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I am in the progress of writing a novel. It is on FictionPress, and is called Simplicity. I also have one called Calm Before the Storm. My account there should be identical to my account here. Although my images are different.

There are also a number of projects I'll be doing there. Keep an eye out for them if you want.

Here, I'll mostly do one-shots practicing characterization with my favorite characters from various things I like. I might do stories, I'm not entirely sure about it, though.

I roleplay on a little website called

I usually do multiple paragraphs to novella. I have two profiles.

Setzer Gabbiani of Final Fantasy VI, and Rose Sygol, an OC I created for Final Fantasy X.

I don't know where to start. xD

Well, for now I'll just say that I love rpgs, and my favorite ones of all time are Final Fantasy VI and Legend of Dragoon.

Low Down On Updates 8U

Place where info will go!

Warriors Orochi 3: Macaroni of Death: LOL, I suppose this counts as something to list on my bio. It was a little one shot, and it really sucks, but meh

The Inner Conflict: A Dynasty Warriors fanfiction I'm working on. It'll be pretty long, I suppose. The main characters are OCs, but they're the only OCs I'll be focusing on. Anything else I'll focus a lot on that isn't already in the games WILL be based on historical record or something from the RoTK. Something I believe should be spotlighted more. Although it may stray from actuality quite a bit xD; I fail miserably at remembering historical accounts.

Currently Untitled: A crossover of FFVII and FFX. Details will slowly but surely be revealed. For now, it's only decided that it takes place after FFX-2 and the main character is my OC, Rose.

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