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~F A I R Y . F R I E N D~
(AKA. Keira Magdalena)

~U P D A T E S~
(Rarely updated.)

August 5, 2011 - Well, hi everyone! Just feeling a bit nostalgic today, nothing to really update about. Sorry! Hmm... should I start writing fanfiction again?

July 20, 2010 - Wow. Just realized I haven't been on this website in about three years. Anyway, a few former Fanfiction.net Harvest Moon writers and I have been talking about a new fanfic idea. I have no idea if it's going to be happening yet or not, but if it does, I'll definitely update more on it. As for Torn, I know I haven't updated it like I said that I would. I wrote out a number of chapters, but they're all on my old computer, and I have yet to copy the information from that computer onto another one. I'll work on getting something done, though.

August 1, 2007 - Torn has been uploaded to the site, once again.

~B E H I N D . T H E . F A N F I C S~
(My "autobiography".)

Hello, everyone! I'm Keira Magdalena, but I go around on this site as Fairy Friend. I'm 21 years old and obviously, one of my passions is writing, along with playing the violin and piano. The majority of my fanfics' genres are romance and humor, although admittedly, my favorite genre is drama. (So if you're looking for a semi-decent Harvest Moon romance/humor/drama writer, then you've come to the right place!)

I have been writing since the third grade, and I have wanted to pursue a career in writing for as long as I can remember. My first pieces of work were about my classmates, but then later on, I started to write about superheroes (or superheroines, rather - I was like a mini feminist, I swear). As I reached sixth grade, my hormones started to kick in, and eventually, I would write the piece of crap story that was known as either "Mineral Village in Romance" or "Mineral Village at its Romance Days", which was a Mary-Sue in which I inserted myself and every boy fell madly in love with me. Said story would follow with "The Powerpuff Girls in Mineral Town" (or something like that) and "Harvest Moon School", the latter being a one-shot drabble in which I wrote in about one hour and decided to just randomly post on FanFiction.net, and the former being pretty much self-explanitory. Luckily for all of you, all three of those stories have been removed and will never see the face of the earth again. EVER. (And don't get me started on "Harvest Moon: Truth or Dare", "That Dang Jack!", or "Popuri's Diary".)

I first joined this website when I was twelve and, nine years later, I can say that my writing has changed drastically.

~R E C O M M E N D E D . F A N F I C S~
(The talented writings of FanFiction.net! In no specific order.)

This is a beautiful, well-written fanfic by my good friend, GoddessKali, based on Magical Melody. It's about a girl named Alexandra Watson who has to help out her friend, Annie, on the farm because she broke her leg. And... let's just say that Annie really hates Jamie but Alex really... doesn't. VERY cute, and a great read for Tina/Jamie fans!

Believe it or not, this is what sparked me to write Shelly's World so if you liked Shelly's World, you'll love this fic. Main character, Dawn, is in competition with the other farmer, Jack, but feelings soon start to develop. Truly gripping and a great Drama/Romance fanfic. Jack/Jill. Based on BTN.

It's your not-so-average Harvest Moon story about a girl named Sakura Hyacinthia Roseblossom Crystal Lythia Sunshine Moondancer McPretty (but you can just call her Mary-Sue). It downright made me crack up until my laughbox broke. (Spongebob, anyone?)

Another Mary-Sue parody fanfic by Jersey Strat-O, another good friend of mine. The farmer's name is Mimi Suzuhatara, she can speak fluent Japanese, and she's the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world! (And who can resist a story with a Japanese speaker?)

A beautiful yet creepy drama fic with Harris and Maria written by AppleGoddess, yet another good friend of mine. Maria's not the quiet kind of girl that she's cracked up to be and reveals her true colors. One-shot fanfic so it's a short read but you'll be begging for more.

An amazing fanfiction by Miss Amaretto. You see Maria as the shy librarian, but you've never had the chance to get inside her head... until now. A must-read for all Maria fans.

A well-written, absolutely hilarious romance story about the girls going to the Hot Springs... and some unexpected twists and turns! You'll be hooked on reading it until the very last word.

