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Updated: Sept 4, 2017

I found more of my missing notes for tBA! I think I have now located all of my stuff from the various places it was stored / stashed for the last ten years.

It was really neat to read over my old thoughts and ideas for the later portions of the story. I had a few potential endings in mind that I had totally forgotten about. I've been doing some re-reading and minor revisions as I prep for the next long haul. I will probably not post any of those revisions until the rest of the story-writing is well in hand (just in case I have to tweak some plot points to fit where I plan on having this thing go!). I still can't believe my last update to this story was so long ago.

I'm so sorry about that.

Updated: July 11, 2017.

I'm not dead. I still occasionally write for my own enjoyment, but I haven't finished or posted anything in a very, very long time. This might change soon. My last written work is unfortunately highly unsuitable for this site lol ...and The Blue Anshan needs attention.

Getting older. Got my degree. Don't use said degree, but have a pretty nice job regardless. (Now to pay off the ridiculous and somewhat pointless student loans)

Enjoying life. Divorced, remarried, etc etc. life happened/(s)! I'll write again soon.

Bug me on Xbox live or PSN or steam, I'm probably busy with a controller in my hand instead of writing.

Previously Updated: May 09, 2011

Story Progress:

Wander is not done, as it turns out. I'm procrastinating from other tasks by working on revisions and adding new material. I tingle with anticipation that I might be posting a new chapter... :D

SatMW is done-ish. Currently on the backburner, I have these additions: an additional battle scene where Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fight against two foreign elemental youkai. I have some notes written for another chapter about the day Shippo's mother, Hananoki, was kidnapped (and therefore was assumed dead by her mate and son). I've also considered a title change to tie it in with tBA and make it a little less... uh... childish. Shippo and the Magic Wand? Shit, I'd seriously never read a fic with a title like that. How completely lame. Plus - with a plot hole fix (to work better with events of tBA) that I've recently considered, SatMW might need a slight revision and then REQUIRE a title change, because with the fix the wand becomes less of a magic wand and more of a ... er, that would be a spoiler. Never mind! _;;

The Blue Anshan, sequel to SatMW, was in full swing (last year). I have written a lot of Kagome's adventure in the Makai (I've had to rewrite a lot of it, too, because I'm having a hard time deciding how --or even if-- to write my pairing). Currently, I'm working on Shippo's mainland arc. I originally wrote this bunch of stuff that I completely scrapped because it was HORRIBLE and I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Then I got this GREAT IDEA, wrote it down, then forgot I'd gotten the idea, only to think of it again two months later! When I went to write THAT idea down, I found the spot I'd originally written it, and then promptly kicked myself for not working on it like I'd thought the month prior. BLAH. Anyways, I want to get through some minor self-discovery adventures there and at least make it to a serious plot point before I can work on Kagome's parts again, which is as frustrating to me as it must be to my readers, what few there are. I've been tossing around a few reworks/reorganizations/revisions/rewrites/REMOVALS lol... but until I actually make a decision (when pigs fly) nothing will be removed. I know a few people are still waiting for an update, but I haven't written anything for it in quite some time. I haven't abandoned it yet. I have too much planned for it to give it up this late in the game.

I have one original fic that I've been dabbling in over the last several years.

About me:

Living in Texas! 30 (in a month!) years old, mother of two little girls, and have been married for ten years. My oldest has watched more Inuyasha than I have (the series at least twice by now, thank you Hulu, and who-knows-how-many-times for the movies), and both of my kids have watched nearly the entire YYH series. I've barely seen one episode. I love the YYH boys tho, all because of a handful of really excellent fan-authors out there.

I'm a Senior at Academy of Art University, studying 3D modeling/animation/game design. You're never too old to learn.

I sport medium-length brown hair and I like to wear contacts. (I'm sometimes glad I broke my glasses this last summer - but it was completely by accident!) My eyes are grey with a tiny smudge of light brown.

One day (I'd planned on doing this two summers ago but never did) I plan on streaking my hair dark green. Something really different but not glaringly obvious as I walk down the street. I've seen girls do it with barbie pink streaks in blonde hair, so I think my idea will work okay. Plus, I'm going into a salon to get it done RIGHT, so I'm not too worried about huge mistakes.

I love coffee and Khaos Monster energy drinks. :) I also drink a LOT of water. (Sip your unhealthy drinks to enjoy the flavor, and drink water if you're thirsty!)

I'm also very much obsessed with IY/YYH crossovers, and I hate the fact that (practically) every day I hunt around online HOPING that someone posted something new and interesting. It rarely happens, but still I search. It is the sole reason I try to write tBA, because I know I'm not the only one hungering for some xover action between those series, and I'm determined to help contribute to a lacking source... (even if it isn't as good as some of those great ones that went on permanent hiatus before completion...) Ugh. UGH.

Liquid Story Binder FTW! Check out their 30 day trial... it's an amazing program. I use it to (attempt to) write.

Ctrl-Shift-T is my friend. It has saved me from lots of accidental tab closures. :( And I still linger over the dream of having a forum dedicated to recorded readings of the best fanfics out there. I'm such an audiobook fan... We could have tryouts and let the authors choose which voice and reading talent best suits the style of their work (or maybe we can get the authors to read their own fics - something about the way the author intended the inflection might make all the difference in interpretation!) One day I'll start the trend and make available my own fics in audiobook format lol. It'll take another ten years to come about, and by then no one will want to read or listen to IY fics anymore lol.

Find me online:

( - this site has charts of all the music I listen to. If you're curious about my long-time playlist favorites, or listen to a lot of music on your computer and you haven't checked this out yet... take a glance! Friend me if you decide to join... no one seems to want to participate in this but me. ;_; )

(no updates in forEVER)

Also on Twitter, Facebook, Xbox Live, PSN, Windows Live Messenger, and Gmail. Same user name.


Happy reading, and I love to get emails from my readers :)

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