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Author has written 12 stories for Cartoon X-overs, Astro Boy, Mega Man, and Parappa the Rapper.

Author: Christopher storm.


Astro x Nikki (Astro boy 2003/Astro boy 1985)

Christopher x Robin (Author/Sugar bits)

Parappa X Paula (Parappa the Rapper)


Christopher & Tug rover (Author/Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School)

Winnie & Kitty (Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School/Tuff puppy)


Christpher vs. Hyper Metal Storm and Blade Shadō [OC]

Darrel vs. Tatewaki Kuno

Jamal vs. Ryoga Hibiki

Brande vs. Shampoo

Robin vs. Ukyo

Storm vs. Akane

Homer vs. Pantyhose Taro

Character profiles


Name: Christopher storm [Author]

Age: 19

Job: Heir of the Iron Clan

Hometown: Prince Rupert BC

Parents: Stewart Storm (OC) and Yvonne Storm (OC)

Love Interest: Robin the fox (Sugar bit)

Features: Raven hair, black shirt, blue pants, Iron ninja gears, and Iron headband,

friends: Tug rover, Winnie rover, Hinata, Dani, Sibella, Timmy Turner, Trixie Tang, Dani, Paulina, Jamal Williams, Darrel Jones, John Tennyson, Brande Storm, Ben Thompson, Tyler James, Storm.

Bio: Christopher Storm is a ninja and heir on Iron Clan, he's been teleport to Toontown by the Chaos Emerald, and met Tug Rover to help him collect the Emeralds, with their friends, an evil madman Dr Albert Wily is planning collect the Chaos Emeralds for his master plan of conquer the world and Chris Hometown Prince Rupert, It up to Christopher Storm, Ben Thompson, John Tennyson, Darrel Jones, Tyler James and his sister Brande Storm, and their new Iron member ninja. Tug Rover, Winnie rover, Sibella Dracula, Jamal Williams, Toby Tenma, Hinata Hyuga, Storm, Homer Simpson, Dani Fenton, Paulina, Trixie Tang and Timmy Turner and few new members, are to stop Lord Wily before the world is Doom.

Weapon: Ninja Scimitar Swords

Power: Fire Phoenix Cannon: A powerful Energy Beam. Forming up an energy ball, and power up. And then unleashes energy of beam.

Fire Sphere: Forming up the fire, and targets his opponent, and blasted the Fire Sphere. Damaging his opponent.

Phoenix Sphere: Creating a sphere, fiery up like a phoenix, and when he blasted, it's massive exploded when hits it's target.

Flame Sphere: A fiery version of Fire Sphere. More powerful then it. Creating it and makes it fiery. And shoots the sphere at opponent.

Fire Dive Kick: After setting the opponent in the air, he appears above them and dived kick them with fire.

Flame Fist: His hand clenched hard, making it fire. And attacks it's opponent while caught them off guard.

Fire Phoenix Blast: Forming up his fire attack, and shoots an Fire Energy Wave.

Ultra Phoenix Spear: A powerful attack, a fiery spear shaped. It's massive exploded when it's hits the opponent.

Phoenix Bomb: Creating a big glowing fire energy. When he powering up the attack, making a powerful sphere. Glowing and sparked crazy.

Blue Fire Cannon: A blue fire energy beam. In one hand, making a blue fiery energy ball. And unleashes it's energy beam.

Blue Fire Sphere: A glowing blue fiery sphere. When he's forming up in high power of blue fire. Shoots it targets, making a massive fiery explosion.

Double Blue Blaze Spheres: Creating both Spheres in blue fiery. And launched them to the opponent.

Blue Fire Phoenix Rapidly Guns: Throwing whole barrages of blue fire fists in long ranges. [Like Monkey D Luffy's Gatling Gun]

Fire Pistol: Throw his long fire arm in long range at it's opponent.

Fire Bazooka: Move his fire arms back far, and in close range, slammed it's fire palms on one very hard impact.

Fire Bullet: Move one fire arm far back, and massive punch it's target in close ranges.

Fire Axe: Raising his fire lag up high in line, and drop fire axe on targets.

Fire Gatling Gun: In forming his arms to fire. Throwing a whole barrages of fire punches. In long ranges.

Fire Whip: In fire leg. He kicks it side way in long whip, slamming it's enemies away.

Fire Stomp: When in high air, thrusted down his fire stomp on targets.

