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Author has written 13 stories for Beyblade, Digimon, Pokémon, Gravitation, Pretty Face, and Haru wo Daite Ita.

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1. Beyblade

Blood (multi-chaptered): DISCONTINUED (My first Beyblade fic) Mariah-bashing fic. I wrote it when I was bored...

Cruel intentions (multi-chaptered): COMPLETED WITH BLOOPERS, TyKa. Ray has something Kai wants and can't have. What will Kai do to get it?
[Note: Ok, Tyson doesn't know what happened that night so Tyson thought he was the one that took advantage of Kai. Did I make things clearer?

Not this time (one-shot): COMPLETED. A ficlet with a bit of TYKA lime. Kai is waiting for Tyson to come back from a shower. Tyson comes out and teases Kai... More info? Please Read...

Nine (multi-chaptered): *Chapter 5* TyKa. Ok, Tyson is obsessed with something! Check it out! Chapter 5 brings a whole new level of un-expected-ness ;

When you're in love (multi one-shots): When you're in love with someone, how far would you go to show them how you feel? Disaster? shrugs Humour? *Nods*
Case 1: Kenny is in love with Emily and decided to sing a song about her.
Case 2: When Tala met Tyson, he fell head over heels for him and falls hard.
Please R&R Umm, it's a fiction where there's a bit of insanity, singing, bashing, embarrassment, disasters and it's weird...

Tyson's story (multi-chaptered): COMPLETED. TyKa. Thanks for all your support and reviews. I love you guys!

Order of the phoenix (multi-chaptered): *Chapter 2* TyKa. Kai-centric story. What happens when Kai's sister finds Kai?

A rush of blood to the [censored] (one-shot): TyKa. Kai thinks about -it- all the time... In fact, he thinks about -it- all the time! A humor that has: TyKa lime, insanity, stupidity, romance, facts, resolved tension, ooc-ness and a weird title! XD

2. Digimon

Jealousy (one-shot): Takouji. It's about JP getting jealous over the other couples. He feel unloved, left out, etc… because he thinks his friends don't need him anymore, how will he deal with this?

Midnight (multi-chaptered): COMPLETED. Takouji. Takuya and Kouji is separated with the others. One sweet night... somebody confesses their feelings for the other. Anyone up for fluff...?

3. Pokemon~

A conversation (one-shot): COMPLETED. Brock, Ash and Misty have been travelling with each other for quite some time now. Brock, overtime, had developed feelings for Ash, for real. What happens when he tries to confess his feelings? Brock-angst-ish... Shounen-ai implied.

4. Gravitation~

Mistake (multi-chaptered): Removed by , reuploaded. Shuichi accidentally sleeps with Tatsuha, But how? Isn't Shuichi really faithful to Yuki. How does Tatsuha do it and why? How will Yuki react? The answer lies within this fic. Check it out and I hope you'll like it.

5. Cardcaptor Sakura~

The flower she loved the most (one-shot): -REMOVED- Disturbing metaphoric story... Shoujo-ai Tomoyo/Sakura... Be warned, quite disturbing. And naughty…


Name: DNA

Eye colour: Chocolate Brown (Look intently into Takuya's, hehe _)

Hair colour: Natural brunette... I had a haircut! XD It's like Lain's (from the anime SEL)

Personality: Happy, hyper, friendly and... weird. If I'm sad, I could be distant and cold like Yuki and Kai, but most of the time, I'm Tyson, Max, Shu, and Ryu. I could be like Tohma, very optimistic.

Sobriquet: DNA
FF ID: 366434

Hikari: DNA
Neutral: RNA
Yami: DAA
Milleniun item: The Millenium knife (can become a sword)

Beyblade team: BladeTrashers
Beyblade: Attack/attract; Snow Spate is the main attack and the magnetic defense attracts the opponent's blade, making it harder to control for the opponent. Sometimes, I have an opposite magnetic chip installed in there, making the blade repel other metals and easier to attacking.
Bit-beast: Dagger, a snowy white eagle

My spirit: Water... Amemon
Beast spirit: Snow... Yukimom

My travel Pokemon: SnoAn, a snowy white egret
SnoAn's attack: Ice beam, tornado water gun, ice thrower and fly

