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Author has written 4 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.
Sorry, no updates in a is really kicking in this year. EVIL! *bashes random objects* I have finished one story...hooray...but sadly, I couldn't resist adding another. So, I have 3 stories to finish...which will take a long time. So long that I have to pass this account to my future descendants...with some name changes, of course ^_^.
~JeSsIcA mEsSeNgEr Of ThE dEvIl~

Hi! Jessica Messenger of the Devil here!
You really want to know about me? You need not know my life story. But if you want, I can email it to you. ^_^
All you need to know is that I am quite willing to accept sugar, chocolate chips, and marshmallows as presents ~_^ VERY willing.
My name is Jessica, but I do allow myself to be called MostAnnoyingItOnTheFaceOfTheEarth, Marshmallow or MARRRRSHMALLOOOOWW! (hence "Marshmallow Domain" as my website), Crazed YuGiOh Fan, Idiot, Maki (my Japanese name), and Jesse-ca, if you enjoy annoying me. No, I am not Japanese. Don't doubt me. It's dangerous.
My favorite characters would be Yami Bakura ^_^, Malik ^_^ and Ryou ^_^, all from YuGiOh. I very much enjoy bashing these three, as well as Kaiba -> who I consider annoyingly superior and way too rich.
Warning: Get in the way between me and marshmallows or me and anime and prepare to be stampeded by hordes of extinct mammoths. Of course, when they step on you, it hurts quite a bit. You might have to get hospitalized and saved by some irrealistically irritating amazing doctor.
I am the yami of Sarah * and Suger *. However, Suger is seemingly more evil than I am. Of course it doesn't make sense.
I am veeeeeeewwwy best friends with Meggyeggster and Jennyferfer and Stwawbewwy *. Stwawbewwy is the best friend of Marshmallow and Suger but is currently mad at Jessica for not putting her in her bio sooner.
I am not a good author, but I do enjoy writing. I never expected that BKBOT would be so popular...I wrote it all awry and weird...
I can't believe it! So many people have me on their faves...I must be hallucinating...
I like to read YuGiOh fics...see my faves...
I also enjoy LOTR fanfiction. Aratfeniel rocks! *waves banner* ^_^ Read her stuff and prepare to be rolling on the floor in laughter.
I am planning to make an AU fic, but just have to work out some snags.
Be warned! I do not enjoy yaoi or shounen-ai fiction! It grosses me out! This makes some yugioh fics hard to read. Do you know what percent of YGO fics are SHOUNEN-AI??? ^^;;;
*glomps her Malik plushie*
If you know me personally, you probably also know my favorite quotes:
"I am Marshmallow! Hear me roar! GR!"
"Do you have anything against marshmallows? No? Good!"
"Throwing bricks at men with machine guns is not only violent, but foolish" - this is from Martin Luther King ^_^
"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all" - Sam Ewing

To Do's for You:
*Check out my Xanga- Kawaii-Kitsune-Sama ^^ It sucks! Whoo hoo! *bounces and waves another banner from a rather big pile*
*Check out my Fics - Scroll down, down...ah! You've got it! Click on one of the stories...they're blue and underlined...see...? No read and click the purlply bluey button below...thank you! Write stuff in that box! Get it??
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