Fire Sickle: Throw around his long fire arm, knocking some opponents.

Fire Spear: Clenches his foots together, making it's fire, and thrusts kicks forward.

Fire Hammer: Claps his hands together, clenches fists making it's fire and hammer it's hard on opponents.

Phoenix Volley Blast: Shooting a barrages of volley energy fires blasts.

Flame Crush: A fiery sphere, forming up and glowing bright a little. And blasted, causes a fiery explosion in 10 degree.

Fire Phoenix Crush: A strong version of Flame Crush. It's glowing fiery sphere. Blasted on it's opponent dead on.

Kamehameha: When cupped hands are drawn to the his side and the ki is concentrated into a single point between the cupped hands (and the hands must be really close). The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy.

Rasengan: Forming a glowing sphere, very high. And thrusted it's powerful attacks on target.

Element: Fire.

Dream: Unlocked the evlove technique.


Name: Darrel Jones [OC]

Age: 18

Job: Three Sword Tiger Darrel

Weapon: Three Sword Style

Techniques: Two Sword style, Activated electric, Electric mode, Lightning Style. Electric Tiger Form.

Element: Lightning

Dream: The Greatest Swordsmen.


Name: Tyler James [OC]

Age: 19

Weapon: Cyborg

Techniques: Boxing, shooting, Lion Style, Aura Lion Form.

Power: Green Aura.

Dream: Build a Greatest Weapon.


Name: Ben Thompson [OC]

Age: 17

Weapon: Iron Staff

Techniques: Ice attacks, Ice Hawk, energy.

Element: Ice.

Dream: Have a Family and Defeats a Prince of Saiyan.


Name: John Tennyson [OC]

Age 21

Weapon: Golden Sais

Techniques: Golems powers, Rocked Ape Form, Shattered Technique.

Element: Earth

Dream: Complete his Full Golem Form.


Name: Brandi Storm [OC]

Age 20

Weapon: Iron Tonfa.

Technique: Wind attack, Speed winds, Wind energy, Wind Eagle Form.

Dream: Become Strong like her Brother.

Clan villain:


Name: Scar leader of Lion Clan.

Dress: Armor of gold.

Weapon: Golden long nails.

Power: Sound blast technique.


Name: Gorash swordman of Star warrior Clan.

Dress: Indian clothes.

Weapon: Big Long Star sword.

Power: Shockwave slash.


Name: King Gorilla of the Ape Clan.

Dress: king clotes and crown.

Weapon: Star gun and ultra strength.

Power: Hard rock form and magma fist.


Name: Commander Craft leader of Star warrior Clan.

Dress: Robot form.

Weapon: Laser Cannon and Ultimate star sword.

Power: Ultimae Shockwave slash and blast.


Name: Sumo Kong strong boulder of Ape Clan.

Dress: sumo clothe.

Weapon: Bombs and spikes ball.

Power: Spike rocks ball.


Name: Atlas power robot of Star warrior Clan.

Dress: Robot form.

Weapon: Arm cannon.

Power: Electric blast.


Name: Leviathan beautiful robot woman of Star warrior Clan.

Dress: robot dress.

Weapon: harpoon.

Power: Water blast and form.


Name: Saffron the King of the Dark Phoenix Clan.

Dress: Red and White Gi.

Weapon: None.

Power: Unknown.


Blade Shadō

Nickname: The Ultimate Dark Phoenix

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: His face a frown and scowl. He even has white jet hair. And his eyes are red and pupils black, wearing a black coat, and pants. And even a sleeveless shirt. He's gotten a Large Dark Sword on his back.

Voice's by: Jason Griffith [Shadow the Hedgehog's voice from Sonic X]

Powers: Chaos Control: An ability that will go time and space in various affects.

Chaos Blast: This move is only required to charge enough energy, or enter his Dark Super Phoenix Form, charging it up with pure anger. The appearance is literally a great shock wave of Chaos Energy that destroys everything within 20 meters.

Pyro Spear: A pyro arrowed head attack.

Pyro Blazer: A powerful version of Pyro Spear. A larger Pyro attack. Made a direct hits when in explosion massive.

Pyro Needles: Deadly fiery attacks. Go through your bodies, and through walls, steels wall.

Arrow Pyro Attack: A whole barrages of pyro arrows.