Taka - Card Captor Sakura - Li and Meilin's cousin (picture available)
Kuroshio - Beyblade - Friend of the Bladebreakers (picture available)
Tsu - Beyblade - Friend of Tyson
Kuki - Gravitation - Friend of NG and BL, in a band with me and called XP
Kiiro - Gravitation - Friend of Shu and all (pronounced as Ki-iro) (picture available)


~Anime: Beyblade, Gravitation, YnM

1. Absolute Fave Anime Coupling:
(Beyblade): TYKA!!!
(Haru wo daiteita): Iwaki/Katou
(Digimon): Takuya/Kouji
(Gravitation): Yuki/Shu

2. Second Fave Anime Pairings:
(Beyblade): TYRA (Tyson/Ray) and TYTA (Tyson/Tala)
(Gravitation): Shu/Tohma, Shu/Ryu
(DBZ/GT): Goten/Trunks
(Yu-Gi-Oh!): Yami/Yugi, Yugi/Ryou

3. Absolute fave Anime Characters:
(Beyblade): Tyson and Kai
(Digimon): Takuya, Kouji and Kouichi
(Gravitation): Shu-kun, Ryu and Yuki

4. Second fave Anime Characters
(Beyblade): Ray, Max, Tala and Oliver
(Gravitation): Tohma and Hiro
(SEL): Lain
(Yu-Gi-Oh!): Yugi, Joey
(DBZ/GT): Gohan and Goten

~Manga: Pretty face, Love mode, SY (I will shout!), CB, HWD

1. Absolute Fave Manga Coupling:
(Love mode): Takamiya/Izumi
(CB): Kasumi/Shiki
(YnM): Hisoka/Tsu
(HWD): Iwaki/Katou

2. Second Fave Manga Pairings:
(Love mode): Naoya/Reiji
(YnM): Muraki/Tsu

Current obsession: ANIME! MANGA! Drawing anime/manga, Writing anime/manga fics, talk about anime/manga and more ANIME!!! Love YAOI!!! Love all the super kawaii pairings!

Fanfiction genre: Humour, Romance, Angst


Anime: Nothing. Anime is life!!!

Manga: Nothing also. Anime is life... Manga is after-life!

Couplings: Kai/Ray, Ray/Mariah, Kouji/Junpei (Ok, this pairing is just plain... DISGUSTING), Takuya/Junpei

Hates: Anyone who discriminate (racism, homophobia etc)

Also hates: Flamers... People provide you a story to read and if you don't like the story, give constructive feedback or leave. Don't flame it!

If it's good, compliment them (with real comments) to boost their confidence! I mean, I like it when people gives hints to let the author/ess know what they done wrong. I hate it when someone gives hints just to criticise.

Ok and also, I hate flamers who don't have an account or one that has an account but doesn't write stories... They're a downright loser! Anyone with me? So people, please don't criticise other people's work! My saying, don't like, don't read, don't criticise... leave!


Hey anyone who reads this. Thanks for reading. You've skipped bits of it, ne? You're probably bored of me by now... OK, quick note...

Ok, I only review or update once a while... because of my stuffed up ISP (it wouldn't let me in ). I only review if you want me to. I also review if I come across something worth reviewing. Please don't take it wrongly if I'm a bit serious about the critique, I only want to be honest and help out fellow writers... And just to let you know, I respect you all.

That's about it. Ok, be happy, take care and SMILE... Ja matta!


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Gravitation - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 34,274 - Reviews: 371 - Favs: 289 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 12/30/2005 - Published: 1/31/2002 - Eiri Y., Shuichi S. - Complete
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Rei, Max and Kenny get sick of Tyson and Kai's constant fighting so they take.............drastic measures.
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When called back for an exhibition match, Kai’s feelings for Tyson resurface. But when something happens to him, Tyson is afraid of losing… TyKa/Discontinued
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Finished. Don't miss the ending! , Ryuichi Sakuma is a lonely man and has no love in his life until he met the boy of his dreams. (Shounen ai) Main pairings: Ryuichi & Shuichi, Yuki & Shuichi, K & Hiro
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Past is Painful by MaeglinRumil reviews
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Tyson's story reviews
[TyKa] FINISHED! Something's wrong with Tyson and you would never guess what it is! This story is darkish. Dedicated to all the TyKa fans. Please read & review
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Just Great reviews
Randoh is having the time of his life... NOT! He is a girl, for God's sake, A GIRL! His life goes from worse to HELL when she meets Nozomi... Full summary inside Harmless Yuri hints
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