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"Pfft! Secret doors, who needs 'em? What do I care about secret doors...and the unparalleled delights they keep hidden from the world?!"

-Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo-

ᴕ - About Me - ᴕ

"Hello, friend.*shakes hand* Pleasure to be of acquaintance! You may refer to me as whatever you'd like. My name is Confection of Bliss, but you can call me Sweets or Blissy!Whatever floats your boat. (・ᴗ・) *bows awkwardly*

Thanks for visiting my page. There's not much to say about myself, but I guess I could try to describe myself.
Uhm, I'm 17 years old. (Turning 18 years old on September 9th. *squints* And so it begins...)

I'm not much of a talker. Just a heads up if you decide to or are PMing me. It might get boring.

I haven't been on this site in almost... 3 years? Around that much at least. This is my original account under a different name, I made another account by the name of Peppermint-n-Spice, but I think I'll abandon that one and just move everything to this account. Much easier.

Just graduated this June and looking to become a translator for the Air Force. Gotta study for that ASVAB, even if it kills me.
For fun, I figured I'd try to start writing stories again. Don't expect to be wowed as I haven't written a story since 8th grade! xD I haven't even written in my personal journal in almost a year... Regardless! I hope you enjoy my stories!
I'll just do random blabbing and copy and pasting now.

Zodiac Sign- Virgo

Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element (Triplicity): Earth
Primary Tendency: Security, realistic & self discipline
Qualities: Mutable - Alert, versatile & adaptable
Keyword: Cooperation

Aspiring to be: Voice Actor, Animator, Astrologist, Genetics Teacher
(5/17: totally keeping this because apparently I had big dreams. xD - 7/29 I concur with past me.)

[5/17/15] : Voice Actor // Adventurer // Translator // Animator // [Still has big dreams]

[7/29/16] : Adventurer // Translator // Storyboard Artist [Less extravagant dreams]

Listening to: Nothing. I'm enjoying the silence.


Candies: Butterscotch & Peppermint Hard Candies, Twizzlers, Twix, Almond Joys, and so much more!!! *drools* So good! QAQ

Animals: Rabbbits and Owls and Elephants are my fix right now

Dream Pets: Rabbit, Attacking Cat, and a Forever Puppy! But if I could I'd get a fox and an owl. That'd be bombtastic.

Music: It varies I tend to listen to 2000s music, Video Game soundtracks, Steven Universe Soundtracks, Piano music, and Music Boxes. :)



Year of 2012 - 2013:

Air, Angel Beats, Mekakucity Actors, Little Busters!, Clannad, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuru Yuri, Durarara!!, Nichijou, Nagi No Asukara, AnoHana, Baka To Test, A-Channel, Hyouka, and The World Only God Knows

Year of 2014 - 2015:

Honey and Clover, Mawaru Penguindrum, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, The Sunday Without God, Hanasaku Iroha, Kimi No Todoke, Nisekoi, Princess Jellyfish, Yona of the Dawn, Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Binbougami Ga!, and Fullmetal Alchemist

Year of 2015 - 2016:

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Hanasaku Iroha, Humanity Has Declined, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kimi ni Todoke, Mawaru Penguindrum, Nagi No Asukara, Nichijou, Nisekoi, Princess Jellyfish, The World Only God Knows, and Yuru Yuri



Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents, Lilo And Stitch, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Kim Possible,
The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Johnny Bravo, Brandy And Mr. Whiskers, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Chowder, Ed Edd N' Eddy, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi,
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Powerpuff Girls, The American Dragon Jake Long, Xiaoin Showdown [Etc.]

Year 2012 - 2015:

Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Year of 2015 - 2016:

Gravity Falls and Steven Universe

Games: Professor Layton, Brain Age, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts

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1. Perfect? I'm decent
2. Tall? Super short. (=-=)
3. In your pajamas? T-shirt and gym shorts, so in a way... yes.
4. Left handed? You're goddamn right B


1. Friend you saw: Brian
3. Person to text you: My boyfriend (Brian. :P)
4. Was today better than yesterday? Everyday seems the same nowadays *wistfully looks out the window*


1. Number: 14. Ironically it's my unluckiest number
2. Color(s): I really dig green right now.
4. Place: My School Courtyard. Staying after school and see the crows turn over chip bags for the crumbs is really amusing.


