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Anouncer:Hello! This is Kara W. the most beautiful tall long legged brunette Singer to ever grace the face of this great green globe! :a small penguin wearing a bow tie and black trousers bows and gestures to the center of the stage as the curtains open:

Kara: You've GOT to be kidding me! :I say incredulously: What kind of an introduction is that...

Amelia: Yes Mr. Anouncer Penguin guy it is unjust to lie, no matter how flatteringly, about anyone. AND ONLY THE JUST PREVAIL!

Gourry: So she's not pretty? :he asks innocently: Hey does she look like Lina then?

!WHACK! :the red haired socerous steps into view knocking the blond (in more ways than one) swordsman to the floor:

Me: Hey thanks Lina! I would have done it myself but I figure you have full whacking privileges. :I grin and place a hand behind my head:

Lina: Yes I do... oh and any treasure I find in your fics is mine too right? :grins hopefully:

Me: Course! Your my favorite.

Amelia, Gourry, Zel, Sylphiel, and Xellos: :all look up: HEY!

Me: Well I never said I didn't like you guys just I like Lina better!

Lina: Yes! :sticks out her tongue at the group and holds up her hand in a peace sign: VICTORY!

:grumble, grumble:

Ah hush... :magically place tape over everyones mouth except her own, Lina's and Gourry (I have to have entertainment):

Lina: HEY How'd you do that! I'll give you 10 gold to tell me! :Lina runs up in front of her and begs upward: Please.

Me: I'm the writer I can do anything...


Gourry: :his eyes light up and he leans forward slightly: FOOD Yeah!

Me: :shrugs: Sure why not. :two heaping tables of food appear and the three dig in... rather voraciously: Um, good.

Anouncer: :standing in shocked silence: Um well uh yeah that's Kara...Kara ESTANBUL The EXTRAVAGANT.

Me: :mouth full of food: thaas no' mie nammmme.

Anouncer: Well I had to think of something.

Me: Oh, Oh well. :shrugs and continues to eat as the curtain closes:

Fav. Anime: #1 Slayers (obviously),Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, DB/Z (haven't seen GT), Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, other things I can't remember the name of.

Fav. Food: (no clue why I put this category) Everything but especially starfruit and strawberries.

Fav. Music: Definitely anything. I have a rather large database of music to pick from and I'm in two chorus's and I guess I'm a pretty good singer so some of my fics will be music oriented. Oh by the way according to me Lina can sing very well and so can Gourry (because I love them and Duets). So some of my fics that aren't supposed to be song fics will have well known songs (or even some I made up) in them. And I'll probably leave a database of musical terms if I get too in depth. But I don't plan on it! :grins wide and does a weird skip hop:

Fav. Couples: Lina/Gourry (though I don't object to the others I just think staying in the cannon helps me keep the people in Character), Zel/Amelia, Xellos/Filia (if I ever see Try), Inuyasha/Kagome (I don't mind Kykyo but she is the past). Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask (Serena/Darien). Heero,(sorry I'll check the spelling)/Relina, Noin/Zech's, And more in that category so I'll get back to ya.

Works in progress:
Well I'm not sure how complete this little listing is going to be but... :shrugs:

1. No name- I have about 4 works right now with no name. They may if I can figure out some things to put in the middle become a form of series but I'm not sure. When I know more I'll tell you.

2. Ugh! A Time Trap?- this is a fun little fic about the Slayers being caught up in Old Earth (our time). Basically they are caught in what we think of as as a modern day world and are having some problems including Violent Television show with loud sounds, Shiny sink handles and Soon to be a hot stove top. They appeared inside a house at first with just Gourry and Lina (good old slayers fun) and now Amelia and Zel have shown up. So needless to say the fun has just begun. Anyways I only have 2 chappies up so far but hopefully I'll have more soon. (considering I only started this about a week ago I'm rather proud of my chapters). It's basically just really silly fun.

3. Song Fics- I have one song fic up right now. It was a one hit, but that doesn't mean anything my best stuff is normally one hit because inspiration strikes. Anyways the first is "Escape" and it's off the song by Enrique Iglesius. I personally love it and my friends told me it was pretty in character so I hope more will review. I also have a few more in the works but I'm not going to publish them till I've got more written.