This author is a wonderful writer. He puts SO much emotion in this fanfic and you can tell... I literally CRIED after reading "Monday's Child" and believe me, it's hard for stories to make me cry. But this one pulled it off. Although this is kind of an old fanfic, if you love stories that tug at your emotions, make you laugh, cry, and angry then you're going to LOVE this one.

~F A N F I C . R E V I E W S~
(My honest opinion on my own fanfics.)

CINDERELLI - 7.5 / 10. HARVEST MOON 64. On hiatus.
I thought I had a pretty good idea for this story, but unfortunately this story turned out to be a little more Mary-Sueish than I had hoped it would be. Still, it's not as though it's a terribly-written fanfic, so you might enjoy reading it. It's on hiatus because I have extreme writer's block. Inspired by (obviously) Cinderella.

A one-shot fanfic which involves a bunch of dry humor, irony, and sarcasm (and you can bet I had fun writing this one). Also a bit of making fun of the characters from Magical Melody. If this type of humor is what tickles your funny bone, then I highly recommend it. If you're one of those persons who prefers more of the burlesque humor, this fanfic isn't for you.

GREEN - 7.5 / 10. HARVEST MOON: MORE FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN. Currently in progress.
Once again, I bring out the sappy romance writer in me... and this comes out. Not recommended if you're not a Rick fan, but I... have done my best to not insult Karen in this one or make her into a whiny little brat. I have ideas for this story, but go ahead and read the two chapters that I have up. Inspired by an old fanfic on HMFarm.com called Mary's Story by Huni_Bee.

OCEAN EYES - 9 / 10. HARVEST MOON 64. Complete.
Currently my only work up here which involves tragedy. I don't know how I managed to pull this one out of my ass, but I did it. This is a story I did while inspired by one of Farmer Jen's fanfictions, Betrayal, so if you love that fanfic, you just might like this one.

SHELLY'S WORLD - 7 / 10. HARVEST MOON: BACK TO NATURE. Currently in progress.
I started writing this in seventh grade so the writing in the first few chapters is really shaky and immature. However, I've had a bunch of fans for this story. Just don't get thrown off from the first nine or ten crappily-written chapters, as they're pretty Mary-Sueish. Inspired by In My Life by MirriNight.

TORN - 8? / 10. HARVEST MOON: MAGICAL MELODY. Currently in progress.
There's no real rating for this one yet because I'm still writing it up and doing revisions and whatnot. However, I have so much planned for this story that it's not even funny. There's only one chapter up right now which I'm currently editing, but once I get up the first few chapters, I'll have a real rating for this story. Anyway, I recommend it. Go ahead.

I only have one chapter up for this story, and I kind of intend to keep it that way because I have no interest in writing any more for this. Makes for what might have been a cute little romance story, but there's really no point in reading it, seeing as how I'm never going to update this again. This fanfic is only up here purely for the sake of having another fanfic up here which ISN'T from Harvest Moon.

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Her Name In Blood by Ekoaleko reviews
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It is an old tale, oft told. New girl takes over old farm. Townspeople take notice. Crops are planted. Cows are milked. Chickens are picked up. Chickens are put over there. Hearts are won. Minds are lost. MFoMT fic
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Mimi Suzuhatara is perfect and has inherited the old farm in Mineral Town. Will she succeed at farming? Will all the boys fall madly in love with her? Will readers acknowledge the genre?
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Dawn is determined to take over her deceased grandfather's farm and make it the best farm around. Of course, she wasn't counting on rivalry with Jack. Based in the HM64 game, this fic is full of fluffy goodness. 18 is Up.
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Torn reviews
One female farmer wins the heart of construction worker, Joe... only for matchmaker, Kurt, to find out that he's in love with his brother's girlfriend too. A Magical Melody fanfic. Updated monthly.
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Green reviews
Claire has everything she could possibly need, including a great boyfriend, Rick. But once she finds out about Karen, Rick's best friend, she suddenly realizes she may have some rivalry... and maybe she isn't living up to her standards.
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