1. Are you missing someone right now? Nope.
2. Are you happy? I guess.
3. Are you sad? *shakes head* Nope.
4. Are you bored? Not really
6. Are you nervous? A little with where my life's going... e - e
8. Are you tired? No, just lazy.


1. Real name? Here's my hint: Greek goddess of the rainbow

2. Nick names? I wish. This girl used to call my Squeekers freshman year at least.
3. Eye color? The doodiest of browns
4. Zodiac sign? Virgo

5. Male or female? Female
6. Slut? No.
7. Smart? Depends on the day
8. Hair color? The stylist made it purple even though I expected red...
9. Long or short? Medium
10. Sweats or Jeans? Sweats
11. Phone or Camera? Camera
12. Drink or Smoke? Mmmm... Orange juice.
13. Righty or lefty? Lefty! For sure!


1. First best friend? Brianna and Jennifer
2. First crush? Ryan *something*Field.
3. First pet? Balto the Siberian Husky
4. First big vacation? Trip to the Grand Canyon


1. Eating? Nothing. :(
2. Drinking? I desire rain... por favor...
3. I'm about to: Further Procrastinate! Yay!
4. Listening to? Silence
5. Plans for today? Fixin' up the ol' profile. Maybe read some fanfics? Maybe get to studying?
Today is full of possibilities.


1. Shorter or taller? Taller! I like feeling short. x3
2. Romantic or spontaneous? I wish my boyfriend would be a bit more romantic. Geez.
3. Sensitive or loud? What do you mean by loud? Like yelling all the time? Couldn't deal with that. Sensitive, I guess, just not TOO sensitive.
4. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship, definitely. 8th months so far.


1. Drank bubbles? Soda bubbles, yummers.
2. Lost glasses/contacts? I've lost my glasses two times, I think? Both times I've never felt so terrified in my life. (-_-) [has lost them even more afterward]
3. Ran away from home? get some pine cones from the neighbor's yard... I'm such a rebel, I know. Don't call the cops. *sirens in the distant*
4. Broken someone's heart? Yes, but DAMMIT, people need to learn to let go. It hurt me just as much. ;~;
5. Been arrested? *sirens get louder*


1. Miracles? Definitely. :D
2. Yourself? Obligated to
3. Heaven? I like to believe that when we die we encounter a Universe God who the allows us to decide which universe we want to live in next. Pretty sweet, raight?
4. Santa Claus? I remember 2nd grade we went to the bathroom and came back to bells in our desks. The teachers said it was from Santa Claus, but I was sitting there like, "Yeah... Santa Claus." I didn't say anything though because who was I to ruin the wonders of other children.
5. Love? Friendly and Family Love!
6. Do you like someone? My boyfriend... sometimes. Haha, just kidding! *sweats*
8. Do you believe in God? Yes. Many of them. It'd be cool right? But I like the whole evolution theory too.

9. Answered the truth on all questions? Yesh. :3 *sirens get even louder*

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If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people.

-When you get caught looking at him just remember he was looking back.

-Some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them

-He who laughs last thinks the slowest

-Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

-Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

-The only reason that I talk to myself is because that I'm the only one
whose answers I accept.

-The optimist proclaims we live in the best of all possible worlds; the
pessimist fears it is true.

-We live in an age where pizza gets to your house before the police.

-Eat right, exercise, die anyway.

-I'm not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.

-They say the truth will set you free. Then why is it every time I tell the
truth, I get sent to my room?

-If you can keep your head while other people are losing theirs, you
probably don't fully understand the situation.

-When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.

-War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.

-Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is Optional.

-Kids are the future. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

-Sometimes you make me so mad I wanna throw you in the middle of ongoing
traffic, but then I realize I would probably kill myself trying to save

-One day your prince will come. Mine? Oh, he just took a wrong turn, got
lost, and is to stubborn to ask for directions.

-It's you and me versus the world...we attack at dawn.

-If all else fails, try reading the instructions.

-If you can't convince them, confuse them.

-Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies…

-Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

-The trouble with life is there's no background music.

-I smile because I don't know what the heck is going on.

