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Welcome to the profile of a slightly not right in the head and anti-shipper. I procrastinate too much.

About my various fanfics:

Goomba of the Thirteenth: Officially on hiatus, just because I'm lazy. And that title really needs to be changed.

Kingdom of Terror: What I'm working on now. Updates whenever I finish typing it, grammar checks when I get on a computer.

And the fanfics that will be written:

Fallen Kingdom: You'll see.

About requests:

Yes, I am now taking requests. Basically, I would like only Mario requests. For the genre, horror, sci-fi, and supernatural is preferred, ABSOLUTELY NO ROMANCE AT ALL. Nothing over T either. I would like oneshot or twoshot ideas, nothing much longer. And PM them to me too.

Anyways, yeah. Feel free to PM me, I'm always up for a chat. And I always read PMs, even if I don't respond to them.

Favorite Wii games: Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2

Favorite WiiWare game: Dr. Mario Online Rx

Favorite DS games: Pokemon Black, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, PMD: Explorers of Sky

Favorite 3DS game: Super Mario 3D Land

Favorite tv shows: Doctor Who and Gravity Falls.

Favorite movies: The Back to the Future trilogy

Favorite bands: Owl City, Swimming With Dolphins, and Sky Sailing. Favorite non-Adam Young related bands: Chameleon Circuit and Coldplay.

Favorite Youtubers: Tobuscus, Captainsparklez, and TEH YOGSCAST!

You say Twilight

I say Mario

You say vampires

I say Pokemon

You say Jacob Black

I say Emmett Brown

You say Team Edward

I say Team Scribblenautical

You say Robert Pattinson

I say Matt Smith

You say Robert Pattinson is hot

I say you should rot

You say Bella is the smartest of them all

I say Layton has the wits of a boss

You say Edward

I say Luigi

In case you don't get it, Mario is better then Twilight, as it has wonderful tales and impossible lands

In case you don't get it, Pokemon are better then vampires, as there are so many kinds of them and they range from cute to awesome

In case you don't get it, Emmett Brown is better then Jacob Black, as he built a time machine out of a DeLorean and he isn't a stupid werewolf

In case you don't get it, Team Scribblenautical is better then Team Edward, as you get to write things down to create them and do all sorts of crazy stuff

In case you don't get it, Matt Smith is better then Robert Pattinson, because he actually has emotion and loves badgers

In case you don't get it, you should rot because Robert Pattinson isn't hot, he is very ugly

In case you don't get it, Layton is better because he can think his way out of any puzzle and give hard puzzles as well

In case you don't get it, Luigi is better then Edward because he has an awesome jump and he will do anything to save the princess

There would be copy-pastes here, but I'm too lazy to put them on.


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