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Author has written 12 stories for Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

I have no clue if I'm going to update any of my Doctor Who/Hunger Games stories. I won't delete them though. I just... have no interest in them.

My Supernatural story, however, I update as regularly as possible.

My tumblr is, until Halloween is over, assbuttpumpkin. After Halloween, I'll change it back to endversecroatoan.

Don't Forget Us Tribute List:

District 1: Luxuries

Female: 17 Therese Darya Floretta O'Hannigan (CapitolRules)

Male: 17 Nick diLaurnetis (CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal) //

District 2: Masonry

Female: 17 Sophia Jones (CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal)

Male: 16 Richard Perry (missdramakween)

District 3: Electronics

Female: 13 Midnight Cyber (Sketch the girl who imagined) //

Male: 15 Seth Bork (CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal)

District 4: Fishing

Female: 16 Charlotte "Lottie" Foust (guitargirl1414)

Male: 17 Luko "Luck" Storm (CapitolRules) //

District 5: Power

Female: 14/15 Scarlett "Scotty" Nelson (CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal) //

Male: 16 Tommy Florencio (Capitol Rules)

District 6: Exporting

Female: 13 Holly Lonzo (ZoeNightshadeRocks)

Male: 15 Trey Jake (Sketch the girl who imagined)

District 7: Lumber

Female: 13 Freya Owiti (guitargirl1414)

Male: 16 Wyatt Smith (CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal)

District 8: Textiles

Female: 15 Aria Garnet (newmew4you) //

Male: 14 Joey Rivers (Oryans12)

District Nine: Grain

Female: 12 Cassidy "Scout" Devereux (guitargirl1414)

Male: 18 Bodhi Dawson (guitargirl1414) //

District Ten: Livestock

Female: 12 Tyler Rivin (mnmdancin12)

Male: 13 Zander Nelson [in no way related to Scotty Nelson] (iJustMightBeCrazy) //

District Eleven: Agriculture

Female: 15 Lucy Hart (SakuraMinami)

Male: 18 Forrester Campbell (BittrsweetDreams)

District Twelve: Coal Mining

Female: 15 Rosalie Simms (BittersweetDream) //

Male: 18 Krumr Strongthews (Capitol Rules) //

I Will Rise Tribute List:

D1- (Luxuries)

Male- Kaiden Johnson 16. 22downwiththecapitol22

Female- Hunter Blackthorne 17. Rikachan101

D2- (Masonry)

Male- Drake Flint 17. jblonde123

Female- Collette Finch 16. jblonde123

D3- (Technology)

Male- Andrew "Drew" Reox 16. CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal

Female- Myra De La Rosa 14. CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal

D4- (Fishing)

Male- Ryan Melly 12. Bowserboy129.

Female- Blessia Fornbrex 17. blu.balloon

D5- (Power)

Male- Sam Ryans 12. goldie031

Female- Miracle Rawlins 13. goldie031

D6- (Transportation)

Male- Apollo Ephraim 14. Rikachan101

Female- Melanie/Aureliana Dove 15. CapitolRules

D7- (Lumber)

Male- Tasi Merkava 16. RockSolid

Female- Temari Hyuga 18. ladyyuuki16

D8- (Textiles)

Male- Colin Crowe 15. experiment15

Female- Sahra Lemo 14. Bowserboy129

D9- (Grain)

Male- Gray Hager 18. Bowserboy129

Female- Artemis Nightheart 15. Rikachan101

D10- (Livestock)

Male- Maxmilian "Lion" Leone 18. CapitolRules

Female- Addelynn Demetriu 18. iJustMightBeCrazy

D11- (Agriculture)

Male- Rogis Trakholm 17. blueyoshguy

Female- Roslynn Ellis 17. experiment15

D12- (Mining)

Male- Haver Grale 17. Bowserboy129

Female- Chaste Christensen 12. Araka-chan

Tribute form I use:




District (please choose three):



Bloodbath Tribute? (If so, you can go ahead and stop here):


Use of tesserae:




Life at district:

Opinion of the Capitol and the Games:

Interview angle:

(Opt.) Interview outfit:

(Opt.) Chariot outfit (please have one for every one of your district choices):

Reaping outfit:

Arena strategy:

Training Score (just a suggestion to me; I will decide the real score based on personality, strengths, weaknesses, history, and weapons of choices):

Strengths (AT LEAST 3):

Weaknesses (AT LEAST 3):


If reaped, reaction?:

If volunteer, why?:

Weapon of choice:

Main training center stations:

Preferred death:

Why should your tribute win?:

Alliance (yes or no)?:

What is your tribute looking for in an ally?:

Romance (yes or no)?:

What is your tribute looking for in a romance?:

You don’t have to, but I’d prefer if you used this form.

