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Hello again. I have another installment of Unwritten Words. This time it's from Tohru's pov. Hope you guys like it. Again, I'm sorry for the long wait. By the way, if anyone feels up to it, I could use some help with proofreading and advice for my FB and MnH fics, such as keeping the personalities in character. Anyways, happy reading and let me know what you think. Ja,



Well, after a long, long time, I'm back with another installment of Takako no Hibi. I'm sorry to all those people waiting for this chappie. Hopefully the long hiatus hasn't scared off too many of you. Also, hopefully one day I will actually finish the story. Anyways, sorry for the long wait and I hope you enjoy it. I've tried to focus on Takako's personality this time. Also, Nao and Professor Makinoha make an appearance. Let me know what you think. And extra apologies if I'm a little rusty. It's been a while.

Happy Halloween.



New story today. Flowers and Dreams I called it. It's one that's been sitting in my vault for a long time. I re-read it yesterday and decided to resurrect it. I hope you all like it. I haven't felt much like writing in the last few months, it's one of those things I really need to be in the mood for. Lately my muse has been elusive. But I'm back at it this week, hard at work on Unwritten Words Chapter 2. I know you're all waiting for it and I'm doing my best but it's slow going. I hope to have it up soon. Please be patient. In other news Takako No Hibi Chapter 8 is still in the planning stage. I've been reading your reviews and have decided to include Nao, the mad professor and Lucy. Expect Nao to make an appearance in the next chapter. Also I plan to start drawing the story away from the manga a little. I've been a little lazy with it I guess and I hope to start letting Takako's personality shape the story a little more. However, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a little longer, Unwritten Words Chapter 2 will be coming out first. Anyways, as always I hope you are enjoying my stories and don't forget to leave reviews. They make me want to write more. Although I really wonder if anyone actually reads this little blog of mine. Oh well, you can't have everything. Ja.


Well, well, well. Another chapter done and the story just keeps getting longer and longer with no end in sight. This is 'Takako No Hibi' I'm talking about. Sigh... right now it's the longest Midori No Hibi fic on ff dot net. Heh... by about 64 words, lol. But it's gonna get longer. Even I have no idea how many chapters it's gonna take. I stopped planning after chapter 4. I feel a little sorry for the Midori section here. It's so unloved. I do wish people would write more. I mean, c'mon guys, there's only like 20 stories. Anyways, in other news, at this point TNH Chapter 7 is half finished so hopefully it won't take much longer, although I'm busy with exams and assignments at the moment so who knows when I'll next have a chance to write. For those of you wanting to know about my latest Fruits basket fic 'Unwritten Words' well, I haven't started chapter 2 yet although I hope to soon. I'm mainly concentrating on Takako at the moment, UW is sort of a side project. But while you're waiting for chapter 2 of UW to come out, why don't you check out my favourite fruits basket story 'A Beautiful Mourning' and let me know what you think about that. I've just added a new epilogue to it, a present for all the reviewers who left such lovely reviews. Thanks guys! Be sure to check out my website. It's a bit of a mess at the moment but it does have a luscious extra, my Kare Kano lemon. Yay!

Favourite quote for the day:

'Lord Naoshige said, "The Way of the Samurai is in desperateness. Ten men or more can not kill such a man. Common sense will not accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desperate."'
--Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure


Guess what? I have a new webpage. Yay! You can find all my fanfics on it with a special bonus. It also has the super-rare, never-been-published Kare Kano lemon I wrote. Go check it out. You can also find my original fics and some wallpapers. Cool huh?


Well well... I come back after a few months and everything changes on me. Still, I like the new Lots of new fiddly features to amuse me. I might even post a few new stories. I've got a Midori No Hibi one brewing.

One thing I would like to say here relates to my story For Fruits Basket : A Beautiful Mourning. This is a oneshot. I never actually intended to ever write any more chapters. As sad as it is, Kumi must face the hand fate has given her. So I'm sorry if any of you have been misled about that. I have corrected the story status (couldn't do that when I posted it ;) to reflect this.

Another thing I should say is sorry to all those who have been waiting for THVWU Chapter 2. The muse I had who was writing that story for me suddenly ran off and has not come back. After a few months of writer's block I have a new muse now but she does not know how this story ends so unfortunately I have been forced to put it on indefinite hiatus until my first muse comes back. Sorry folks.

I also have several regular fictions on for anyone who wants to check them out. Head to

New Stories:

Takako No Hibi: A Different Love Story - Chapter 08 (Midori No Hibi)

Unwritten Words: Chapter 02 (Fruits Basket)

On the drawing board:

Unwritten Words: Chapter 03 (Fruits Basket)

Takako No Hibi: A Different Love Story - Chapter 09 (Midori No Hibi)

Till Human Voices Wake Us: Chapter 02 (Karekano) - ON HIATUS

Sakaki-Chan...? (Azumanga Daioh)


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