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“Here’s to the girls: That keep a smile even though they’re going through hell. That keep their head high, even though they’d rather be elsewhere. That give amazing advice, but can’t seem to follow it themselves. That can make anyone laugh, but herself. Here’s to her.”

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Future Stories:

Welcome! Welcome! Have seat in this very expensive and comfortable chair! Here's a cookie, some popcorn, and your favorite candy and drink! Are ya, cozy? Well, I hope so. Now, please enjoy this sneak peek on what's new! n.n

Coming From My Mind To You Someday Soon- (I now own these specific ideas since: 10/15/12-12/1/12)

The ridiculously large doors swung open, and I flinched. Those men and that woman... Did they plan this from the start? Was everything we built or thought to be true fake? Were we really so naïve that we were swayed THAT easily?

Two new nobodies have joined the Organization. Everything begins as nothing special, just a simple, dysfunctional family that contemplates killing one another mercilessly on their free time.

"Zenooo!" Remix calls still balancing her bowl of freshly picked berries. Teeter-tottering, she wanders into the the library. "ZENO! I know you're here! Don't you dare pretend to not hear me! Ze-!" Her shout is cut off by a book by smacking her head and knocking off her fruit.

"Be quiet, I heard you," Zexion deadpans. "Now, what do you want?"

Remix simply stares in shock at her fallen snack, “M-My-My... fruit...” Her fixation quickly shifts over to Zexion.

"...What?" He takes a glance at the spilt berries and sighs, "Remix, there's a saying that goes like this. 'Don't cry over spilt milk.' Do you know what it means by that?"

"No, and I don't care! This isn't spilt milk; it's spilt fruit, and to me me that's totally different!" She pouts.

"Calm down, Remix. I-"

"Calm down?! You calm down, Zeno!"

Zexion looks at her. "Zeno?"

Remix realizes what she's said and makes the first smart decision in her entire existence. She apologizes WHILE running. "I'm sorry, Zexion! I promise for reals now that I won't call you that again! It just came out! I just was really sad and mad about my berries! I spent all morning pi-!"

Zexion pops up in front of his comrade and picks her up by her hood. He focuses on her startled expression, "Calm down, I can't hear you while you attempt to cry and talk at the same time. Now.. what were you saying?"

"I'm sorry?!" She squeaks.

Oh yeah. It was all good times. But that was before...

"Oh gosh, look! It's a shooting star! ...What are going to wish for?"


"Yeah! If you make a wish when you see a shooting star, it's supposed to come true... I think, haha!"

"I don't know... What would you wish for?"

"Eh... Nothing! Everything's perfect right now, and I don't think it'll ever change! I'm so happy!"

"...I weren't trusting..."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

The truth began to unravel.

"This isn't goodbye! It's a see you later!"

"No! No one’s dead! They’re just sleeping!"

"Oh, you poor little girl. You actually believed there cared didn't you?"

"Xion... just.. left... Without a word? Without tell me? I don't believe that!"

"Are you out of your mind, Raizel?!"

"Xerille...? You're safe...? You're safe!"

"Everytime, every single time hell breaks loose, how is it that you manage to keep cool?"

"I'm sorry, Zexion... You just knew too much."

"I swear. Cross my nonexistent heart."

"That's not true! ...I'll miss you."

"The stars will never let me forget. Not ever."

How could I have let this happen? I am supposed to be the one who watches out for her. They played us so easily... Had I seen their intentions earlier, would any of this had happened? Would we be safe right now?

The door swings closed with a SMACK! A man's voice booms from above, rattling the whole room and scares me half to death...

"Welcome to the Organization."

.x*Burning Stars*x.

Thank you for viewing! We hope to be written soon! (‘u’)//


The cast of A Lore Obscured by the Clocks

"These are our stories..."

Kindom Hearts

Backup Chorus

A light hearted story about the elementary school days of a group of friends. Probably no plot, just never ending fun.

Characters: Kairi, Namine, Sora

White Clovers

"It might have been better if you hadn't met me."

Character: Xion

Love In A Mist

A pesky boy constantly ruins a girl's garden... by accident of course.

Characters: Sora and Kairi


A pretentious boy is asked for love advice by a hopeless romantic.

Characters: Olette and Pence

Confections of Bliss

You never realize what you have until it's gone.

