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Hey there! I'm BookBird1497, and I am back from being on HIATUS with posting my story on here! Let's see.. I have lots of favorite animes, but if you asked me what my favorite one is my first answer would be HETALIA AXIS POWERS, WORLD SERIES, and THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD. LOVE THEM ALL!!

So... I love YGOTAS and Phineas and Ferb, and Ouran High School Host Club, and InuYasha... Yeah, my head's starting to hurt, there's just too many to list. But yeah! And Soul Eater, how could I forget that one?


I love reviews! Any sort of advice or support is welcome, but if you plan to flame then please just go away. No one wants to hear your slander, least of all me.

Much love! I have two sisters on this site, Mendi and Zero-Live (I think those are their usernames... They're different sometimes... Eh!)

If you read my Hetalia fic, be prepared for your mind to be blown! Well, later on once the story picks up, that is. Still! Your mind will explode several times over! XD



Hello, sweetie

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"I will now use the technique that has been passed through the Armstrong family for MANY GENERATIONS!!"


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