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Update 8-16-20

In regards to the newest chapter... yes I know its been over a year and I'm not gonna bs I've just had 0 inclination to work on it. There's a skeleton of a chapter made but its not really close to being done yet. I'll work on it I'll promise you that much but I still have no idea when an ending for the entire story will be written. I'm trying to set it up well but Votus from 8 years (wow its been that long) ago has made it increasingly hard. I have a pretty good idea of how I want to fix a few things and how I want it to end in a somewhat smooth-ish narrative but I honestly cant stress enough that if I were to start writing Surviving Mobius all over again today it would be ALOT different.

Update 4-23-19

So some work got done not much, been hella busy with school

So not sure what else to say I guess fun fact time I guess?

I want to try something just spewing whatever i believe to be important about surviving mobius since I did promise someone I'd get it done one day or another. My way of showing you guys I'm still around. Feel free to request things for Me to talk about though I dont really expect any

So since the next chapter is going to be focused on nadi la I guess I'll ramble about her for a bit. I cant say wether or not I wanted to go in this direction when I first introduced her but Nadi-La has become somewhat of a personification of what I deem to be "innocence faced with unfair circumstances." I really enjoy writing nadi la as I get to go to some pretty interesting places in my head.

So fun facts real quick, fanfictions mobile site is trash.


Update 3/4/19

happy few months later, we made it to the new year my dudes. So not really much in terms of an update. I have SOME of 51 written, basically some work I did over the holidays. It goes without saying schools back in session and i dont think i even need to tell you what is number 1 on my priority list rn.

Next chapter is interesting I'll tease that much. I have multiple ways I have in mind on how I want it to pan out but I will tell you 1 definate.

No holds barred, Nadi-la's COMPLETE TRUE backstory will finally be revealed. Believe it or not I've been thinking about this chapter for a few years now.

With that being said I cant promise anything fast, but hopefully this update will give some peace of mind.

Update 9/29/2018

so this is how I will be conducting my updates for now on (stack format). I know I have been updating more recently, however do not let this mislead you I will inform you that there still no work done on the latest chapter, and the story will probably be at his status for awhile.

also as you may have noticed my profile has been trimmed down to mainly just updates and this is going to be the way it stays. mainly just housekeeping being done at the moment.

quick update:

Happy 50th chapter only took me how many years... Anyways its up and where I struggled to think of a name for this one, if and when I get around to writing the next one I already know what I want to title chapter 51.

Chapter 51: The Part Where He Kills You



SO January 2012 I created a fanfiction.net account and uploaded my first story Surviving Mobius. Its is currently August 2018... so lets talk about that. There are a few reasons I haven't updated so lets go through them 1 by 1 shall we?

1. Currently a full time college student

Yes it is as everyone says, college will take up most if not all of your time. I try to put all of my time into my degree and am very involved with extra curricular. In fact I just got done with a full-time summer internship, where I barely had time for myself.

2. Not being satisfied with my past work

You ever look back at things you've made in the past and just go... "why the fuck did I do things like that?" well thats me, but I'm guessing 6 years will do that. Im just going to come out and say that I am very unsatisfied with past chapters of surviving mobius when I look at them now. Its been like this for awhile and in more recent chapters you may notice I've been trying to "fix" things in a way, however if I am to write any more chapters I'm probably just going to write 100% what I want to (ie. ignoring plot points that I regret setting up in the past).

3. Loosing my passion for the series

Ever since the Ken Penders Lawsuits and revamp of the universe which ultimately lead to the end of the series I've really lost interest in the comics and have little desire to write about them, especially considering surviving mobius includes many of "his" characters.

4. If yall invested in a story review ya dingus

not much to say here, just a rule of thumb (ie. low key high key a review is what is motivating this update, yall dont understand how powerful those suckers can be)

Finishing up here the future of surviving mobius is very up in the air. I have an unreleased chapter on my computer but still need to finish it up. Im going to be honest here, for the reasons above writing surviving mobius has gone from a way to blow off steam to a chore. I'll do my best and that's the most I can say at this point. Stay safe you guys.

quick edit: just to let you guys know in a few days I will be trimming down my profile

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