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Name:Misuki (Mi-su-ki)

Age: I am over 400 (I look like I am 14)

Hair Color:Pink

Eye Color:Emerald

Race: Healing Demon (I take human form)


Height: Around 5'1

Status: Partner and Younger Sister of Kinuma (He is my older brother)

Quote:"Please don't fight, I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me"

I am Misuki a Kind-hearted Demon. I have a Older Brother who I got seperated from when I was in my Spirit Demon Form (When I was a wolf) I got kidnapped because of my Voice. You see When I sing any object that is not spiritual turns into Diamonds and is worth millions. I hate seeing anyone getting hurt or Fight and blame things on myself. I have a Special healing ability and I can control the weather too. Like the Force of Wind and Lightning I use them to make a Shield Barrier defending me and all I Love. I was raised by a human family you see I was shot down and I sacrifed all my spirit power to be human (by birth) because the human family raised me so well I can't hurt any humans I will do my best to protect them and someday I will find my Older Brother but for now I will stay here in my prison where there keeping me and pray that someone will save me.

Name:Kinuki (Kin-u-ki)

Age:400 +

Hair Color: Pale Pink

Eye Color:Emerald

Race:DragonFlower Demon



Status:A Theif and Legendary Beauty Quote"

A Rose may be as Beautiful as I am but it's not as dangerous"

This is my True Demon form after I escaped, and left thanks to my new friends. I left sadly to have control over my power of turning things to Diamonds and I did...I made a promise that I will thank the person that saved me. I decided to help and be a member of their team but it was only for Males saying that Females are weak so I disguised myself in Silk robes and became the last team member. At a battle I fought the power of my oppenont was so strong I somehow evolved back into my past form "The Mistress of Death" A legend to all Demons and even Humans because I killed many but since of the past experiance with humans I won't kill a human anymore but I will torment demons. It's fun to me. I am Human looking and have a very fancy outfit which is all pink. "Pedals of the Roses" Is the attack which I used in my demon form pedals from a rose at my foes and it's dangerous since they are Blades.

Here is more about me

Favorite Characters:

Joey, Seto and Yugi/Yami (Yu-gi-oh)

Kai and Ray (BeyBlade)

Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko(Rurouni Kenshin)

Sora, Mimi, T.K, Yamato (Digimon 01) Sora-Beginning hate her once she rejects Taichi and goes for Yamato instead and Marrys himHuge Taiora Fan,

Hikari (Digimon 02)

Takato, Ruki, Juri,Ryo (Digimon 03)

Izumi,Takuya,Koji,Tomoki,Kouichi (Digimon 04)

Yusake,Keiko,Botan,Kuwabara-Feel bad for the guy and I think he is funny and I Love his Crush on Yukina-she is also a character

I Like 002,003,007, 009 (I like calling them by there number it's easier anyway (Cyborg 009)

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango (I love her she the character I am most like in personality after that is Kagome) , Minoku(The perventing monk?), Shippo, I think Rin is so Kawaii! (Inuyasha)


DIGIMON EXTREME RV-It will be around Feb. 26/27 or March 5/6

Favorite Coversations in Yu-gi-oh:

"Who are you guys?" -kid on the boat"We're the guys who are going to save you're Star Chips. Don't worry, you got the brilliant mind of Joey Wheeler on the case, and I always get my man, even if he is just a kid. Onward troops!"-Joey"So, what is you're brilliant mind telling you now Sherlock?" -Tristan later on"(heavy sigh)Beats me! All my brilliant mind is doing is giving me a brilliant headache!" -Joey ~

"Thank's to my brilliant plan we were able to pry a puzzle off the wall" -Joey"Yea brilliant! Let's stick the pole in the hole and pull on it really hard!" -Tristan"SAY WHAT?" -Joey"SAY NOTHING!" -Tristan fighting with Joey"Knock it off guys or I won't share my hospital food with you!" -Yugi"We'll be good!" -Joey

"Hey, some of us are trying to get some shut-eye here, ya insensitve joik!" -Joey to Kaiba"Why don't you look for a opponent you can accully beat. Like an infant, or a monkey.." -Seto to Joey"That monkey thing gets him every time!" -Tristan

"It means that if Joey really that eager to duel me, he'll have to do it by using my newist holographic system. It's the new high tech dueling devise that has the realizm of arena matches in any setting." -Kaiba to Yugi"Just looks lika a regular old breifcase to me?" -Joey"It's in the breifcase you moron!" -Kaiba"It's technolodgy is unpresidented!" -Kaiba"Looks like a flying sauser!" -Joey"Don't be an idiot!" -Kaiba"Hey Joey? Earth to Joey! Hey! Are you in there? It's your turn!" -Yugi

