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'cause I love this picture so much :3

Hello there! My name is Chris, and I've been a fan of the MLP universe since I first started watching back in '10.

Only recently I've started putting together a character and a story that will hopefully rock your world, as I know it's been rockin' mine.

I've put together some information on my character and his relationship to the ponies in the story. I know the mane six haven't gotten a lot of spotlight yet, but this story is going to take a long time to get through. They'll all get their time so shine, so stay tuned for more chapters!

Spark Storm and his relationship to the mane 6.

Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight and Spark Storm spent some time together growing up in Canterlot. While they didn’t initially get along, Spark Storm eventually considered her a friend, while she kept him at hoof’s length and never considered more than an acquaintance until much later. They don’t have much in common, save for their knowledge of the stars. While her studies have granted her extensive expertise on the cosmos, Spark’s interest and use for the night sky is limited to basic mapping skills.


Spark Storm and Rarity were classmates in elementary school. Rarity was enamored with his unique coloring from the beginning. From the time they met to the day Spark was exiled from Ponyville, Rarity often had Spark Storm model for her to capture his dark and charming look. This constant interaction lead them to get to know one another fairly well. She was among the saddest to see him go.

Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash's ego may be the biggest pet peeve of the stormy stallion. Spark Storm can be fierce and largely intimidating when he needs to be, but he's not the bragging sort. He keeps his victories to himself, and only lends his talents to the public when it's needed. In the search for Spark Storm's parents, Rainbow Dash and Spark Storm discover that they are cousins.


Spark Storm's urge to protect goes into overdrive when it comes to Fluttershy. Her kindness and adorability are severely endearing to Spark Storm, though his feelings are mostly platonic. He also shares a connection with her in that she prefers the ground to the skies.

Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie is a force of nature that amuses Spark Storm to no end. The two of them spent several years getting to know one another before his exile from the town. Now and again he goes out pranking with her in the dead of night. Their bond is is a special one, one that he defends religiously.


Spark Storm’s friendship with Applejack and her family stems from their days in school together. She and her brother, Big Mac, would often band together to fight the bullying that Spark Storm endured. When Spark had been exiled from Ponyville, she felt responsible for it since she had been elsewhere when the incident occurred. She gives him free apples whenever he visits in secret. Spark Storm’s bond with the Apple family is strong.

Background ponies


Living in the Everfree Forest is both dangerous and risky. Poisonous flowers, dangerous animals and hidden dangers are aplenty, so it can't hurt to be friends with the local medicine mare. Zecora has long been a friend to Spark Storm, teaching him the basics of the apothecary. Thanks to her, he can render competent first aid herbal remedies, as well as able to find his own food in the forest to sustain himself when he keeps to himself in the forest for days. Her wit and wisdom is something he treasures, and manages to pick up on her wise ways now and then.

Lyra and Bon Bon

Watching these two grow closer over the years, Spark Storm has long since known that these two would be together forever. His relationship with the two mares was never too close, but he kept in constant contact with them, and enjoyed having them in his circle of friends.

Righteous River

River’s intentions concerning Spark Storm has been the same since the first day he met him: To belittle him and make him feel useless. Over the years, however, River’s distaste for the Pegasus has grown and turned into malice. His own problems at home have turned him bitter and angry, and his only outlet for his displeasure is dumping it all on Spark Storm and his friends. With no one at home to teach him more constructive outlets, River’s ambitions turn violent.

Mint Bank

Mint Bank is an idiot. He has low level intelligence, right up there with Hoops, Score, and Dumb-bell. He’s just pleased as punch when he realizes that his special talent is beating others up. While he’s certainly not one of the good guys, he’s not entirely bad. He has his moments, few and far between, of mercy and kindness.

Trixie Lulamoon

The rivalry between Rarity and Trixie in their schooldays could be amusing, but usually Trixie’s energy was put into humiliating Spark Storm at River’s insistence. With promises of fame and grandeur fueling her actions, Trixie had no one but herself to blame for what happened. Fleeing the scene, she promised herself she wouldn’t return to Ponyville until she’d made a real name for herself.

Ditzy Doo

Ditzy and Spark Storm have much in common. They are both unusual Pegasi that have problems with flight. Spark can’t fly at all, and Ditzy’s eyesight and poor depth perception make it difficult to fly in a straight line. Their common problems and Pegasi scorn brought them close together when they were young. The two kept their friendship through the years, helping each other out as they continued to grow, both facing their own problems and injustices at the hooves of their peers.


Spark Storm’s adoptive older sister. Cheerilee looked after Spark Storm for as long as he lived in Ponyville. Her motherly care of him and his close friends was a constant, one of the brighter lights in Spark’s troubling youth. She and Spark both suffer one horrible tragedy after another by the time of her fifteenth birthday, leading to the exile of her beloved brother.

