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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Star Trek: 2009.

Hello, my name is Ace.

Perhaps you have come to my profile for information about myself, and who am I to deny you that pleasure? First off, let's ask some questions.

What's your name?:
As previously stated, it is Ace. You're probably wondering about that, and I will tell you that that really is what people call me. I understand that it also means "cool", but I can assure you that that is entirely coincidental. If you prefer, you can call me Mitch, since that is my middle name, but no, you are not getting my full name.

What is one thing about you that is less than satisfactory?: I will admit it, I get behind on things. I'm not quick, I have to think about things before I get them started. Also, I am a bit clumsy. Ok, more than a bit. Alright, I am quite clumsy!

Describe a few things that make you happy.: I may not be handsome (because women can be handsome, too), or terribly smart, or absolutely in-tune to today's society, but I know that I will always be able to turn to books for a drug-free high.

What is a good book?: A good book is supposed to keep you entranced, and make every moment you are not reading it tense and full of thoughts about what will happen in the next chapter. An OK book will not really keep you hypnotised, and if you suddenly lose the book in a parking lot or an airport bench-area, you won't be too fussed about it.

Age?: In order to inform some people of myself, I will tell you that I am of age fifteen. Do not assume that this is my maturity level, however. If you were to compare me to a line of average fifteen-year-olds in this day in age, it would be fair to assume that I am disrespectful and wear tight jeans and swear constantly at the cat for getting in the way. This, however, is not the case. I am actually fairly strange to other teenagers, as I open the door and say nice things to people. I consistently wear jeans and sneakers, and a yellow jumper. Somehow, these things are strange to them.

In order to save myself from being called a "noob" (or whatever people call it), I will say that I have already had an account on this site, in which I wrote a multitude of stories. I believed that the ship had sailed on that account, though, and it is with little regret that I cut the cord.

I hope this has been insightful, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

And now, after a year of successfully staying away from anything Harry Potter, I have suddenly been sucked in again. Now I will spend countless days wondering why the series ended, and will stay in a constant moping state, in which I will ingest many cups of tea and resort to reading the series all over again.

And I have also landed in the world of Star Trek. I have seen J.J. Abram's film eight times, watched the behind-the-scenes, looked up his camera style, searched for interviews on youtube. One could say that I am addicted to his movies. Gah, so amazing. This would also be a good time to tell you that I am interested in film-making. Surprise? I think not.

I LIKE WOMEN. If you have an ounce of understanding in your head, you will see that this is perfectly acceptable. And I will just let you know that I have heard every insult there is, and honestly do not care if you throw them at me anyway.

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