And that is all that's left of the remnants of the stories that made me realize a lot. Not just that I want to be an author. I'm sorry that I ranted a lot.

Information for I Will Not Bow's sequel:

It will be a Quell even though it's not a Quell year. I just love Quarter Quells. I'll explain why it's not on a Quell year in the story. Anyhow, the twist is that there will not be specific genders reaped. All the slips will be thrown into one reaping bowl, and three people from each district will go in. So, there'll be 36 tributes. Get submitting!

Anyone - even people who have submitted eight thousand tributes in IWNB - can submit as many as they like, though the limit's four. If you submitted people for Don't Forget Us, feel free to resubmit them.

ONLY SUBMIT THROUGH PM. Submissions through reviews will be reported and if anonymous, deleted. And they won't be used, no matter how good the tributes are.

The tribute list is up!:

D1- (Luxuries)

1. Gleam Diode, 18, female. Megalor9

2. Adelina Summerfield, 17, female. CapitolRules

3. Daphne Summerfield, 17, female. CapitolRules

D2- (Masonry)

1. Azaleigh Rommel, 16, female. Araka-chan

2. Beck Ferrari, 18, male. WhyNotDream

3. Stonesia "Stone" Zhunder, 16, female. XOXOFutureFame

D3- (Technology)

1. Forrest Montgomery, 17, WhyNotDream

2. Calypso Oswald, 14, female. WhyNotDream

3. Rylan "Ry" Ashmore, 14, male. the epic bookworm

D4- (Fishing)

1. Vixen Payne, 17, female. jblonde123

2. Nelly Carter, 13, female. Bowserboy129

3. Jackson Brothel, 17, male. Araka-chan

D5- (Power)

1. Anya Saitov, 18, female. the epic bookworm

2. Allegra Ride, 12, female. WhyNotDream

3. Tenne Bradhe, 18, male. BlueYoshGuy

D6- (Transportation)

1. Dante Kyanide, 17, male. Megalor9

2. Cade Allens, 17, male. bijtjen

3. Phoenix Grant, 18, male. the epic bookworm

D7- (Lumber)

1. Decon Crow, 17, male. Bowserboy129

2. Jaelyn "Jae" Nicole Analetto, 15, female. SpunkyFun

3. Damien Andrews, 16, male. Jammerock2000

D8- (Textiles)

1. Damon Grey, 18, male. sportygirl123

2. Dan Axton, 17, male. Jammerock2000

3. Alicia Ludwig, 13, female. the epic bookworm

D9- (Grain)

1. Asher Lightwood, 17, male. Rikachan101

2. Aeris Lockhart, 15, female. Rikachan101

3. Fiona Ryder, 17, female. sportygirl123

D10- (Livestock)

1. Nick DiLaurnetis, 16, male. CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal

2. Jak Crenshaw, 17, male. Jammerock2000

3. Leo Rivers, 16, male. WhyNotDream

D11- (Agriculture)

1. Skylar Mitchell, 14, female. Jammerock2000

2. Kayla Baker, 16, female. Jammerock2000

3. Sage Birr, 17, male. the epic bookworm

D12- (Mining)

1. Krumr Strongthews, 18, male. CapitolRules

2. Carlyn Hansen, 17, female. CapitolRules

3. Astrid Levine, 15/16, female. CallingMeFakeWontMakeYouReal

Information for I Will Not Fade:

These Games are a QQ, like this year's. There are five years of Quells, including I Will Rise, to come. The next Twist is that there will be two boys and two girls reaped from each district. No, it's not like Haymitch's Games. There will be eight teams of six. The team fights together, as one. Even if there's only one person left or there's all six left - whoever is on the remaining team exits the arena alive. I know that this idea is sort of cliche and overused, but it's something I've longed to do for a while, but have held off because of my fear that people will be like, "This is so cliche..." But it's such a cool idea, and I already have my own ideas, so I just need it to happen.

ONLY SUBMIT THROUGH PM. Submissions through reviews will be reported and if anonymous, deleted. And they won't be used, no matter how good the tributes are.

Eighteen open spots left.

