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I'm sorry, but I've removed all of my fics from this site. It has nothing to do with the users (I appreciate every single person who has ever read my work here, especially those of you who have left such nice reviews. :)), but the administration. I don't feel comfortable with participating in a site that has such arbitrary policies as not allowing fics in the second person (a perfectly valid point of view), the change in ratings to a system that is ambiguous at best, and the recent poorly worded mandate to remove anything with song lyrics, whether properly credited or not. In addition, I am greatly troubled by the fact that several authors have had their stories removed by the site's administration based on unfounded and uninvestigated complaints.

Rather than wait for my account to be deleted for some as-yet-to-be determined reason, I've saved all of my reviews (Thank you again, if you've ever left one for me. It means a lot. :)) and deleted my stories. By the Numbers and Unbalanced Equations can still be found under the same author name on FictionAlley (right here: ">" target="new">
) and updates and cookies for those fics (and anything else focused on the character of Anna Vector) will still be posted at ">" target="new">
. Other stories (some more adult in nature) can be found on ">" target="new">

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