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Hello there peoples, you may call me many names. My penname and Mike 1 the riolu! ...Yeah, that's not all that mysterious is it? Well than moving onto the rest of this page!

As you can tell by my screen name, I love Albedo! All hail the fluffy! All hail the fluffy! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I'm sorry, I lost my cool and collected mood there. But he's just so awesome! He even talks like a freaking genius for god's sake! Though he is a Galvan, well human now technically. Anyways, I also love a variety of other things beside Ben 10. (If you didn't know what I was talking about then, wow that's really sad)

Video Games: Ah childhood brain rottage...

Jak and Daxter- My...second favorite game series. I love Daxter's lines!

Portal 2- Number One baby! You gots to love Wheatley! He is hilarious and...I hope he's happy in space. 0_0

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quikan- Third favorite. It's good, but not that good especially the part where Ty goes, "I was trying to save Shazza! But then Lizard Breath over here had to go and start something she could finish!" I just love that part! By the way, spoilers!

Music Artists: You gots to love them!

Nicki Minaj- Yes, just yes...

Mariah Carey- paired with Nicki Minaj, she's great. On her own...just as great!

Green Day- Awesomeness in human form!

The Pillows- FLCL all the way guys!

By the way, If anyone hates them. That's your problem, but please go get a CAT scan to check your brain for any sort of tumor or something. Alright, Peaces!

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Alex Matthews was a fan of Transformers prime, but he never wished to be a part of it. Now he has to find a way home without telling the autobots or decepticons of what he knows about their future. But how can he not become part of the story when he's being hunted by Megatron?
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Look, I don't know how you got here, and I don't want to. But if you're going to stay here, then there are some rules you need to know to stay alive. Oh, and I should probably tell you who I am before we get into that. My name is Shiloh Winters, and I'm the only human who lives on the Nemesis.
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Wright's day started out normal enough, but he soon found out that this day would turn into a nightmare. And things would only get worse. Pairing: Phoenix Wright/someone disclaimer: characters belong to capcom, and capcom alone. not me
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This fanfiction stars the great Steve the vehicon and his best friend/berthmate, Wayne the eradicon. These two do their jobs, don't draw attention, so why in the pit have Knock Out and Starscream decided to develop crushes on them! Read Wayne's diary, I mean, data pad entries along with Steve's misadventures. Rating may go up, but we'll see how this goes.
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