Pyro Flash: Forming up both pyro energy balls, and when it's combined. Forming ever bigger. And unleash a huge beam of pyro energy. And if so anger up and powers up higher.

Pyro Death Bang Attack: When he creates an energy pyro ball. It's forming up into a 90 degree angle, and when he's finished. He fired a powerful pyro sphere to it's opponent. When it's directed hits. It has enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud.

Galick Pyro Gun: When he forms it energy into his palms, he powering up into high power. And he unleashed a powerful pyro energy beam.

Double Pyro Cannon: When a speed of light, he places his hands on opponent's chest, and blasted a huge energy pyro blast in close range.

Element: Fire/Pyro

Forms: Dark Phoenix form. Dark Pyro Phoenix form. Pyro Phoenix. Super Semi Pyro Phoenix. Ultra Pyro Phoenix.

Bio: Created by Lord Albert Wily, using Chris's hair piece DNA. And become stronger then Chris.

Rival: Christopher Storm

Girlfriend: Dawn (Pokémon)

Hyper Metal Storm (Robotic Version of Christopher Storm)

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Appearance: A robotic look alike of Christopher Storm. It has shine shoulder blades, a point sharp nose. A matching gears, and armor on him. Even boots with booster rockets. And even a two jets behind it's back.

Powers: Energy Barrier: Creating an energy barrier to protect. Stronger barrier.

Atomic Cannon: Charging up it's body, into either mid power, or full power. For mid power. Shooting big glowing green energy blast. And in full power, unleashed a large glowing green energy blast.

Barrages Energy Cannons: Forming a big energy ball in it's palms, and shoots whole barrages of energy volley.

Laser Eyes: Shooting green laser from both eyes.

Full Power Barrier Tackle: When creating a barrier into full power. It's tackle, making a painful effects.

Enemy: Christopher Storm

Dark Lord Thomas Wily (From another dimension)

Gender: Male

Age: 79

Appearance: An elder, looked like Lord Albert Wily. But he's gotten a middle white beard, a same middle white hair he's got. And a dark brown suits and cape behind his shoulders. And a black shoes. And holding a Black skull cane with a W on it. As he's left eye is mechanic. And his right eye is dark red. And gotten a scar across his face.

Voice by: Kent Williams [Dr Gero's voice from Dragon Ball Z and Mercenary Tao's voice from Dragon Ball]

Weapon/Power: Death Master. A powerful Battle armor. As fits Dark Lord Wily in it. It's power and strength are massive.

Killer Strike: A massive punch, when it's glows. It's attacked their opponent dead on.

Death Cannon: The cannon from the Battle armor's chest. Charging up it's power. And unleashed a dark red energy beam.

Barrier: Creating a powerful barrier, protecting from any attacks.

Death Missiles: Shooting many missiles he fires.

Bio: Comes from another dimension to find another worlds to conquer.

Enemy: Christopher Storm, Blade Shadō and Sarah Storm.

Taxter Shockman (From another dimension)

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Appearance: A man, who looked like Baxter Stockman. But he has patch on his left eye. And scar across his right eye, and gotten a black uniform with W symbol on the chest. And a badge on his side chest.

Voice by: Henry Dittman (Kabuto's voice on Naruto)

Weapon/Power: Sleeve Swords: A sharps swords appears from his wrist. Very deadly swords.

Poison Slash Wave: When in air, slashes both side, sending a deadly poison, when target's hit. Poison the life out of their opponent to death.

Stun Attack: His power can stuns opponents un-move. And be like a statue.

Air Shockwave: When he powers up, having his Sleeve Swords glowing, and unleashes a powerful Air Shockwave on both sides, created a craters.

Bio: He's a Captain to his Dark Lord. And is powerful. Taking commands from Dark Lord.

Enemy: Christopher Storm and Sarah Storm.

The Yami Erītodoragonzu (One of them is Herb, just from Ranma 1/2)

The Saiyan Rangers X

The ZX-Force-Squad (From another dimension)

Sarah Storm (From another dimension)

Silverlance Storm (From 3600 years)

Lord Kokuryū (Brother of Saffron)

Kodus (Mightiest Saiyan Warrior)

Hey there, if your wondering what happen to the stories, as I've got only 9 of them. The whole stories I've got are deleted, sorry. It just I cannot let anything happen to me. And to my stories as well the others having problems on theirs. So, sorry about that.

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