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Razor: Hello there! I'm Razor.

Nuse: I'm Nuse. The company director.

Razor: This isn't a company.

Tani: Well we could become on D

Nami: Sounds like a horrible idea to me :I

Razor: We'd make a horrible company...

Night Eve: We lost two members of our bandwagon, but we gained three more :D

Nova: Hi there!

Tani: I joined this bandwagon of delightfulness :D

Nami: Not sure if that's a word.

Tani: Is it wrong to be developing new words?

Razor: ANYWAYS, take a look around! See if you can find a chapter you would like to read, Reader :D



The chief of the story writer. She writes the stories and is given ideas by Bahirebieshiek and Night Eve. She is best friends with Nuse and they always greet each other in a wide hug. She is 16 Years Old and in High School. She is the most technical and artistic of the bunch. She is best friends with Nuse and Ninja to the point of treating them like siblings.

The editor. She makes sure the story makes sense (although most of the time, forgetting to do so). She has a fun personality and loves to bully Bahirbieshiek when he was still in the group. She is the oldest one of the group, making her the most responsible. She is also the kindest one and she loves to help people. She is Razor's best friend and they often treat each other as siblings.

A girl who just doesn't do anything but makes sure there are no capitalization errors in any of the sentence. She had ninja skills and used to love bully Bahirebishiek. She isn't the best student, but her fighting skills are above average. She is the most athletic out of the group. Ninja got her nickname from shouting random ninja phrases when they hang out together.

Originally a lost transfer student from Japan, she didn't know how to speak the language and socialize until Razor grabbed her and made her join in. She is the Japanese of the group and knows how to read raw Manga Scans for Razor and the others. She is the tallest of the group, despite being one of the youngest. She also has the hardest last name to spell in the group. Her job is to make sure everyone stays on track and gives ideas to Razor. Razor's Nickname for is Nihon, which is Japan in Japnese.

A quiet, reserved girl who likes to have fun and be serious at the same time. She doesn't like to be too loud and prefers things to be quiet, but she plays minecraft along with Razor sometimes. She covered most of Barbieshiek's job.

A member of the group who loves singing and having fun. She hanged out with the group, but joined the writing group upon Nuse's request.


Pronouced as Ba-hire-bi-shiek. He doesn't like to be bullied, but since he has nothing to do anyway he does this. He helps gives ideas (most of them rejected though. He is the strangle the youngest, even though he's the tallest. He is the most mathematical and smart out of the group. He had left the group due to not hanging around Razor and the others that much.

Night Eve-
A smart girl who always studies. She never has time to do any editing or stuff so she just gives ideas. She makes boring stories seem like a fairy tale. She loves to bully Bahirebishiek. She is 15 and a half years old. She is the most studious out of the group. She left the group together with Barbieshiek to hang out with a new "friends".

She is smart and she loves to write stories. She is the second oldest of the group and enjoys the company of her new friends in the group. She replaced Night Eve's job of organizing and keeping things on track.She looks very similar to Nuse and they often shout out that they're twins. She left the group soon after she joined due to personal reasons

Currently Writing

-How To Train Your Dragon: Let The Games Begin: DISCONTINUED

-Rise of the Guardians: Polymorphed Ch2 DISCONTINUED

-Hoodwinked: OutFoxed Ch3 DISCONTINUED

-Acceleracers: Silencerz Ch3 Good Bye, Shirako DISCONTINUED

- Kingdom Hearts 3: Return of Vanitas CHAPTER 1 DISCONTINUED


Razor: When do you think they'll release Kingdom Hearts 3?

Nuse: I don't know, but I do know that you literally died when I showed you that trailer.

Ninja: It was so funny xD

Octa: I should of video-recorded it for blackmail-I mean memories. Yes memories.

Nami: Maybe we should watch something else?

Nova: Maybe something that doesn't make Razor scream and run around in circles laughing and crying at the same time.

Razor: You know, Nova. You scare me a lot...

Nova: Why?

Nuse: It's even

RAZOR has become Handicapped (Leg Injury). She suffered from a permanent injury and now can no longer run, jump, or climb stairs properly

BARIBIESHIEK and NIGHT EVE have left the bandwagon

NAMI, OCTA and NOVA/SYN have joined the bandwagon

Ways of Contacting

Get Razor's attention at KingdomHeartsRazor on Deviantart!

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