Characters: Namine, Riku, and Olette

Our Intentions

What would you do... in order to reach Fame, Fortune, and the love of one who doesn't feel the same?

Character: Olette

Silent Bells

This just in! Fairy tales don't happen in the real world! All at once the entire world gasped.

Characters: Sora, Namine, and Larxene

Seasalt with Paopu Fruit

Just because you love someone doesn't necessarily make them yours.

Characters: Namine and Sora

Faint of Heart

One night, a boy snuck out of his home to watch the ocean. He found a girl there, who just wanted to watch the stars...

Characters: Emyd & OC

Icy Blue Coconut Swirls

Pairings. Pairings everywhere. (e w e)

Characters: Saix and Namine

Night Out

All he wants is for this date to go well.

Characters: Hayner and Yuffie


Moirai, a small town, has had some strange occurrences lately. Lost hearts, Keyblades, Dreameaters?

Characters: Olette and Vanitas

Hidden Under the Mistletoe

High school love is so... complicated...

Awkward Silences

It's senior year already! So get off your lazy butt, and MAKE them remember you!

Characters: Namine and Olette

Squiggle Heads

Before stories begin, they intermingle. How lovely and happy they are, but once the first page to one of them is turned...

-Probably going to be a crossover-


"Am I... bad?"

Characters: Zexion and Fuu

A Rose by Another Name

A small girl with short black hair flashed a small grin at the world, at her new beginning.

Character: Xion

In the Eyes of the Beholder

Ignore your problems and they'll all go away... hopefully... eventually...

Characters: Fuu and Vivi

Runes of the Forlorn

We waited here for our hero to arrive. Years turned to decades. Decades to Centuries.. Where are you?

Character: Sora

A Lore Obscured by the Clocks:

Burning Stars

In order to act, you must be able to lie, and you're audience must believe it. So if she were to discover the truth...

Sunrise Memoirs

Once something has happened, it may not be disturbed. No matter what, those memories are here to stay.

Faerie Spell

There once was girl, she asked a man to write her a story. Little did she know that it would come true.

Many Moons Ago

It all ends where it began...


The Floret Chronicles Saga:

Installment Titles:

-Best Wishes
-Sakura Go Round
-Because the Sky is There
-Messenger of the Wind
-Fanfare of the Heart

A journey through the Pokemon world just with Iris

Characters: Iris and Various

Afterglow Wonderland:

The Dreamyard. It's Fennel and Caitlin's favorite place. Caitlin gets to sleep and Fennel gets to study her dreams. One day, things don't go as usual when a strange man visits them. He offers them both a one way ticket to a land one can only dream of. Before either can answer, though, they're both out like a light.

Characters: Fennel, Caitlin and Grimsley

Traveling Mood:

The world is finally at our disposal. So why can't we shake this feeling that we can't leave?

Characters: Shannon and Bianca

Serene Smiles:

Geez. He's obsessed with her I swear. She's broken your heart so many times. Why don't you just given up?

Characters: Serena, Trevor, and Sana

That Green Gentleman:

In Striaton City, there's lives the greatest detectives of all of the Isshu region.

Character: Cilan and Cabernet

The Azure Cat and the Beginning of Summer:

The sunlight peered through the forest trees. The wind jostled everything gently. On the stump in front of me rested a cat who promised to make this summer unforgettable.

Characters: Glameow, Shannon, and Luke

Ludicolo and the Fabulous Feebas:

You're my music, and you're muse.

Characters: Ludicolo and Feebas

Clockwork Lullaby:

Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Rapunzel all wrapped up into one story.

Character: Gardenia, Caitlin, Hugh, Bianca, and The Striaton Trio

Floating Dream:

Our gazes met and that's when I knew...

Character: Shota

Time Warped When I Karate Chopped My Stag Beetle:

The title says it all. (Based on *Time Warped When I Karate Chopped My Stag Beetle* by Gumi Megpoid)

Character: Rosa

Little Plant:

This planet can't compare to the universe, but the universe is practically empty... and lonely.

Character: Clefairy

Online Game Addict:

These "real" girls aren't even close to my beloved dating sims. They're so unpredictable. and there's not even a guide!

Characters: Brock and Clemont

Dive Drop:

Being stuck on land is such a pain when you know you belong in the beloved waters of the ocean.