District One (Luxuries):

Female- Alice Miller, 16, WhyNotDream

Female- Angel Mavril, 16, Apples of Idunn

Male- Billy Browning, 18, CapitolRules

Male- Platinum "Plat" Hectan, 17, Kingmado007

District Two (Masonry):

Female- Tali Phalanx, 16, Jammerock2000

Female- Holly Hatfield, 15, HennaAndBands

Male- Jason Ironbourne, 17, CapitolRules

Male- Dean Howard, 16, me (won't be given a POV)

District Three (Technology):

Female- Olivia McPherson, 14, Jammerock2000

Female- Nitya Allardyce, 12, Apples of Idunn

Male- Elijah Lyndon, 14, Kingmado007

Male- Lukas Darien, 15, me (won't be given a POV)

District Four (Fishing):

Female- Catalina "Cat" Sage, 18, sportygirl123

Female- Jessalyn Edwards, 17, jayarnalabozzetta170799

Male- Alec Hayes, 18, sportygirl123

Male- Jordan Smith, 14, Bowserboy129

District Five (Electricity):

Female- Kelley Caldeira, 13, Jammerock2000

Female- Kaya Veridas, 17, Rikachan101

Male- Sam Otis, 17, me (won't be given a POV)

Male- Lunar Otis, 13, me (won't be given a POV)

District Six (Transportation):

Female- Piper Evans, 15, WhyNotDream

Female- Kilee Kyle, 12, me (won't be given a POV)

Male- Scott Prickett, 15, Jammerock2000

Male-Valiant Hastings, 17, HennaAndBooks

District Seven (Lumber):

Female- Alia "Lili" Dalton, 16, jayarnalabozzetta170799

Female- Hayden Murphy, 17, Valiant-vacant

Male- Chad Calinko, 17, Jammerock2000

Male- Jordan Burbank, 14, ChasingAJourney

District Eight (Textiles):

Female- Bethany Hawthorne, 18, HennaAndBooks

Arabella Maybe, 17. WhatsAHitMarker

Male- Kordell Puddles, 13, Jammerock2000

Male- Oscar Hunter, 12, WhyNotDream

District Nine (Grain):

Female- Hale Rose, 18, Bowserboy129

Female- Jo Anderson, 13 (won't be given a POV)

Male- William "Will" Sims, 17, Jammerock2000

Male- Matthew Yetson, 13, Kingmado007

District Ten (Livestock):

Female- Arya Castro, 16, sportygirl123

Female- Grace Castro, 16, sportygirl123

Male- Eridan Perigree, 18, Apples of Idunn

Male- Matthew Winston, 16, me (won't be given a POV)

District Eleven (Agriculture):

Female- Heather "Heaven" Dorne, 13, Capitol Rules

Female- Delve Mundain, 17, Apples of Idunn

Male- Aaron Tobias, 15, Jammerock2000

Male- Fletcher Baker, 12, HennaAndBooks

District Twelve (Coal):

Female- Mari Strongthews, 12, Capitol Rules

Female- Ally Trace, 15, Jammerock2000

Male- Jacob Stewart, 14, Jammerock2000

Male- Jason Gabriel, 12, I've got cookies

5f , 9f , 3f , 1f , 2f , 3f

2m , 1m , 11f , 8f , 4m , 6f

7m , 6f , 1m , 3m , 7f , 2f

9m , 12m, 3m , 12f , 8m , 10f

5f , 10f , 12f , 4f , 2m , 4m

4f , 5m , 11m , 9f , 9m , 11m

7f , 1f , 7m , 10m , 6m , 5m

8f , 10m , 8m , 6m , 12m , 11f

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Only Time Will Tell: The 100th Hunger Games by goldie031 reviews
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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 9 - Words: 19,922 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 10/21/2013 - Published: 9/21/2012 - Cato, Katniss E.
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"There's the moment where people are silent, and it takes me a moment to realize what I have just said, for, right now, not even I know, nor do I understand. I have said, 'We will fight for you. All of us. But I won't give in to it. I will not bow.'" These Games promise to be everything and the best ones yet. 151st Hunger Games. The Games have begun! The sequel is being planned.
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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 53,478 - Reviews: 243 - Favs: 113 - Follows: 123 - Updated: 9/21/2012 - Published: 6/1/2012 - Cato, Katniss E. - Complete
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"He was purposeless. It would take a long time to let her go. And everything would be better for everyone when he did. But he was selfish, so he didn't think he would." Not Galeniss! One-shot. R&R?
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,086 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/26/2012 - Gale H., Katniss E. - Complete
The Diamond Flame reviews
The sly girl we all know and love or hate. The boy who killed the the little girl who was sang to sleep. Can they become a diamond flame? Story's better than summary! Rated T because 1. It's the Hunger Games, and 2. It involves the Careers, so swearing.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 18 - Words: 42,965 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 33 - Updated: 5/10/2012 - Published: 3/27/2012 - Foxface, Marvel - Complete
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