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Author has written 8 stories for Septimus Heap, and Good Night Mr Tom.


Real name? I'm not going to tell you that... Anything you want. I'm not fussy (though I'd prefer you not to call me any so-called "bad" names, as that can be seen as rude. Here's a short list of "bad" names: whore, slut, skank, bitch, fatass, asshole, etc.) That only applies if I don't deserve it, which I hope I don't. Please, give me a reason if you do call me something like that. I don't like to go wondering so much, I do that enough already.

Nickname(s): It's a quite long list

Hobbies? Reading, writing, scouts, archery (yes, I did that before the Hunger Games even was written).

Favourite book(s)? Septimus Heap, House of Night, Harry Potter, the Robert Langdon-series, the Divergent-series, most books written by Christina Wahldén

Favourite TVshow? The Mentalist, Dark Angel, Once Upon A Time, The Addams Family (what?)

Favourite musical? Wicked, Aida, Les Miserables,

Do I currently have a crush (that's not fictional)? Nope. Or maybe I do? *dramatic music*

How I'd probably look like if you saw me: Hmm... I have brown (which is somwhere in between light-brown, hazel-brown and chocolate-brown, with signs of red and blonde) hair... kinda. And I have blue eyes, and I never get a tan. I can live on the sun for months, and I'd still be as white as a vampire. Since I am kind of old-fashioned, I don't like showing my ancles. So, I'd probably wear long trousers (or pants, what you now prefer to call it) or a really long dress. I don't like showing of my arms very much, either, so I'd probably be wearing something covering up my elbows at least. If I'd wear shorts, they probably quite long. If I'd wear shorts that don't cover my knees, I probably wouldn't have anything else to wear.

Wherewould you see me: Probably at the Library, at school or at a bookshop. Perhaps at a bus (all my friends that I don't get headache of by being with in more than an hour lives in the city next to the city I live in). I am not very social, so I'm not outside very much. Absolutley not when it's summer, I loathe summer. It's hot and you get sticky and your family drag you of to the beach (I have nothing against water, but I don't like it when it's deep). I like most summer-camps with the scouts, though.


This is just going to be some short information to you guys who wonder about these... well, people I guess you could call 'em. (Well, Medea's not a person. She's a MONSTER!!!!!)

Odale Overstrand: Odale is a... well, odd person who enjoys reading, studiying and doing magyk and (sometimes, even though Marcia does not approve it) darke magyk. She has a heartshaped face with big, vagilant, emeraldgreen eyes and she is tan. Her hair is dakre-brown and curly. Usually, she wears the roes of the ExtraOrdinary apprentice (a green tunic and a silver-belt, but at more formal events Marcia forces her to wear more casual clothes which mostly involves dresses in all kinds of colours and neat shoes. If you pay attention, you can see that she wears a silver-bracelet with a blue stone on it. People you may see her with is her friends, Septimus Heap, Princess Jenna and Merrin Meredith (alias Daniel Hunter). You might also see her with her pet snake Indigo, Marcia Overstrand, Cashmére Overstrand, the Port Witch Coven or possible the ghosts of Alther Mella or Joseph Overstrand (her father).

Odale's Past: Odale (at the time known as Laurine) grew up as the apprentice to DomDaniel, just as Merrin Meredith did. But, in contrast to Merrin, Odale had (and still has) a huge magykal ability and was- yes, infact- liked and rather appreciated by DomDaniel. Sometimes, he gave her missions that often included her killing people of and/or spying. She was raised to hate and loathe royality and the ExtraOrdinary Wizard. One day, she and Merrin got sent out to find the princess (or the Queenling, as DomDaniel called her) and kill her. With them, they had the Hunter and a hunting crew. But, things did not go as planned. Before, DomDaniel had told her that if anything went wrong, Odale should separate herself from Merrin and the group and continue on her own. And so she did. She got to know Jenna and Marcia better, and then betrayed DomDaniel, saving their lives. She has never, ever regretted it.

Odale's Future: Odale's future is set, but not i stone. Sometimes, she just does things that changes everything and makes me have to change everything that I has planned for her. But, I might know who she is going to fall in love with and who she is going to marry (observe that these two might be two whole different persons).

Medea Coruscanstella: Medea thought she and her frind Eliza was... well, two ordinary girls. But it turned out that they were not. Transported to another world, they both learn that they are vampyres. They meet Zoey Redbird, Neferet and a whole lot of people. But, a war is drawing near. Not a usual war, but an epic fight between friends, lovers, family and foes...


Well, recently I read Divergent and I want to read the rest of the series, and after that I want to write som Divergent-fics. I have also thought about writing
SH-parodies, and I will keep on writing all the books 'Odale-ifyed', and then I maybe will write three more about what happend to her afterwards. Maybe. I won't promise anything.


August 17/ Sjuttonde Augusti: What's up with all the Marcia-fics? I mean I like her, but REALLY? Is there no other character you could write fics about... jeez.

August 28/ Tjugoåttonde Augusti: Does it make me weird that I listen to steampunk, all kinds of rock, musicals and moviesoundtracks?

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' "No." Odale said, her voice was cold as ice. "Septimus won't do it." Fume looked furious. "Yes, he will." ' Tertius Fume, the first Hermetic Scribe ever gets in a fight with Marcia and wants revange. He sends out her apprentices to the deathly Queste. Will they survive? *bad summary, better story*
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