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Author has written 9 stories for Legend of Zelda.

I'm mature now. I'm writing in normal font and with this allign thingymajig. A for effort?

Anyhow, thought I'd give the whole profile thing a new makeover. Its lost its fablous-ness over the years or months or however long. And I was rewriting this before when I hit a button and backspaced. It didn't save. I've done that twice. I have no computer skills what so ever. I hit mine, and so far I've lost three keys and the screen's busted and it won't close completely shut. I need anger management.

So, the name's Orange. OrangeFanana, if you wanna get techonical. But that won't happen cause I can't fricken spell.

So the epilouge to TWoT is at my beta's. :DDD! Hopefully shall be posted soon!

Name: Orange

That's not what I meant and you know it: OrangeFanana

Finnnne. It's Hannah. But please, ladies and gentleman (like there's many boys on here :P), call me Orange. Or Assassin 3. It's my code name.

Age: The blissful years of a teenager. (14)

Looks: Brown hair and eyes. Got dimples too. They were cute when I was five, now they're getting annoying.

Music: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Beatle solo careers, Simon and Garfunkel (including Paul Simon), and Dion. Kinda.

Movies: Avengers, LOTR, Harry Potter, Batman, Beatle movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, and probably more.

TV Shows: Doctor Who, Merlin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Not the Nick version, but the one before that. Mikey was a total badass) Top Gear (BBC), and anything on the History channel

Likes: Superheroes (THE FLASH!) George Harrison, Richard Hammond (Don't care if he's married.) Fourth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor, Gay Marriage Rights, playing guitar, and music. (I have music playing all the time. Even when I go to bed)

So I felt like saying this: No one really knows that I write on here. My parents think I hate it (well, that I hate writing essays. Which I do) and I'm pretty sure my friends think I'm lying when I told them. You see, my friend who I shall call Princess for privacy reasons (even though she has a Quotev and totally tells who she is) who started writing a bit ago. Kinda dark stuff. Darker than mine, I suppose. Well, if I wanted to I could probably write something like her's... But anyhow, I decided to hint at it, you know? Say I have lots of reviews and stuff. I told her my account name (If you're reading this Princess, than HI!!) but she shrugged it off. Oh well :3. She writes about real people. I could never do that in a serious manner.

Because I feel like ranting...




Wolf of Twilight: Epilogue is on the way. THE END IS NEAR!

Runaways: Should be taken off hiatus soon, at the latest this summer. Sorry for the wait as well. I'm mothering several ideas for it. Getting pumped for it again! (Also, if you have any ideas, PM me or review)

And that's most of my major stories. I'm thinking of putting all my oneshots in one story, like a collection of oneshots. I seem to have a lot of 'em.

And that's about it for my profile. If you'd like to chat or co-write or have me beta something (I can do my best for betaing) then feel free to message (on another note, I pressed the spell-check and it said 'message' should be 'massage' You guys can do either or. I like both (: ) me. I've had a major writer's block this winter, but I think it's going away.


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