Character: Marlon

Balloon Town:

In this town nothing happens. So today, we're going to make something happen. We're going to unleash a prism of color on to this dull town of ours!

Characters: Proof and Nanette

Patchwork Staccato:

I think somewhere along the lines of trying to make everyone like me, I lost what really made me likable.

Characters: Serena and Iris


The princess has been stolen! Taken to Mount Moon by the organization for an unknown purpose... Wait! She's a princess?! (based on Kingdom Hearts... so does that make it a crossover or...?)

Characters: Dia, Princess Salvia, and more.

My Favorite Quotes In:

Courage the Cowardly Dog:

Muriel: Hi, I'm Muriel, and I'm only three-and-a-half years old.

Courage: I just know something bad is going to happen.

Courage: The things I do for love.

Dr. Vindaoo M.D. Quack: Oh, it's nothing to worry about. It's nothing at all. Just keep soaking it.

Talking Fish: There's no such thing as perfect, you're beautiful as you are, Courage. With all of your imperfections, you can do anything you want to do!


Ash: Uh, my... name... is... Ketchup! No, wait! My name is really Tom Ato!

Ash: It was an egg-cident! Get it? 'Egg?

Ash: I have my own method of bending spoons. (bends the spoon with his hands) Ha! Muscle over mind!

Ash: There's no sense in going out of your way just to get somebody to like you.

Misty: Well, my name...My name is Anne Chovie.

Misty: Love is all about who lands the first punch!

Misty: Take it from me. It's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't.

Misty: Ash will never really be alone cause he's got... me.

Brock: Ash and Misty, sittin' in a tree... Ha ha ha ha ha!

Brock: [looks at Giselle's picture] "She can violate my rights if...

Brock: Uh, Nurse Joy? I'll be needing a thorough check up from head to toe.

Brock: I never forget the face of a pretty girl! This book helps me remember their names.

Brock: [after Team Rocket performs a cheer for Ash and Pikachu] That was really disturbing.

Brock: Who am I? I am Brock." *nods*

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends:

Frances "Frankie" Foster: [narrating] Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a wonderful, funderful imagination habitation. We provide food, shelter and a warm heart for imaginary friends looking for a place to call *home*. So if you know of or have an imaginary friend that desperately needs a home, then come on down to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, where good ideas are not forgotten.

Bloo: You don't look so good.
Bloo's Reflection: Well, you're no prize either!

[Bloo is trying to break up Frankie's date with Dylan by posing as her ex-boyfriend]
Bloo: Why, Frankie! Fancy meeting you here! How long has it been?
Frankie: [spits out her drink] Bloo?
Bloo:Why, Frankie, you old girl! I can't believe you still call me that... term of endearment!
[Dylan raises an eyebrow, blinks twice]
Frankie: [to Dylan] Heh-heh, heh-heh, uh... don't listen to this maniac! [to Bloo] What are you doing here, Bloo?
Bloo: Why, I'm on a dinner date! And please, call me by my first name - Orlando!

Frankie: Hi, I'm a stupid, lazy door. I'm so stupid and lazy, I won't even OPEN UP!

Some information in this profile is dated and has been edited. Still needs fixing.

Thank you.

Here's do you having a great day.



Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Days by reppad98 reviews
About the unexpectedness in life, and then especially when you're expecting. About a group of (not-always, absolutely-not and very-best) friends and how they move on to the next phase of their life. Contest, Ikari, Poke, Wishful a.o.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 31 - Words: 52,130 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 9/22/2017 - Published: 12/12/2012 - [Dawn/Hikari, Paul/Shinji] [Iris, Cilan/Dento]
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 44,172 - Reviews: 137 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 9/11/2016 - Published: 11/1/2012 - [Iris, Cilan/Dento] - Complete
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Unconnected drabbles based on prompts from the Pokewrite Forum and the Pokémon Fanfiction Challenges Forum. 100 words each. Contains IkariShipping, PokeShipping, LuckShipping, CurtainShipping and HandymanShipping. Chapter 20: Tracey decides he doesn't care that much about normal anyway.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 20 - Words: 3,411 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 1/25/2016 - Published: 5/14/2013 - Complete
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