Cherry Joy

Cherry Joy is Cheerilee's biological mother and Spark Storm's adoptive mother. She runs the orphanage and works part-time as a teacher for the students in their final years of education.

Sapphire Snow

Sapphire Snow had just returned to Ponyille at the age of five when she met Spark Storm. Taking an immediate liking to him, she took on a leadership role in the circle of friends that Spark Storm had formed. While she was pretty as Rarity, they were almost polar opposites. Sapphire loved to roughhouse, and was exceedingly good at it. Spark Storm learned how to move from her, and would one day stand side by side with her in The Defenders, protecting Equestria from all the things that went bump in the night. Sapphire was Spark's first "love" as a child. Upon meeting her again, the two of them learn about life and love together. (Sapphire Snow belongs to Firewolf27)

Silver Bits

Righteous River and Filthy Rich's wealthy father. He owns most of the big businesses in Ponyville with a cold, distant demeanor. His absence in River's life has left River feeling bitter and angry.

Emerald Skies

A bookish Pegasus who befriends Spark Storm at a troubling point in his life.


Somewhat of the class clown, Anorax tries to blend in with his classmates, often having to run interference between River and Spark.

Almalthea - Named for the foster mother of Zeus (Not from The Last Unicorn )

Almalthea is the queen of the nymphs of the Everfree Forest and a testament to the fact that not all evil monsters are ugly. She has a neutral role in the world of Equestria. She's not evil per se, but she's not really good, either. The law of nature is what she follows.

Ampelus - Ampelus is so named for the vines that she represents. She, like her name, is known for her sadistic love of squeezing the life out of her prey. Ampelus is more malevolent than her mother, and often takes pleasure from teasing her younger sister with wicked intent, such as killing and eating the few friends she makes.

Orea - Orea is named for the Ash tree, where her spirit resides. Even among the dangerous forest nymphs, Orea is innocent and bears no malice towards the ponies that unknowingly tread into the nymph's territory. She quickly bonds with Spark Storm and helps him escape her sister's wicked grasp.

Gōruden-nushi -Age ?-
Golden Lord is the Alicorn lord of the east. He has called for peace among his land, and has called for aid in these endeavors from Equestria.

Kagayaku Oashisu -Age 28-
Shimmering Oasis is the Golden Lord's daughter. She is skilled at illusions, and also at finding hidden things and revealing secrets.

Moeru Tonbo -Age 35-
Blazing Dragonfly is a peaceful pony, but he has seen many battles to fight for that peace. This peace summit could seal a partnership that could end his land's civil war.

Hageshī kyūryū -Age 32-
Fierce Rapids is Dragonfly's cousin, on the opposing side of civil war. He is passionate about his cause, and believes that peace will only cause more problems.

Hi Hasu -Age 30-
Fire Lotus is a warlord that is running the war on the opposing side of peace. She profits from everything that happens during the war, so it is in her interest to keep it going.
She is, ironically, Blazing Dragonfly's sister.

And finally, I've provided some visuals for my original characters. For anyone having troubles accessing this, just make sure you remove the spaces in the link.

ht tp:// amarriedmega phone.deviant /

My deviantart page, featuring all my original characters, as well as the oc that people have submitted so far. The whole story is there as well :)

My Little Pony, the mane 6 and background ponies are copyright Lauren Faust and/or The Hub

Butter Ball: Chaos Is Magic Characters

Butter Ball is a permanently optimistic and uniquely talented earth pony with big dreams of owning his own restaurant. He has one big problem: He's a stumbling incarnation of trouble and disaster whenever he tries to cook. His meals are insanely delicious and crafted with the soul of a master chef, but his cooking can severely injure anypony that's not smart enough to get out of the kitchen.

Electric Guitar is spunky, tough, energetic, loud and outgoing, at least on the outside. Inside she's an artist. Her singing career is on hold until she can afford that kind of lifestyle. In the meantime she works out, hangs out with her friends as 'one of the guys', and secretly daydreams of being seen as more ladylike and having romance. She doesn't feel pretty often, so when a big clumsy romantic stallion enters her life, she finds herself confused, but intrigued.

Garde Crunch is a girl from the bayou regions of Equestria. She's sassy, she loves food, and she has absolute faith in her son Butter Ball. She refuses to let her worry-wart husband's misgivings get in the way of her son's dreams of becoming a fantastic one-stallion chef.

Sizzle Sous has worked hard all his life to be the top in his field. When his son, Butter Ball, discovers a talent for cooking that wreaks destruction on everything but what he's doing, he develops nervous habits.

Please read! For anyone coming to check out my stories, please read Star-Crossed School Days before anything else. Raison Detre is next chronologically. All other stories except Butter Ball take place in Spark Storm's future, which I'll eventually be getting around to. Thanks again!

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