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A (extensive) bit about me:

You can call me Mamba or Bri; I go by both.
My birthday is December 13, and I'm currently 24 years old.
I currently work as a Licensed Veterinary Technologist.
I have a special interest in exotic animal medicine, animal behavior and husbandry, and wildlife rehab.

I'm a retired Anime Kid. I say "retired" because it's become less of an obsession. I'm way more picky about my anime and manga choices now. I have nostalgic love for DragonBall Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Sailor Moon. I will also always love Fullmetal Alchemist (especially Brotherhood), Baccano!, Gurren Lagann, and several others.

In my spare time, I dabble with a few games. Mostly, I only play Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Pokemon, but there are a few random games I like. These include BattleBlock Theater, Soul Caliber, Catherine, and Left 4 Dead. I really don't get to play many games...

I have lots of furry children since moving in with my fiance:

(the cats)

Katara "KatKat"
--spayed female
--8 years old
--domestic short hair
--rescued when she was 6 months old

--neutered male
--7 years old
--domestic short hair
--gray tabby
--adopted when he was a kitten

Alibell "Ali"
--spayed female
--6 years old
--domestic long hair
--white with black/brown patches and tail
--adopted when she was 6 months old

--neutered male
--5 years old
--domestic long hair
--orange and white
--he's KatKat's only son

Phenyl "Phinny"
--neutered male
--5 years old (b-day May 2, 2009)
--domestic medium hair
--white with gray points
--bob-tailed (amputation due to his tail being caught in car door prior to his adoption)
--adopted when he was 9 weeks old

--spayed female
--4 years old
--domestic short hair
--born to a feral cat in the neighborhood that we were taking care of

--neutered male
--4 years old
--tailed Manx (the only one of his litter with a tail)--orange tabby
--born to a feral cat we were taking care of

(the dog)

Sir Francis Bacon Bit "Bacon"
--neutered male
--1.5 years old
--Chihuahua/Pomeranian "Pomchi"
--brown with black mask
--originally belonged to my grandparents, but due to their declining health he now belongs to us

(the dragon)

Dragon Lord Toko "Toko"
--fancy bearded dragon
--3 years old
--I think he's a sandfire, but don't hold me to that. He's from PetSmart, so his pedigree is questionable at best.
--has a spinal deformity due to early metabolic bone disease. Again, PetSmart. Wouldn't suggest getting reptiles from them.
--adopted from PetSmart at 3 weeks old

(the bunny)

Brooklyn "Brookie"
--1 year old
--little brown bunny
--we bottle-fed and raised her

More random facts:

I love sushi and pork katsudon.
I have been to Japan, but have only been to six states within the US.
I was born in Tennessee, but I now live in Kentucky.
My favorite color is green.
I am a night person.
I'm gross. No really. I enjoy cleaning wounds and watching nasty, bloody surgeries.
I'm addicted to YouTube.
I love BioWare games and arcade fighting games. They are they only games I can complete, for some reason.

For anyone who might be interested, I have a deviantART and a tumblr:

I don't post much anymore, but my favorites list is fantastic. Also, pictures of my pets can be found here. My babies are beautiful. GO LOOK AT THEM. :3

I spend way too much time on tumblr.

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