4. Huh! What's a secret: Well this is my really long 40 page (so far) fic! I personally love it to death and even though it's not the most high quality of fics I find it really amusing to write and read. I'm not sure when exactly it takes place and the places I refer to are normally not real... but I'll work out a way to inform you of about where they are located as soon as my friend Kari sends me a map or gives me directions to the website.

5.I have a story I'm working on that is absolutely amazing... I'm not sure of the name yet but I already have many scene's written and the beginning started. I'll have to put it all together and write a whole lot more but when it's finished it will definitely be worth it. It's completely unlike any of the fic's I have up now. It's rather heavy and well Angsty would be putting it lightly! It will be rated pg13 for character death, kidnapping, torture, abuse, and several other bad things but don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds. (considering how bad it does sound that's not saying much)It's going to be a serious fic. Sure it will have it's moment of amusement but the whole Idea is rather dark. It is cannon couples L/G A/Z X/F Zelas will be making an appearance as the antagonist. And let me tell you I write her EVIL! Actually the truth is you will probably all hate me at the end of the fic. I'm also adding a couple new characters. There will be Tari a swordswomen with Gourry's base stupidity (at times) Amelia's loving heart and misguided notions (no she is not a justice freak), and Lina's go get 'em attitude. Then there is Lyrica. She is a sorceress with a sweet heart attitude like Gourry and she is extremely hard to anger but when you do well she's scarier than Lina. She also can't stand for anyone to pick on the people she loves (or anyone weaker than them). Lastly there is Tawny a little boy with Golden blonde hair (looks like Gourry as a kid) and power beyond measure. Luna will appear. Sylphiel will be there at one time. Xellos of course will be one of the main characters along with our sweet tea drinking dragon Filia Ul Copt. Val will be in the fic as a teenager it's set about nineteen years after the events of Try but don't worry the group isn't old and soft... I hate it when the author's make the kids take over for the parents without a good explanation other than they didn't feel like it. Lina and the gang aren't like that! So NA! :sticks out tongue: I also will introduce some more minor (so far) Mazoku characters. You will either love this fic or hate it but I hope it's the first.

6.The next one is either a sequel to the one above or a song fic for Tari and Val (I think that's going to be the coupling... not positive but I'm leaning twards it). Anyways don't worry to much about it.

7. I have another Idea... not really anything I can truly grasp yet of a reality fic set in Modern day New York with Lina as a cop and her partner Gourry. Lina get's kicked out of her apartment due to damages and noise polution and Gourry gets his house reposessed because he forgot to pay his bills (go figure). Amelia is a social worker they find on an orphanage fraud case (or something like that)and end up getting her to share the four bedroom apartment with them. She get's Zelgadis to join up to the deal and they all live together in one apartment. It involves a crime sindicate. The Mazoku Mob and a sting operation along with some vigilante work from Lina, and if I get to see anything with Naga in it I may have her make a cameo. I'm not sure if Filia's going to be in it yet but I'm open to suggestions if anyone reads these things. Just email me.

8. I have a couple of one shot amusement fics written I just have to edit them a bit but they involve the tiniest bit of Yaoi (not really just an amusing circumstance kind of like the event with Miwan... kind of) And one involves much OOCness of Zelgadis (but it's intentional and if you see read it you'll see why) they may be posted soon or they may not but I hope so.

9. Last but not least me and my Chibi Washuu are working on a few very amusing Fairy Tale/Slayers fics! So far we've got a bunch of them including Amelia in Wonderland, Lina and the stupid-stock (a.k.a Lina's slug fic)a parody of Jack and the BeanStalk, Goldie Dragon an the Three Mazoku,The Lina Mermaid, Oh and The Frog Prince... starring our favorite fighting couple Xellos and Filia!. Our most planned out one and the most likely to be finished before the summer's over is The Gingerbread Gourry. It's a parody of, of course, the Ginger Bread Man! So look out for these they may be posted at my name or at Chibi Washuu's as she is the better writer!

Well, anways, I hope you like my work... and Um, :chews and swallow a large egg roll: this stuff is good!

Gourry: Hey, that was mine. :Gourry glares looking at his empty hand:

Lina: Yes, and so was this! :her fork darts forward, spearing a large peice of meat on his plate:

Me: Well, later! :she says hurriedly as Gourry eyes her plate:

Lina & Gourry: Yeah, bye :they wave:

Fighting: G:Hey, that's mine... L:well, it's mine now!

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