potter (bold = ones I read)

Marauders (mostly)
Marauders, Lily, Tonks
Characteristics of Writing:
Unlike most Marauder-era fanfictions, her stories have an adventure plot. The James Potter series focuses on friendships between the marauders; the first book with a lot of Sirius, and the second more Remus-centric. (Although both are told from James's POV.) The other fanfics are companion fanfictions; they have the same settings and the plot-lines as the main series (James Potter) but are less detailed, in other character's POV. The rest focuses on Remus, his relationship with Tonks, and the love of his mother.

2. Elbereth in April
Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Artemis Fowl, and Harry Potter
Era: Hogwarts
Draco Malfoy, Artemis Fowl
Characteristics of Writing: It's very hard to write a good crossover; there are rules in each fictional universe, and to combine more than 2 in a way that seems realistic is almost impossible. However, if you are a Fowl Fan that is also a Potterhead, then Elbereth in April's The Family Name crossovers are a must-read. Artemis Fowl with Draco Malfoy, it is in no way canon, and the main pairing is Artemis/Hermione, and Ron and Harry don't come up much. However, the series is a beautifully woven tale that takes you by surprise in every way.

3. Mibamonster
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Twilight, Bloodlines Series, Richelle Mead, Fifty Shades Trilogy, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Vampire Academy
Era: Marauders
Character(s): Marauders, Lily, OCs, Tonks, Trelawney, etc
Characteristics of Writing: I've got to admit that I've only read the Marauder-era fics, and the author has a talent of adding an OC into the wonderful and mysterious time of the Marauders. Remus/OC and Sirius/OC fanfictions are very well written, and Mibamonster has gained my respect with the humorfic The Marauders' Companion, which points fun at the many clichés and mistakes fanfiction authors make.

4. dragonscilvio
Fandom(s): Yu Yu Hakusho, Artemis Fowl, Batman, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and St. Trinian's
Setting: After The Atlantis Complex
Character(s): Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Butler, and a few OCs
Characteristics of Writing: Very original, and outside the box. I've read 3 Artemis Fowl fanfictions written by dragonscilvio, and all of them took a slightly-overused plot idea and gave it a very large twist. The author creates a whole new world that co-exists with the canon universe, and yet has a new element, and along with it, new rules. The emotions the characters feel are written in the words, and you laugh and cry along with the story. She is my first-ever favorited author.

5. Hibernian Princess
Fandom(s): Lord of the Rings, Ranger's Apprentice, Chronicles of Narnia, Merlin, Big Bang Theory, and Sherlock
Setting: Anytime
Character(s): Halt, Gilan, Will, OCs, Jenny
Characteristics of Writing: Funny. Seriously, this person is the most hilarious fanfiction writer I've ever met. Parodies, commentary, dry wit, randomness, sarcasm, you name it. She also writes very nice romance, and captures the curt emotions of Halt very well. One of my favorite fanfics written my Hibernian Princess tells us about the rivalry between the two royal brothers, and the extra background story that we never heard; if you want to read about Halt, than she's the person to go to!

6. Jess Pallas
Fandom(s): Farscape, and Harry Potter
Era(s): Marauders, Hogwarts, Next Generation
Character(s): Remus, Tonks, Teddy, Next Generation
Characteristics of Writing: Canon, but not. If you like the pairing Lupin/Tonks than you should read her fanfics. With the perfect medley of humor and angst, the author explores the life of Remus Lupin. If you want an account of almost-canon information, then you must read these stories. She has a writing style that copies JKR's almost flawlessly, and all of the characters are as IC as can possibly be.

7. Stoplight Delight
Fandom(s): Fullmetal Alchemist, and Harry Potter
Era(s): Marauders
Character(s): Remus, James, Sirius, Peter, OCs (DADA teachers)
Characteristics of Writing: There aren't any pairings, the writing focuses on Remus's school years, and how each of the marauders coped with Remus's secret. Each character is rounded very well with annoying flaws, exciting personalities, and home lives. The author writes interesting and most certainly original theories of what happened in the fan-debated situations that are practically unheard of in the fan world; and oddly enough, they make sense. The fanfics have twists and turns that no one would expect. The emotions are perfectly portrayed, and there are many 'Missing Moments' oneshots that support the full story.

8. RoseDragonWitch
Spirited Away, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Harry Potter
Character(s): Dumbledore, Sirius, Molly, Remus, Tonks, Moody
Characteristics of Writing: Realistic, dramatic, romantic... I'm not going to go into detail here, for my own reasons. This author deserves an Author Review, but I'm making it short. The best thing about RoseDragonWitch, is that she doesn't give up, and is determined to let the readers finish the story.

9. thisbluepeony
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Alternate Universe (AU)
Character(s): Remus, Sirius, James, Lily, other people of the Marauders Era
Characteristics of Writing: Okay, so I've been converted into the Wolfstar (Remus/Sirius) believers. While I do like to read all sorts of Wolfstar, Muggle AU (Non-magical AU) seems to be my favorite; which is really odd, because I was so against slash pairings and AU stories when I first joined fanfiction. This author writes realistic AU wolfstar, and the story No Expectations got me started on Muggle AU Wolfstar. The stories mostly have James/Lily, and is full of funny scenes, awkward scenes, innuendos, and all sorts of Marauderly goodness in the Muggle world. Needless to say, the Marauders are NOT boring — even minus the magic.

10. Children of the Shadows
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Era(s): Alternate Universe (AU)
Character(s): Remus, Sirius
Characteristics of Writing: Wolfstar AU. There's Muggle AU and Magical AU, so you really won't be bored. The author gives Remus and Sirius a different personality and a different setting and status every story, and writes them extremely well. Every Remus and every Sirius is so different, and yet there's something so distinctly them, so you don't feel like you're just reading an original story with s familiar name. It's so beautiful, how Remus and Sirius somehow belong together no matter what the background is. You can laugh and cry along with the storyline. Every fanfic that Children of the Shadows posts will touch a special place in your heart.

11. Robin4
Fandom(s): Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, King’s Blades, Doctor Who, SeaQuest, Tudors, and Once Upon a Time
Hogwarts Era, Alternate Universe (AU),
Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, Lily, Severus, Founders, Voldemort
Characteristics of Writing:
Genius. I cannot stress how full this writer's writing is. The emotions written are all very moving and heartfelt, and Robin4 captures the panic and fear of war very realistically in the Unbroken Universe series. The stories are of a very long length, but it never gets boring. The writing gets me interested in characters and pairings that I have never liked before. The stories do justice to the tight-knit bond of the Marauders, and it even manages to redeem the most hated Peter Pettigrew.

Happy Reading!

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