"Awww, isn't he cute when he's thinking?" -Tristan"Hey Tristan! Yugi here is teaching me how to play Duel Monsters." -Joey"Drooly Monsters?" -Tristan "Duel Monsters, ya nimrod!" -Joey

:Yami Yugi plays a card face down under magical hats: Joey:thinking: "And I bet it's a trap card, but wait. Yugi knows me, and he knows I would think that, so maybe it's not a trap, maybe it's a monster card. But what if he knows that I would think that ... so it really is a trap? But what if he knows that I know the he kno ... ooohh, forget it, I'm just gonna attack.

"Bingo, My dragons back" -Joey in the duel aganist Bandit Keith (PT 2)

Joey: Yeah, you're dat freaky fish guy.Mako: I AM NOT A FREAKY FISH GUY! I am Mako Tsunami, duelist extraordinare of the Seven Seas!Tea: (giggles)Mako: Uh, what are you laughing about?Tea: Hehe, your HEAD! You've got company!Mako: Huuuhh?(A squid crawls over Mako's goggles, causing everyone to laugh.) Rrrr, OFF WITH YOU! (He yanks it off and throws it over the cliff)Joey and Tristan: AAAH!Tristan: NO DON'T!Joey: I wanted to eat dat!Tristan: You're demented!

:sleeping: "Mmm ... barvarian cream would hit the spot right now ... mmm ... glazes ... and ... cruslers ... in ... GIAGANTIC DOUGHNUTS!"

:sleeping: "Hey put that down!" :Bandit Keith freezes: "That's my pizza!"

"Rule one in the Joey Wheeler rulebook: never back away from a challenge.Rule Two: always find an opponent with wacky duelin' techniques."

Yugi: "Wow, there's chips ..."Joey: "Dibs on the chips."Yugi: "Candy bars ..."Joey: "Dibs on the candy bars."Yugi: "Fruit ..." :silence:Yugi: "Soda."Joey: "Dibs on the soda.

"Joey:dueling Bones: "It was your ugly face that gave me the willies!"Keith:while laughing: "You gotta admit, he' got a point!"

Joey: "I call the sandwich!"Tristan: "What about me?"Joey: "... uh ... you can have the jello."

Favorite Colors:Any Shade of Pink and Green and Blue

Favorite Cartoons:Danny Phantom, Spongebob Squarepants (SO FUNNY NEVER MISSED A EPISODE YET OF EITHER), Some Episodes of Rugrats someothers I can't remember the names

Favorite Spongebob Squarepants quotes: "oooooohhhhh... So this is what I find my Best Friend and my Ex-Best Friend and...RUBBER BATH TOYS" "Hi Kevin"-Spongebob "Hi Loser, O.K next question you over there"-Kevin "Hi Kevin"-Spongebob- "Does anyone have a actual question yeah you in the back"-Kevin "Hi Kevin,i'm you biggest fan,I would do anything for you"-spongebob "Go jump of a building"-Kevin Spongebob jumps off a building "Anything"-spongebob "Punch yourself in the face"-Kevin Spongebob punches him self in the face "Gee doesn't that hurt"-Kevin "Do you want it to hurt me, Kevin"-Spongebob Spongebob holds up a metal glove with spikes on it they laugh "We have to take this guy jelly fishing with us"-Kevin "No Kevin No"-other jellyspotters "No were not gonna let him join, I just wanna see how many times he'll get stung before he goes home crying to his mommy"-Kevin

I LOVE Cyborg 009, it really specks to me... I love the fact that it's a Old was first a Manga, My Friend loves Old Animes and always tried to get me to watch them (Some I loved) But there is something about this show that specks to me (I understand if you don't like it) But you really should give this show a chance it REALLY is good...I watched the first episode today and I thought it was funny and made we want to match it more If you have seen it you can like it or not (The first Episode I have seen is Episode 7 though) I have started school again just for the people who wanted to know and I am busy -I am in H.S O.K anyway that is the reason I am going to update slower when I have no school and stuff maybe that is when I can UPDATE! Oh Check out my stories under my other authorness name at Which is Aquamon PLEASE it would mean alot of you read my Story "Digimon: Legend of the 10 Ancient Warriors" PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! I am also a author at" target="new"> come check out my story. "A Journey Home" It's a story I know you like PLEASE READ IT!

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