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Author has written 7 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

To anyone who likes my stories enough to actually care about whatever I feel the need to put on here, welcome. You can call me Night; I used this alias on my last account and I've grown rather fond of it. Yeah, I do have two of these accounts, though the other is mostly for my favorites list and messaging people; this is where the yaoi happens ;)

Anywho, if you've gone to all the trouble of coming to my humble little profile then you deserve to get something out of it. So here's some stuff you never knew about me. Unless you're a stalker or something... You're not, right?

I quote things. A lot. If you've ever seen YuGiOh Abridged or Dragonball Z Abridged and quote them as well I will love you forever.

I'm a Leo. People say that makes me combative and snarky. I prefer to call it 'wittier than you'.

I am very absentminded, and would probably lose my mind if I'd been born with one.

Most of the time, I find myself caring more about fictional characters than I do about real people. I am less worried about this than I probably should be.

For anyone who enjoys my stories, I now have a tumblr. You can find little side stories and extras to the Mystic Series there, and eventually to my other universes. The link is

The Mystic Series

This is a series of interconnected stories based around the characters of Hetalia as teenage wizards taking part in an exchange program at Hogwarts. The stories take place in the mid-eighties, before the time of Harry, but after the time of the Marauders, and each centers around a couple. The teachers will be the only recognizable Harry Potter characters, and the only recognizable students will be Hetalia characters. As of now, three main stories for the Mystic Series are in the works, with others coming at an indefinite time.

Significance: (In Progress, approximately 12 chapters)

Spain x Romano

"The first time Lovino met Antonio, he was severely pissed off."

Transparent: (Coming soon, approximately 14 chapters)

America x England

"The first time Arthur laid eyes on that git, he had an overwhelming urge to hex him into oblivion."

Blur: (Coming soon, approximately 14 chapters)

France x Canada

"The first time Matthew saw Francis was a blur. It was Alfred’s fault for knocking his glasses off."

--Character Guide

Most of the Hetalia cast is present in this series, even if they show up for only a few scenes. This compilation, sorted first by house and then by year, is here as a reference for readers to consult if they get confused about the characters' placement. Mostly, though, it's here because it took me forever to sort it out and I like to think that it'll be useful to people other than me. All of the characters' information is set during the school year of 1984, the year the main bulk of each story is taking place.

Note: Some characters will have a P next to their names. That signifies that they're a prefect. Not all the prefects for each house will be Hetalia characters; if they aren't, they're just generic students and aren't likely to be of importance.


Mathias (Denmark): Year 6

Gilbert (Prussia): Year 6

Antonio (Spain): Year 6

Berwald (Sweden): Year 6

Alfred (America): Year 5

Raul (Cuba): Year 5

Elizaveta (Hungary): Year 5

Lien (Vietnam): Year 5 P

Yong Soo (S. Korea): Year 4


Francis (France): Year 6

Lars (Holland/The Netherlands): Year 6

Vladimir (Romania): Year 6

Ivan (Russia): Year 6 P

Sadik (Turkey): Year 6

Vash (Switzerland): Year 5 P

Natalya (Belarus): Year 4

Li Xiao (Hong Kong): Year 4

Peter (Sealand): Year 2


Roderich (Austria): Year 6 P

Yao (China): Year 6

Arthur (England): Year 6

Gupta (Egypt): Year 5

Ludwig (Germany): Year 5

Kiku (Japan): Year 5

Toris (Lithuania): Year 5

Lukas (Norway): Year 5

Eduard (Estonia): Year 4

Emil (Iceland): Year 4


Katyusha (Ukraine): Year 7

Bella (Belgium): Year 6 P

Matthew (Canada): Year 5 P

Tino (Finland): Year 5

Herakles (Greece): Year 5

Feliciano (Italy): Year 5

Feliks (Poland): Year 5

Lovino (Romano): Year 5

Mei (Taiwan): Year 4

Raivis (Latvia): Year 3

Lili (Liechtenstein): Year 3

I've decided on both the ages and the houses of the characters based on personalities, as well as on the needs of the plot. If you don't happen to agree with my choices, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to explain my reasoning. In fact, please feel free to PM me about anything regarding this universe; I have so many notes on it that I'd love to share with people, if only so that I can say they were useful and not just a huge waste of time.


When I write, I do not write the characters' accents unless it's somehow essential to the plot, or I want to emphasize the contrast between characters. This is because I find it makes the story more difficult to write and read, and I don't know about anyone else, but my inner voice reads them in the appropriate accents regardless of whether or not it's written. That's my personal preference, and I hope it doesn't bother anyone who reads my stories.

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