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Author has written 8 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Anime X-overs.

Note: As I am starting my senior year of high school as of August 13, Monday, and this is my only week off from work, I will be doing NOTHING, with the exception of watching/reading Detective Conan, nearly crying at the names changed in Detective Conan, while wondering what the hell the renaming cast was smoking and drinking when doing so, or playing video games. Namely, Resident Evil 4 and Megaman/Megaman X. But I promise, if I haven't updated by the end of next week, you all may find where I live and lynch me. Here's a hint: in the phonebook, we're the only family in Alexandria, Louisiana with the last name of Groom.

FOREWARNING: This Uminucleosis is known to be one of the most laziest beings on the face of the planet. It can finish something, but it rarely does quickly. Instead of new chapters that should be written/updated, it chooses instead to start new fics all the time. So, do not think of death whenever it does not update for a year or so. Just think "lazy"

me: Oi! Ookami! Give it a rest! -_-
Ookami: Well, SOMEONE had to give them a fair warning...
me: ... screw you.
Ookami: Nyaaaaa~ You just hate me 'cause it's true.

OKAY! Allow me to introduce myself and write some stuff about moi...


-Umi Sagara comes from RK when I was about in 8th grade or so.. Well, the sagara part anyways. I've just grown attached to the last name though. c:
-Kaori Kudo I swear, this was before I ever saw Detective Conan. I just liked the word "kudos" and wanted to make some puns in fics with moi in them...
-Cherry Sama Nickname from 7th grade. I loved cherries. _ " obviously
-Miu Gosara is a scrambled up version of Umi Sagara. I came up with this one to completely create my own character, since I didn't like some restraints my friends put on my Umi character. Long story.


My birthday is May.. May.. -looks at calendar- May 26, 1990. Anyone who can add and subtract is privilaged to know my true age.


I'm almost a seeenior~

Favorite Animes/Mangas (in order... I think)

Meitantei Conan
Meitantei Gauken Q (Detective Academy/School Q)
Death Note
Ayatsuri Sakon
Young Kindaichi's Case Files
XXXHOLiC (x.x It's a horror/comedy series.)
Digimon Adventures (the FIRST one-the good one.)
Fullmetal Alchemist
.. and after that, I'd have to look up names of animes and then remember "oh yeah! I like that!"

Meitantei Conan
Zodiac PI
Death Note
Kamen Tantei (literal translation: Masked Detective)
Black Cat
Comic Party
Angelic Layer
... and after that, I'd have to look up names and then remember that I like them. Again.


On Earth. More specifically, in America. And for those oddballs who want even MORE specific, this is as specific as I'm about to get: I'm in the southern state of Louisiana.

Pickup lines I like to take cracks at

-->Is your father a thief? Because I was wondering who took the stars from the skys and stuck them in your eyes.
my response: Yes, actually. He is a thief. I help him. :3 We steal people's lives. 3

-->If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
my response: Not all of it. But my fist would definitely be held against your face. _

-->Hey baby, you come here alone?
my response: -looks around at friends next to me- Well, no. Did you come here blind or just stupid?

Quotes I like

"The number you have dialed exists only in your imagination. Hang up and do not call again." ~ Kudos to whoever knows where this one came from. ;3

"Never Underestimate the power of deduction!" ~Shinichi Kudou who cares if it was a mistranslation? I like it

"There is only one truth!" ~Shinichi Kudou and Kyu

"Aw, damn, I lose more friends that way."~Friend xD sort of an inside joke. You'd have to be there.

"If the detective gives up, the case will never be solved!"~Kyu from Detective Academy Q

"Why do I want to be a detective? Because.. If there are no detectives, then many innocent people will be wrongly sentenced. And besides, why make people do something when there is someone else who wants to do it?" ~me, from a conversation with a concerned friend

"Whether the earth revolves around the sun or whether it revolves around us is irrevelent in my work, and thus, I shall try my best to forget it." ~Sherlock Holmes

"Hot damn! I'm going to a spa! ...-a few minutes later-...Oh no, have a writer's conference that weekend. Guess I'm going to New Jersey instead. Hmmm, I should start writing now."~My personal favorite living author, Lisa Gardner

"To leave a message, press one now. To leave a fingerprint, press two now." ~Again, kudos to whoever knows where that one is from. ;3

"I'm not broke. I'm just on a financial hiatus." ~ Classmate of mine

Fics I'm working on

1.) Chance of a Lifetime-It's a joint fic by me and Mat49324. Check it out sometime:3

2.) Threat Letter-Ran and Shinichi had babies! Now that they're 10 and 7, they've been kidnapped. D: Even I'm not completely sure how it's going to end. And I'm the one writing it. Can you guess it before I write it?
Note: I know, I need to update this. Sorry, guys, I have a lot of irrelevant excuses, one involving a scanner and a friend's 18th birthday.

3.) How Many Licks?- :3 It's a fic that would probably have been inspired by crack if I ever used it. Instead, though, it was inspired by me noticing that I've been eating nothing but tootsiepops lately (even though I love Ice cream much more), watching the original comercial, no sleep, a shitload of caffinne, and probably enough sugar to make a crazy man's head asplode.

4.) Moving! - An emo fic. D: Poor Conan/Shinichi. He has to choose whether to stay or go with Ran as her dad moves overseas.

5.) The Afterlife - :D A fic I made in commemoration of all the dead characters. Espically Shuu and L (From Detective Conan and Death Note). Although, there are Goku cracks, a few Zero/maybe X cracks.. Alkanphael is going to be in it:D

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