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Ok, my old bio was starting to make very little sense so I’ll start again! (Yes I do realise no one reads them anyway but so what!)

twiddles thumbs* Hmmm, not much to say. I suppose my fics would be a good place to start! Well, Dangerous Memories, A New Beginning and the Secrets of Slytherin all join together in a funny way…they all take place in the same year although there is very little correlation in the stories. The first two are finished but the third is pretty much just beginning, although I am getting bored with it at the mo’ so heck knows when it’s gonna end. I know I’ll make a little list!

Dangerous Memories (Part One) Everything’s rather strange in this one….well I did literally throw it together in seconds! Lupin comes to Hogwarts to take on his old job and also assist Dumbledore in running the school (Dumbledore is very busy with the Order you see!) Sirius is somehow free (for no logical reason other than I love him to bits and wouldn’t dream of having him holed up in a cave or smelly old house!) Well the main line is, Harry has an incident with Lupin’s pensieve and finds out a horrible secret that threatens to ruin his relationship with the handsome little werewolf man forever

A New Beginning (Part Two) Sirius sets about rebuilding his life and goes off in search of a face from his past. He finds the person in question but is forced to accept that the world has moved on since he was last a part of it and that the past is not an easy thing to erase.

The Secrets of Slytherin (Part Three) The last, and as yet unfinished, part of my little collection. Sirius arrives at Hogwarts to take over Lupin’s role as Dark Arts professor. He learns the real reason behind his old friend’s stay at Hogwarts and becomes active in the revival of the Order. Voldemort continues to be a threat and, as usual, Harry finds himself in the thick of things. The secret behind Salazar Slytherin’s legacy is unravelled and Harry discovers that there is more to Azkaban Fortress than meets the eye. Although I started these fics before OOTP was released I have added some details (like the prophecy) to this fic.

Baptism Of The Phoenix My first post-OOTP fic. Actually it’s set during rather than after, but I’m sure you get my drift. Whilst wallowing in the depths of Grimmauld Place, Sirius miserably looks back to his past and remembers what it was like to feel needed. Seeing the Order functioning perfectly well without him, he begins to question his worth. With the help of flashbacks and interaction with the other members of the original Order this fic basically depicts what life was like for Sirius when he was at the forefront of the Order’s mission. I haven’t got much on paper at the mo’ but hopefully I’ll be able to cover the deaths Moody tells Harry about in OOTP, the Potter’s three near misses with Voldemort (the Longbottom’s too of course)…er, what else…Regulus’ death. I’ve hatched my own little theory about Dumbledore’s brother, so I’ll include that. Not sure at this point in time where I’ll leave off, but as they’re Sirius’s memories I suppose his arrest would be the obvious place. In OOTP time I’ll finish with him setting off for the DOM, but I in no way imply that anything happens to him there…cos nothing did right? ;0)

Hell, this is getting long. I haven’t even had time to write my ‘I love Sirius rant’ yet. Well, I do. Lots and Lots. POA is my favouritest book ever, ever, ever. As you may have guessed, I am not overly fond of OOTP for obvious reasons. Well, anyhow, Sirius is very much alive as far as I’m concerned…in fact he’s here right now having tea and biscuits….Wave to the people Sirius….*Sirius politely waves at the computer screen* See? Isn’t he a sweetie? Well, I must be off. Sirius has just found out that Gary Oldman is going to be playing him in the films and he’s very upset and highly offended…poor thing. Say goodbye to the people now Sirius *Sirius waves frantically*

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