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Hey dudes! Thanks for all of the people who have been reading my stories and reviewing for them. My best friend has one called Stained With Ink, so do me a favor and R&R that one, it's really good too! She is also helping me write The Hair That Killed The Dance Class. Don't worry, readers, I am working on the next chapter for The Hair so don't think I forgot or ignoring it!! Great Things Dont Last Forever is doing good but I want to get about 5 chapters of The World Must Remember before I write another chapter. --Because I want the readers to also get into this story so I can get more reviews!~YAY! I am now a herbology professor @ please come and be a student so I can give you homework! R&R my stories and remember to keep up with them! OKAY! since i havent gotten enough reviews for my Harry potter fics im writing a degrassi fic called THE HEADLESS MAN! its gonna be like "The Hair", except Degrassi themed!! it's already funny and I just wrote the theme song! if i get 5 reviews, ill make a new chappie! i am on writers block for harry potter ne way.. wait till the movie comes out then ill write some more!!
Love yaz!
NoDuHwHateVa7 / P.S. i will write chapters 5 reviews at a time. EX. if i get 5 reviews for chapter nine of Great Things Dont Last Forever then i will write the next chapter. THANX and REVIEW!

P.S.S. okay 5 reviews for chapter 2 of The World Must Remember, 4 for Great Things Dont Last Forever-latest chapter, and 5 for The Hair That Killed The Dance Class~ This weekend I will write & post the next chapter to the world must remember and in my literature class we are reading another holocaust-based story. Great Things Dont Last Forever~ I hope to get another review by this weekend and if i do i will write and post another chapter.

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